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yet without strength, in due time hath committed unto us the word, the justifer of him which bel Cbrist died for the ungodly. For of reconciliation.

eth in Jesus. scarcely for a righteous man will

2 Cor. viii, 9. For ye know the Rom. iv. 23-25. Now it one die; yet peradventure for &

grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, not written for his sake al good man some would even dare that, thongh he was rich, yet for that it was imputed to him to die. But God commendeth his your sakes he became poor, that for us also, to whom it sbal love toward us, in that, while we ye through his poverty might be imputed, if we believe ou were yet sinners, Christ died for rich.

that raised up Jesus our !

Eph. II, 13-16. But now in Christ from the dead; Who was del 1 Cor. xv, 3. For I dellvered Jesus ye who sometimes were far ed for our offences, and unto you first of all that which I off are made nigh by the blood of raised again for our justificat also received, how that Christ Christ. For he is our peace, who Rom. v, 9. Much more died for our sins according to the hath made both one, and hath being now justified by his 1 scriptures.

broken down the middle wall of we shall be saved from 2 Cor. v, 21. For he hath made partition between us; Having throngù him. him to be sin for us, who knew no abolished in his flesh the enmity, sin; that we might be made the even the law of commandments Rom. viii, 1-3. There is righteousness of God in him. contained in ordinances; for to fore now no condemostis

them which are in Christ 1 Peter ii, 24. Who his own self make in himself of twain one new bare our sins in his own body on man, so making peace; And that who walk not after the les the tree, that we, being dead to

he might reconcile both unto after the Spirit. For the la sins, should live unto righteous.

God in one body by the cross, the Spirit of life in Christ ness: by whose stripes yo were having slain the enmity thereby.' hath made me free from the healed.

Col. I, 20. And, having made of sin and death. For sta 1 Peter ill, 18. For Christ also peace through the blood of his law could not do, in that hath once suffered for sins, the cross, by him to recoucile all sending his own son in the jast for the unjust, that he might whether they be things in earth, condemned sin in the dest. bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened or things in heaven. by the Spirit.

Heb. ix, 12. Neither by the Gal. ii, 16, 17, 21. Knout blood of goats and calves, but by a man is not justified

his own blood be entered in once works of the law, but by to AND PROPITIATORY.

into the holy place, lave obtained of Jesus Christ, eren ** Isa. xlil, 21. The LORD is well eternal redemption for us.

believed in Jesus Christ, pleased for his righteousness'

might be justified by the sake; he will magnify the law, standeth daily ministering and the law: for by the works

Heb. x, 11, 12. And every priest Christ, and not by the sud and make it honourable.

offering oftentimes the same law shall no flesb be fastir Isa, liil, 10. Yet it pleased the sacrifices, which can never take if, while we seek to be justia LORD to bruise him; he hath put away sins: But this man, after be Christ, we ourselves him to grief: when thou shalt nad offered one sacrifice for sing found sinners, is therefore make his soul an offering for sin, for ever, sat down on the right the minister of sin? God he shall see his seed, he shall pro- hand of God.

I do not frustrate the graced long his days, and the pleasure of 1 John i1, 2. And he is the pro- for if rigbteousness come the LORD shall prosper in his pitiation for our sins: and not for law, then Christ is dead in band.

ours only, but also for the sins of Dan. 1x, 24. Seventy weeks are the whole world. determined upon thy people, and

Pagpos. upon thy holy city, to finish the

1 John iv, 10. Herein is love, Num. xiv, 20. And the transgression, and to make an eud

not that we loved God, but that said, I have pardoned, ac of sius, and to make

reconciliation he loved us, and sent his son to be to thy word. for iniquity, and to bring in everthe propiation for our sins.

Ps. xxxl, 1, 2. Bless lasting righteousness, and to seal


whose transgression is the up the vision and prophecy, and


whose sin is covered. EN to anoint the most Holy.

Jer. xxxiil, 16. In those days the man unto whom the Rom. V, 9-11. Much more then, shall Judah be saved, and Jeru- impnteth not iniquits, being now justified by his blood salem shall dwell safely: and this whose spirit there is no gal we shall be saved from wrath is the name wherewith she shall

Ps. Ixv, 3. Iniquities through him. For if, when we

be called, The LORD our Right-against me: as for our ind

eousness. were enemies, we were reconciled

sions, thou shalt pun to God by the death of bis Son; Acts xiil, 39. And by him all away. much more, being reconciled, we that believe are justified from all P3. lxxxv, 2, 3. Thou shall be saved by his life. And things, from which ye could not given the iniquity of the not only so, but we also joy in be justified by the law of Moses. thou hast covered all the God through our Lord Jesus

. Iil, 24-26. Being

Selab. Thou liest tales ceived the atonement. Cbrist, by whom we have now re- freely by his grace, through the thy wrath: thon bast ta redemption


that is in Christ 2. Cor. V, 18, 19. And a!l things Jesus: Whom God hath set forth to

anger. are of God, who hath reconciled be a propitiation through faith in

Ps. xcix, & Thou are us to himself by Jesus Christ, bis blood, to declare his right them, O LORD OLT Gotter and hath given to us the ministry eousness for the remission of sins a God that forgavest

there of reconciliation; To wit, that that are past, through the for-thou tookest vengeance God was in Christ, reconciling the bearance of God; To declare, I

inventions. Weir trespassos unto them; and ( uess; that he might be just, and from the west, so sar bulsa

Ps, cili, 12. As far as the mored our transgressions from ed unto you the forgiveness of Eph. 11, 4.-6. Bat God, who 13 sing.

rich in mercy, for his great PS. CXXX, 8. And he shall redoem Rom. iv, 7, 8. Saying, Blessed love wherewith be loved us. Israel from all bis iniquities. are they whose iniquities are for-Even when we were dead in sins,

given, and whose sius are cover- hath quickened us together with Isaiah 1, 18. Come now, and let ed. Blessed is the man to whom Cbrist; (by grace ye are saved:) as reason together, saith the LORD: the Lord will not imputo sin.

And hath raised us up together, Trongh your sips be as scarlet, hey shall be as white as snow;

Eph. 1, 7. In whom we have and made us sit together in hea: bough they be red like crimson redemption through his blood, venly places in Christ Jesus.

1 Thess. v, 9-11. For God hath bey sball be as wool.

the forgiveness of sins, according
to the riches of his grace.

not appointed us to wrath, but Isaiah xxxili, 24. And the inha

to obtain salvation by our Lord stant sball not say, I am sick:

Col. I, 14. In whom we have Jesus Christ, who died for us, be people that dwell therein redemption through his blood, that, whether we wake or sleep, Ball be forgiven their iniquity. even the forgiveness of sins. we should live together with him. Iwak xxxvii, 17. Behold, for 1 Tim. 1, 14. And the grace of Wherefore comfort yourselves ence I had great bitterness; but our Lord was exceeding abundant together, and edify one another, ioa hast in love to my soul de with faith and love which is in even as also ye do. bered it from the pit of corrup-Christ Jesus.

Titus ii, 14. Who gave himself an: for thou hast cast all my sins Heb. viii, 12. For I will be for us, that he might redeen us ehind thy back.

merciful to their unrighteousness, from all iniquity, and purify unto Isa. xl, 1, 2. Comfort ye, comfort and their sins and their iniquities himself a peculiar people, zealous my people, saith your God. will I remember no more.

of good works. peak ye comfortably to Jeru- Heb. x, 17, 18. And their sins Heb. ix, 13, 14. For if the blood alem, and cry unto her, that ber and iniquities will I remember of bulls and of goats, and the Brfare is accomplished, that her no more. Now where remission ashes of an heifer sprinkling the blquity is pardoned: for she hath of these is there is no more offer- unclean, sanctifieth to the purifyEceived of the LORD's handing for sin.

ing of the flesh: How much more losble for all her sins.

1 John 1, 7. But if we walk in shall the blood of Christ, who Inn. xliii, 25. I, eren I, am he the light, as he is in the light, we

through the eternal Spirit offered bat blotteth out thy transgres. bave fellowship one with another, himself without spot to God, bas for mine own sake, and will and the blood of Jesus Christ his purge your conscience from dead Kot remember thy sins. Son cleanseth us from all sin.

works to serve the living God. Ixx, xliv, 22. I have blotted out, 1 John 11, 12. I write unto you,

Heb. x, 10. By the which will we a thick cloud, thy transgres- little children, because your sins

are sanctified through the offerstes, and, as a 'cloud, thy sins: are forgiven you for bis name's ing of the body of Jesus Christ Horn unto me; for I have re- sake.

once for all. beiged thee.

Rev. vil, 13, 14. And one of the Jer. xxxiii, 8. And I will cleanse 1 Sam. iil, 14. And therefore I elders answered, saying unto me, hem from all their iniquity, have sworn unto the house of eli

, What are these which are arrayhereby they have sinned against that the iniquity of Eli's house ed in white robes? and whenco e and I will pardon all their shall not be purged with sacrifice

came they? And I said unto him, Aquities, whereby they have nor offering for ever.

Sir, thou knowest. And he said bred, and whereby they have

to me, These are they which came Job x, 14. If I sin, then thou out of great tribulation, and have manegressed against me.

markest me; and thou will not washed their robes, and made Jer. 1, 20. In those days, and in acquit me from mine iniquity.

them white in the blood of the bat time, saith the LORD, the ini. Isa. xxil, 14. And it was re- Lamb. sity of Israel shall be sought for, vealed in mine ears by the LORD

4th. od there shall be none; and the of hosts, Surely this iniquity shall ins of Judah, and they shall not not be purged from you till ye die,

REDEMPTION IN ITS found: for 1 will pardon them saith the Lord God of hosts. APPLICATION AND FRUITS. thom I reserve. Jer. il, 22. For though thou

Micak sil, 19.
He will turn wash thee with nitre, and take

John xiv, 26. But the Comforgain, he will have compassion thee much soap, yet thine iniquity ter, which is the Holy Ghost

, pon os; he will subdue our ini-is marked before me, saith the whom the Father shall send in pitles' and thou wilt cast all Lord God.

my name, he shall teach you all teir sins into the depths of the Mark xi, 26. But if yo do not things, and bring all things to

forgive, neither will your Father your remembrance, whatsoever I Lake xxiv, 47. And that re

which is in heaven forgive your have said unto you. entance and remission of sing trespasses.

John xvi, 7--14. Nevertheless I kould be preached in his name

1 John v, 16. If any man see tell you the truth; It is expedient mong, all nations, beginning at his brother sin a sin which is not for you that I go away: for if I go lerusalem.

unto death, he shall ask, and be not away, the Comforter will not Acts V, 31, 32. Him hath God

shall give him life for them that come unto you; but if I depart, I Ialted with his right hand to be sin not unto death. There is a sin will send him uuto you. And

Prince and a Saviour, for to give unto death; I do not say that he when be is come, he will reprove epentance to Israel, and forgiveshall pray for it.

the world of sin, and of righteouses of sins. And we are his wit

ness, and of judgment: or sin, lasses of these things, and so is


because they believe not on me; Iso the Holy Ghost.

Zech. xlii, 1. In that day thero of righteousness, because I go to

shall be a fountain opened to the my Father, and ye see me no Acts xIII, 38, Be it known unto house of David, and to the inhabi- more; Of judgment, because the rou therefore, men and brethren, tants of Jerusalem, for sin and prince of this world is judged. I hat througb this man is preacb- for uncleanness

have yet many things to say unto

you, but ye cannot bear them | hand bath formed tho crooked proceedeth from the Father now. Howbeit when he, the serpent.

shall testify of me. Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he

Ps.civ, 30. Thou sendest forth thy Acts xvi, 6. Nor when they shall not speak of himself; but spirit, they are created; and thou gone throughout Phrygia and

region of Galatia, and were whatsoever he shall bear, that renewest the face of the earth. sball he speak: and he will shew Matth. xii, 28. But if I cast out

bidden of the Holy Gbost you things to come. He shall devils by the Spirit of God, then preach the word in Asia. glorify me: for he shall receive of the kingdom of God is come unto

Acts xxi, 11. And when be mine, and shall shew it unto you. you.

come unto UB, he took P 1 Cor. xii, 7-11. But the mani- girdle, and bound his own to HIS DIVINITY. festation of the Spirit is given to and feet, and said. Thes PBOVED FROM HIS NAYE,

every man to profit withal. For the Holy Ghost, So shall the

to one is given by the Spirit the at Jerusalem bind the man Isa. VI, 8. 9. Also I heard the word of wisdom; to another the owneth

this girdle, and shal voice of the Lord, saying, Whom word of knowledge by the same liver him into the haeds of shall I send, and who will go for Spirit; To another faith by the

Gentiles. ng? Then said I, Here am I; send

same Spirit; to another the gifts Eph. IV, 30. And grieve me me. And he said, Go, and tell this of healing by the same spirit; To Holy Spirit of God, whereby people, Hear ye indeed, but un. another the working of miracles; are sealed unto the day of derstand not; and see ye indeed, to another prophecy; to another demption. but perceive not,

discerning of spirits; to another Acts V, 8, 4. But Peter sald, divers kinds of tongues; to another SPIRITUAL INFLUENCI Ananias, why hath Satan filled the interpretation of tongues: But

PROMISES AND STATEMENTS thine heart to lie to the Holy all these worketh that one and the Ghost, and to keep back part of self-same Spirit, dividing to every and I will be with thy


Ecod. 19, 12. Now therefore the price of the land? Whiles it man severally as he will.

teach thee what thoa sbak remained, was it not thine own? and after it was sold, was it not in WORSHIP PRESENTED TO HIM.

Ps. xxall, & I will instrace thine own power? why hast thou

and teach thee in the way

Matth. xxvill, 19. Go ye there thou shalt go: I will guide conceived this thing in thine fore, and teach all nations, baptiz- with mine eye. heart? thou hast not lied unto ing them in the name of the Famen, but unto God. ther, and of the Son, and of the ordain peace for us: for the

Isa. XXVI, 12. LORD, the Acts xxviil, 25,26. And when they Holy Ghost.

hast wrought all our works agreed not among themselves, 2 Cor. xlil, 14. The grace of the they departed, after that Paul had Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of

Isa. xxix, 24. They also spoken ono word, Well spake the God, and the communion of the erred in spirit shall come to Holy Ghost by Esaias the prophet Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen. derstanding, and they that unto our fathers, saying, Go unto

mured shall learn doctrine, this people, and say, Hearing ye

Rev. 1, 4.5. John to the seven

18a. xxx, 21. And thise shall hear, and shall not under-churches which are in Asia: Grace stand; and seeing ye shall see, and be unto you, and peace, from bim shall bear a word behind not perceive.

which is, and which was, and saying, This is the way, wa

which is to come; and from the in it, when yo turn to the 1 Cor. fil, 16. Know ye not that seven Spirits wbich are before his

band, and when ye turn to

left. ye are the temple of God, and that throne; and from Jesus Christ, the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? who is the faithful witness, and Isa. xliv, 3-5. For I was

the first begotten of the dead, and water upon him that is ni His PERFECTIONS.

the prince of the kings of the and floods upon the dry gros

earth. Unto him that loved us, will pour my Spirit upon thy P8. cxxxix, 7. Whither shall I and washed us from our sios in and my blessing upon this go from thy Spirit? or whither his own blood.

spring: And they shall spring shall I flee from thy presence?

as among the grass, as sillon 1 Çor. 11, 10, 11, 16. But God


the water-courses. One shad hath revealed them unto us by his

I am the LORD's, and ansther Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all Matth. XII, 31. Wherefore I gay call himself by the name of 3 things, yea, the deep things of unto you, All manner of sin and and another shall subscribe God. For what man knoweth the blasphemy sball be forgiven unto his hand unto the LORD, and things of a man, save the spirit of men; but the blasphemy against dame himself by the ama man which is in him? even so the the Holy Ghost shall not be for. Israel. things of God knoweth no man, given unto men.

Isa. liv, 13. And all the but the Spirit of God. For who hath known the miud of the Lord, pray the

Father, and be shall give great shall be the peace

John xiv, 16, 17. And I wm shall be taught of the Lax that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

you another Comforter, that he children.
may abide with you for ever, Jer. xxiv, 7. And I

Even the Spirit of truth; whom them an beart to know me.

the world cannot receive, because am the LORD: and they Gen. 1, 2. And tbe earth was it seeth him not, neither knoweth my people, and I will be without form, and void; and dark-him: but ye know him; for he God for they shall relor ness was upon the face of the dwelleth with you, and shall be in me with their whela beart deep. And the Spirit of God you. moved upon the face of the

Jer. xxxil, S8, S. And waters.

John xv, 26. But when the shall be my people, and I

Comforter is come, whom I will their God. And I will give Job XXVI, 13. By his Spirit he send unto you from the Father, one beart, and one way, thal batli garnished the heavens; his eren the Spirit of truth, which may fear me for ever, iar


bem, and of their children, more strall your beavenly Father there! for, behold, the kingdom of them.

give the Holy Spirit to them that God is within you. .. xl, 19. 20. And I will give ask him?

John vi, 63. It is the Spirit that Tone beart, and I will put a John vi, 45. It is written in the quickeneth; the flesh profiteth spirit within you; and I will prophets, And they shall be all nothing: the words that I speak the stony beart out of their taught of God. Every man there unto you, they are spirit, and they and will give them an heart fore that hath beard, and hath are life. Bh; That they may walk in learned of the Father, cometh statutes, and keep mide unto me.

Rom. vlil, 6, 6. For they that

are after the flesh do mind the ances, and do thein: and 1 Cor. xil, 6, 6. And there are things of the flesh; but they that shall be my people, and I differences of administrations, are after the Spirit the things of be their God.

but the same Lord,

And there the Spirit. IXXVI, 25-27. Then will 1 are diversities of operations, but minded is death; but to be spirit

For to be carnally kle clean water upon you, it is the same God which worketh ually minded is life and peace. se shall be clean: from all all in all. nithiness, and from all your Phil. iv, 7. And the peace of God,

2 Cor. iil, 4, 5. And such trust will I cleanse you. A new which passeth all understanding, bave we through Christ to Godalso will I give you, and a shall keep your hearts and minds ward: Not that we are sufficient spirit will I put within you; through Christ Jesus.

of ourselves to think any thing as I will take away the stony

of ourselves; but our suficiency out of your flesli, and I will God of peace sanetify you wholly:

1 Thess. v, 23. And the very is of God. Fou an heart of flesh. Andi and I pray God your whole spirit the Spirit, ye are not under the

Gal. v, 18. But if ye be led by at my Spirit within you, and and soul and body be preserved you to walk in my statutes, plameless unto the coming of our

law. Te shall keep my judgments, Lord Jesus Christ.

Eph. V, 9. (For the fruit of the o them. k xxxvil, 23. Neither shall Titus iii, 4-6. But after that the Spirit is in all goodness, and rightdefile themselves

kindness and love of God our eousness, and truth.)
Saviour toward man appeared,

2 Tim. 1, 7. For God hath not with their idols, nor with detestable things, nor with Not by works of righteousness given us the spirit of fear; but of I their transgressions: but I

which we have done, but accord power, and of love, and of a sound save them out of all their ing to his mercy he saved us, by mind. ing-places, wherein they

the washing of regeneration, and James ill, 17. But the wisdom singed, and will cleanse renewing of the Holy Ghost

; that is from above is first pure, so sbalí they be my people, through Jesus Christ our Saviour. to be entreated, full of mercy and

Which he shed on us abundantly then peaceable, gentle, and easy will be their God.

good fruits, without partiality, and . xlx, 29. Neither will I


without hypocrisy. ny face any more from them: have poured out my Spirit

Job. xxill, 5, 6. I would know Jude 19. These be they who the house of Israel, saith the words which he would ans- separate themselves, sensual, havord God.

wer me, and understand what he ing not the Spirit.

would say unto me. Will he $11, 28. And it shall come

afterward, that I will pour plead against me with his great ng spirit upon all flesh; and power? No; but he would put

Gen. xll, 38, 89. And Pharaoh Bons and your daughters strength in me.

said unto his servants, Can we prophesy, your old men shall Job xxxii, 8. But there a find such a one as this is, a man

dreams, your young men spirit in man; and the inspiration in whom the Spirit of God ist see visions and also upon of the Alinighty giveth them un And Pharaoh suid unto Josepb,

Forasmuch as God bath shewed ervants and upon the hand- derstanding. s in those days will I pour Prov. xx, 27. The spirit of man thee all this, there is none so disny Spirit.

is the candle of the LORD, search creet and wise as thou art. 2. II, 5. According to the ing all the inward parts of the 1 Kings xil, 22. But the word that I covenanted with you belly.

of God came unto Shemaiah the ye came out of Egypt, so Isa, iv, 4. When the Lord shall mau of Gud, saying, pirit remainetb among you: have washed away the filth of the

2 Ohron. xv, 1. And the Spirit Ye not.

daughters of Zion, and shall have of God came upon Azarial the 1. , 19, 20. But when they purged the blood of Jerusalem son of Oded. Er you up, take no thought from the midst thereof, by the or what ye shall speak: tor spirit of judgment, and by the kiah rejoiced, and

all the people,

2. Chron. xxix, 36. And Hezeill be given you in that same spirit of burning.

that God had prepared the people: What ye shall speak. For it Isa, xxxii, 15. Until the Spirit for the thing was done suddenly.

ye that speak, but the be poured upon is from on high, for your Father which speak- and the wilderness be a fruitful 2 Chron, xxx, 12. Also in Judah 3 you. field, and the fruitful field be the land of God was to give them

one heart to do the commandturk xill, 11. But when they counted for a forest. lead you, and deliver you up, Isa. xI, 29. He giveth power to ment of the king and of the Do thought beforehand what the faint; and to them that have princes, by the word of the Lood. wall speak, neither do ye pre- no might be increaseth strength. Acts 11, 16-18, 37, 38. But this itate; but whatsoever shall be

Luke xvii, 20, 21. And when he is that which was spoken by the a you in that hour, that speak was demanded of the Pharisees prophet Joel; And it shall come fer it is not ye that speak, but when the kingdom of God should to pass in the last days, saith God, Holy Ghost.

come, he answered them, and I will pour out of my spirit upon the xl, 13. If ye then, being said, 'The kingdom of God cometh all flesh: and your sons and your know how to give good gilts not with observation. Neither danghters shall prophesy, and your children; Low much I shall they say, Lo Lere! or, lo your young men shall see visious,


and your old men shall dream that I said unto thee, Ye must be Rom. vi, 1, 2, 6, 11, 13. dreams; And on my servants, born again.

shall we say then? Shall w and on my hand-maidens, I will

Gal. iv, 19. My little children, of tinue in sin, that staca pour out in those days of my whom I travail

in birth again until abound? God forbid. Hot Spirit; and they shall prophesy. Christ be formed in you.

we, that are dead to sin, lit Now, when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart, and

James i, 18. Of his own will be

longer therein? Knowing said unto Peter, and to the rest gat he us with the kind word of that our old man is crucifle of the apostles, Men and brethren, truth, that we should be a kind of him, that the body of sia

be destroyed, that hencefal what shall we do? Then Peter first fruits of his creatures.

should not serve sin, Li said unto them, Repent, and be

1 Pet. 1, 29. Being born again, reckon ye also yourselva baptized, ev one of you in the not of corruptible seed, but of in- dead indeed to sin, but alis name of Jesus Christ for the re- corruptible, by the word of God, God through Jesus Chri mission of sins, and ye shall re which liveth and abideth for ever. Lord. Neither yield you ceive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

1 John II, 29. If ye know that members as instruments Acts vi, 9, 10. Then there arose he is righteous, ye know that righteousness unto sin; ba certain of the synagogue, which is every one that doeth righteous- yourselves unto God, as called the synagogue of the Liber-ness is born of him.

that are alive from the des tines, and Cyrenians, and Alex- John V, 4. For whatsoever is your members as instrum andrians, and of them of Cllicla born of God overcometh the righteousness unto God. and of Asia, disputing with Steworld: and this is the victory that Rom. vil, 6. 6. For wb phen. And they were not able to overcometh the world, even our were in the flesh, the mut resist the wisdom and the spirit faith.

sing, wbich were by the li by which he spake.


work in our members to Acts vili, 29. Then the Spirit Rom. xIII, 14. But put ye on the forth fruit unto death. B said unto Philip, Go near, and join Lord Jesus Christ, and inake not we are delivered from th thyself to this chariot.

provision for the flesh, to fulfil that being dead wherein w Acts xi, 21. And the band of the the lusts of.

held; that we should s! Lord was with them; and a great

2 Cor. v, 17. Therefore, if any oldness of the letter.

newness of spirit, and not number believed, and turned man be in Cbrist, he is a new again unto the Lord. creature: old things are passed

Gal. II, 19. For I throu away; behold, all things are be law am dead to the lar, SPECIAL OPERATIONS. come now

might live unto God. 2 Cor. 1v, 6. For God, who com

Eph. iv, 20-25. But ye have not Eph. il, 1. And you à manded the light to shine out of so learned Christ; Il 80 be that ye quickened, who were dead darkness, hath shined in our have beard him, and bave been passes and sins. hearts, to give the light of the taught by him, as the truth is in

Eph. v, 13,14. Bat all thin knowledge of the glory of God in Jesus: That ye put off, concerning are reproved are made m the face of Jesus Christ.

the former conversation, the old by the light for whatsoere

man, which is corrupt according make manifest is light. Eph. V, 8. For ye were some to the deceitful lusts; and be re- fore he saith, Awake the times darkness, but now are ve newed in the spirit of your mind; sleepest, and arise from th light in the Lord: walk as children And that yo put on the new man, and Christ shall give theel of light.

which after God is created in 1 Pet. it, 9. But yo are a chosen righteousness, and true boliness. In your sins and the upcu

Col. 11, 13. And you, beln generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that speak every man truth with his sion of your flesh, bath be ye should show forth the praises of neighbour: for we are members ened together with him,

forgiven you all trespasses him who hath called you out of one of another. darkness into his marvellous light. Col. ili, 9-11. Lie dot one to an

2 Cor, vi, 1. We then, au other, seeing that ye have put offers together with him, REGENERATION. the old man with bis deeds : And you also that ye receive i John 1, 12, 13. But as many as bave put on the new man, which grace of God in vain. received him, to them gave he is renewed in knowledge after

2 Cor. vil, 1,2. Having the power to become the sons of God, the image of him that created these promises, dearly b eren to them that believe on his him: Where there is neither let us cleanse ourselves fr name: which were born, not of Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor filthiness of the flesh and blood, nor of the will of the flesh, uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scy- perfecting holiness in the por of the will of man, but of God. thian, boud nor free: but Christ is of God. Receive ts; we John lli, 3–7. Jesus answered all, and in all.

wronged no man, we hay and said unto him, Verily, verily,

2 Pet. 1, 4. Whereby are given rupted no man, we have de I say unto thee, Except a man be

anto us exceeding great and pre-ed no man. born again, he cannot see the cious promises; that by these ye

Gal. v, 16, 25. This I say kingdom of God. Nicodemus might be partakers of the divine Walk in the spirit, and salth

unto him, How can a man be nature, having escaped the cor- not fulfil the lust of the te born when he is old? can he enter ruption that is in the world

we live in the Spirit, let ! the second time into his mother's through lust,

walk in the Spirit. womb, and be born? Jesus an. swered, Verily, verily, I say unto

OR LIFE FROM THE DEAD. 2 Tim. 11, 1. Thou therefst thee, Except a man be born of · Ezek. xvi, 6. And when I passed son, bo strong in the grace 1 water, and of the Spirit, he cannot by thee, and saw thee polluted in in Christ Jesus. enter into the kingdom of God. thine own blood, I said unto thee Jude 20, 21. Bot ye, be That which is born of the flesh, is when thou wast in thy blood, building up yourselves of flesh; and that which is born of Live; yea, I said unto thee when most boly faith, praying i the Spirit, is spirit, Marvel pot thou wast in thy blood, Live. Holy Ghost, Keep yoursel

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