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that fear him from genera- 18a. xvii, 7. At that day shall a, will meditate also of all thy work, to generation.

man look to his Maker, and his and talk of thy doings.

eyes shall have respect to the Holy sei, 29-31. For that they had One of Israel.

Ps. cxix, 23, 24, 52. Princes also

did sit and speak against me: but A kdowledge, and did not

Isa, xxx, 18. And therefore will thy servant did meditate in thy se the fear of the LORD: They the LORD walt, that he may be gra- statutes. Thy testimonies also d Doue of my counsel: they cious unto you, and therefore are my delight, and my counsel

sed all my reproof: There will be be exalted, that he may lors. I reinembered thy judg. stall they eat of the fruit of have mercy upon you: for the ments of old, O LORD; and have own way, and be filled with LORD is a God of judgment : comforted myself. own devices. blessed are all they that wait for

Ps. cxliii, 5. I remember the him. TO WORSHIP HIM.

days of old; I meditate on all thy 1. wil, 5. And Abraham said

Isa. xl, 81. But they that wait works; I muse on the work of bis young men, Abide ye upon the LORD shall renew their thy hands. with the ass; anů 1 and the strength; they shall mount up full go yonder and worship,

with wings as eagles; they shall Gen. xxiv, 63. And Isaac went run, and

not be weary; and they out to meditate in the tield at the ome again to you.

shall walk, and not faint. # xxiv, 26. And the man

even-tide..... a down his head and wor- Micah vil, 7. Therefore I will ed the LORD.

look unto the LORD; I will wait TO BEWARE OF SIN. te. X,30,31. Then he said, for the God of my salvation: my

Psalm cxix, 113. I hate vain e sioned; yet honour mé God will hear me.

thoughts: but thy law do I love. I pray thee, before the elders John iv, 23. But the hour cometh,

Prov. VI, 14, 15. Frowardness is people, and before Israel, and now is, when the true wor- in his heart, he deviseth mischief urn again with me, that í shippers shall worship the Father continually; he soweth discord. Sorship the LORD thy God. in spirit and in truth; for the Fa- Therefore shall his calamity come sauel turned again after ther seeketh such to worship him. suddenly; suddenly shall be be and Saul worshipped the Acts xviil, 7. And he departed brokeu without remedy. thence, and entered into a certain

Prov. xii, 5, 6. The thoughts of Aron. IVI, 29. Give unto the man's house, named Justus, one the righteous are right: but the the glory due unto his name: that worshipped, God, whose counsels of the wicked are deceit. an offering, and come before house joined hard to the syna- The words of the wicked are to worship the LORD in the gogue.

lie in wait for blood: but the y of holiness.

Heb. xi, 21. By faith Jacob, mouth of the upright shall deliver Ixvii, 14. Walt on the LORD; when he was a dying, blessed both them. good courage, and he shall the song of Joseph; and wor

Prov. xv, 26. The thonghts of aben thine heart: wait, I shipped, leaning upon the top of the wicked'are an abomination to a the LORD. his staff.

the LORD: but the words of the Xxxiii, 20. Our soul waiteth

pure are pleasant words. e LORD: he is our help and TO MEDITATE UPON HIM.

Prov. xxiv, 8, 9, 11, 12. He that Ps. iv, 4. Stand in awe, and sin deviseth to do evil shall be called Ils, 17. Unto thee, O my not commune with your own a mischievous person. Thethought nh, will I sing: for God is my heart upon your bed, and be still. of foolishness is sin; and the scorce and the God of my mercy. Selah.

ner is an abomination to men. If Ixii, 1, 4, 5. Truly, my soul Ps. XVI, 7. I will bless the LORD, thou torbear to deliver them that thapon God: from him who hath given me counsel: my are drawn upto death, and those a my salvation. They only reins also instruct me in the night that are ready to be slain; if thou it to cast him down from his seasons.

sayest, Behold, we knew it not; tency: they delight in lies:

P8. xix, 14. Let the words of my doth not be that pondereth the bless with their mouth, but mouth, and the meditation of my heart consider it and he that corse inwardly: Selab. My heart, be acceptable in thy sight, keepeth, thy soul, doth not be wait thou only upon God; O LORD, my strength, and my re- know its and shall not be render y expectation is from him. deemer.

to every man according to his Isuri, 9. All batlong whom

works? bast made shall come and within me; while I was musing Ps. xxxix, 3. My heart was hot

Prov. xxviil, 26. He that trusteth up before thee, O Lord; and the fire burned; then spake I with in his own heart is a fool: but whoglorify thy name. my tongue.

so walketh wisely, he shall be decri, 9. O worship the LORD

llvered. Ps. xlix, 8. My month shall e beauty of holiness: fear be speak of wisdom; and the medita

Jer. Iv, 14. O Jerusalem, wash bim, all the earth.

tion of my heart shall be of un- thine heart from wickedness, that CIXI, 4-6. But there is for- derstanding.

thou mayest be saved: bow long dess with thee, that thou

shall thy vain thoughts lodge Ps. lxxvii, 5, 6, 10--12. I have est be feared. I wait for the considered thé days of old, the

within thee? , my soul doth wait, and in years of ancient times. I call to

Jer. vi, 18, 19. Therefore hear, Word do I hope. My soul remembrance my song in the ye nations, and know, O congreEeth for the Lord more than night: I commune with mine own gation, what is among them. that watch for the morning;! heart; and my spirit made diligent Ilear, 0 earth: behold, I will bring more than they that watch for search. And I said, This is my evil upon this people, even the morning.

infirmity: but I will remember the fruit of their thoughts, because 4. vill, 17. And I will wait years of the right hand of the they have not hearkened unto my

the LORD, that hideth his most High. I will remember the words, nor to my law, but rejected from the house of Jacob, and works of the LORD; surely I will it. 11 look for bim.

remember thy wonders of old. I Ezek. xl, 21. But as for them whose heart walketh after the them, the same shall be called 1 John I, 26. These things heart of their detestable things great in the kingdom of heaven. I written unto you concer and their abominations, I will re- Matth. xvlil, 6, 7. But whoso shall them that seduce you. compense their way upon their offend one of these little ones own beads, saith the Lord GOD. which believe in me, it were

SAFEGUARD AGAIXS1 Matth. xv, 18-20. But those better for bim that a millstone

TEMPTATION. things which proceed out of the were hanged about his neck, and

WATCHFULNESS AND PRATS mouth come forth from the heart; that he were drowned in the depth

Neh. iv, 9. Nevertheless veg of the sea. Woe unto the world and they defile the man. For out

our prayer unto our God, of the heart proceed evil thoughts, because of offences! for it must murders, adulteries, fornications, needs be that offences come; but a watch against them day thefts, false witness, blasphemies. woe to that man by whom

the of- nigbt, because of them.

Amos iv, 12. Therefore the These are the things which defile fence cometh! & man: but to eat with unwasben

Matth. xxiii, 13. But woe unto cause I will do this uste

I do unto thee, O Israet med hands defleth not a man. you, scribes and Pharisees, hypo

prepare to meet thy God, ON Mark vil, 20--23. And he said, critest for ye shut up the kingdom

Matth. XXIV, 42-44. Watch tà That which cometh out of the of beaven against men: for ye man, that defileth the man. For neither go in yourselves, neither fore: for ye know not what i

Bard from within, out of the heart of suffer ye them that are entering your Lord doth come.

this, that if the goodman el men, proceed evil thoughts, adul- to go in. teries,

house had known in what e fornications, murders,

Mark iv, 15. And these are they the thief would come, he Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, by the way-side, where the word have watched, and would not deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, is sown; but, when they have suffered his house to be la blasphemy, pride, foolishness: Aii heard, Satan cometh Immediately, up. Therefore be ye aisa ra these evil things come from with and taketh away the word that for in such an hour as yee In, and defile the man. was sown in tbeir hearts.

not the Son of man cometh. Acts vili, 21, 22. Thou hast neither Mark ix, 42. And whosoever

Matth. xxv, 13. Watch part nor 'lot in this matter: for shall offend one of these little ones fore; for ye know neither the thy heart is not right in the sight that believe in me, it is better for

nor the hour wherein the of God. Repent therefore of this him that a millstone were hanged man cometh. thy wickedness, and pray God, if about his neck, and he were cast perhaps the thought of thine into the sea.

Matth. XXVI, 40, 41, AN heart may be forgiven thee. Luke xvii, 1, 2. Then said he findeth them asleep, and

cometh unto the disciples, James iv, 17. Therefore to him unto the disciples, It is impossible into Peter, Wbatt would y that knoweth to do good, and but that offences will come: but watch witb' me one hour doeth it not, to him it is sin. woe unto him through whom they and pray, that ye enter not

come! It were better for him that temptation: the spirit inder TEMPTATION.

a millstone were hanged about his willing, but the flesh is weak Prov. ix, 15--17. To call pas- neck, and he cast into the sea,

Mark xiii, 33-37. Taka yo sengers who go right on their than that he should offend one of these little ones.

watch and pray: for ye knou ways: Whoso is simple, let him

when the time is. turn in hither; and as for him that Luke xxii, 40. And when he was

For the

man is as a man taking wanteth understanding, she saith at the place, he said unto them, journey, who left his house, to bim, Stolen waters are sweet, Pray that ye enter not into tempt-gave authority to his servant and bread eaten in secret is plea-ation.

to every man his work, and a sant.

2 Cor. II, 11. Lest Satan should manded the porter to v Prov. xii, 26. The righteous is get an advantage of us: for we are Watch ye therefore; for ye more excellent than his neigh not ignorant of bis devices, not when the master of the bour: but the way of the wicked 2 Cor. xii, 7. And lest I should cometh, at even, or at mida seduceth them.

be exalted above measure through or at the cock-crowing, or 1> Prov. xvi, 29. A violent man the abundance of the revelations, morning; Lest, coming so enticeth his neighbour, and lead there was given to me a thorn in he find you sleeping And eth him into the way that is not the flesh, the messenger of Satan I say unto you, I say unta good.

to buffet me, lest I should be ex-Watch. Prov. xxvill, 10. Whoso causeth alted above measure.

Mark xiv, 37, 38. And le cran the righteous to go astray in an Eph. 11, 2. Wherein in time past and findeth them sleepiog, evil way, he shall fall himself into yo walked according to the course sasth unto Peter, Simon, alors his own pit: but the upright shall of this world, according to the thou? couldest not tbou wat have good things in possession. prince of the power of the air, the hour? Watch ye, and pray, Matth. iv, 10, 11. Then saith children of disobedience. spirit that now worketh in the enter into temptation: the

truly is ready, but the Sesa Jesus unto hiin, Get thee hence,

1 Thess. ill, 5. For this cause, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt


Luke xil, 36-88. Let your worship the Lord thy God, and when I could no longer forbear, i him only shalt thou serve. Then sent to know your faith, lest by be girded about, and your the devil leaveth him, and, behold, I some means the tempter have burning, And ye youred angels came and ministered unto tempted you, and our labour bo in unto men that wait for the him. vain.

when he will return tres Matth. v, 19. Whosoever there

1 Tim. v, 15. For some are al wedding, that, when he o

and knocketh, they mayopea fore shall break one of these least ready turned aside after Satan.

him immediately. Blessi commandments, and shall teach 2 Tim. Ili, 13. But evil men and those servants, whom the men so, he shall be called the least seducers shall was worse and when he cometh shall toda in the kingdom of heaven: but worse, deceiving, and being de- ing: verlly I say unto you that whosoover shall do and teach celved.

shall gird himsell, and muke i

If yo

I down to meat, and will come provoked the most hign God, and but my righteousness shall be for i and serve them. And if he kept not his testimonies.

ever, and my salvation froia come in the second watch,

Isa. xxvi, 10. Let favour be generation to generation. ime in the third watch, and showed to the wicked, yet will he Jer, xvii, 5, 6. Thus saith the them so, blessed are those not learn righteousness: in the LORD, Cursed be the man that unts.

land of uprightness will he deal trusteth in man, and maketh flesh to xxi, 33–36. Heaven and unjustly, and will not behold the bis arm, and whose heart departshall pass away; but my majesty of the Lord,

eth from the LORD: For he shall la shall not pass away. And Hosea vil, 15. Though I have be like the heath in the desert, heed to yourselves, lest at bound and strengthened their and shall not see when good comtime your bearts be over- arms, yet do they imagine mis- eth; but shall inhabit the parched red with surfeiting, and chief against me.

places in the wilderness, in a salt kenness, and cares of this ind 80 that day come upon thee in the wilderness, in the land Hosea xiil, 5, 6. I did know land and not inhabited.

Matth. X, 26. Fear tbem not Uns wares. For as a snare of great drought. According to therefore: for there is nothing it come on all them that their pasture, so were they niled: covered that shall not be revealon the face of the whole they were Alled, and their heart ed; and bid, that shall not be Watch ye therefore, and was exalted; therefore have they

known. always, that ye may be forgotten me.

John xv, 18, 19. If the world Dted worthy to escape all things that shall come to

Matth. iv, 7. Jesus said unto hate you, ye know that it hated and to stand before the Son him, It is written again, Thou me before it hated you.

shalt not tempt the Lord thy were of the world, the world God.

would love his own but because be xxii, 46. And said unto Why sleep ye? Rise and Luke iv, 12. And Jesus an

ye are not of the world, but I

have chosen you out of the world, lest ye enter into temptation. swering said unto bim, It is said, therefore the world hateth you.

Thou shalt not tempt the Lord or. xvi, 13. Watch ye, stand thy God.

John xvii, 14–18. I have given n the faith, quit you like be strong. 1 Cor. x, 13. There hath no hated them, because they are not

them thy word; and the world tter iv, 7. But the end of al temptation taken you but such as of the world, even as I am not of * is at hand: be ye therefore faithful, who will not suffer you shouldest take them out of the

is common to man: but God is the world. I pray not that thou and watch unto prayer.

fil, 2, 3. Be watchful, and able; but will with the temptation world, but that thou shouldest then the things which re- also make a way to escape, that keep them from the evil. They that are ready to die: for ! ye may be able to bear it.

are not of the world, even as I am not found thy works perfect

not of the world. Sanctify them God. Remember there

James i, 13-15. Let no man say through thy truth: thy word is of thou hast received and when he is tempted, I am tempted truth. As thou hast sent me into and hold fast, and repent. of God: for God cannot be tempted the world, even so have I also refore thou shalt not watch, with evil, neither tempteth' he sent them into the world.

But every man

is come on thee as a thief, and any man:

Rom. xii, 2.

And be not coninalt not know what hour I tempted, when he is drawn away formed to this world; but be ye ome upon thee.

of his own lust, and enticed. transformed by the renewing of

Then, when lust hath conceived, your mind, that ye may prove UTION AGAINST IN

it bringeth forth sin; and sin, / what is that good, and acceptable, GRATITUDE.

when it is finished, bringeth forth and perfect will of God.

death, 7. xiv, 22. Because all those

Col. iil, 2. Set your affection on which have seen my glory,

Rev. fil, 10. Because thou hast things above, not on things on the by miracles which i did in kept the word of my patience, I

earth. and in the wilderness, have also will keep thee from the hour

James iv, 4. Ye adulterers and sd me now these ten times of temptation, which shall come they shall not see the land apon all the world, to try them adulteresses, know yo not that

the friendship of the world is I sware unto their fathers. that dwell upon the earth.

enmity with God? whosoever t. vi, 16. Ye shall not tempt

therefore will be a friend of the >SD your God, as ye tempted NON-CONFORMITY TO THE world is the enemy of God. Massab.


1 John il, 15-18. Love not the 2. xxxii, 6. Do ye thus re- Isa. x, 24, 25. Therefore thas world, neither the things that are Lbe LORD, O foolish people saith the Lord God of liosts, O my in the world. If any man love the awise? is 'not be thy father people that dwellest in Zion, be world, the love of the Father is sath bought thee? hath he not afraid of the Assyrian: he not in him. For all that is in the zade thee, and established sball smite thee with a rod, and world, the lust of the flesh, and

shall lift up his staff against thee, the Inst of the eyes, and the pride bron. xxxil, 25. But Heze- after

the manner of Egypt. For of life, is not of the Father, but is endered not again accord- yet a very little while, and the of the world. And the world the benefit done unto

him; indignation shall cease, and mine passeth away, and the lust thereheart was lifled up: there- anger, in their destruction.

of; but he that doeth the will of jere was wrath upon him,

Isa. 11, 7, 8. Hearken unto me, God abideth for ever. Little pon Judah and Jerusalem.

ye that know righteousness, the children, it is the last time: and as Ixxvill, 18, 41, 56. And they people in whose heart is my law; yo have heard that antichrist ed God in their heart, by fear ye not the reproach of men, shall come, even now are there

Ineat for their lust. Yea, neither be ye afraid of their re- many antichrists; whereby we turned back, and tempted vilings: For the moth shall eat know that it is the last time. ad limited the Holy One of them up like a garment, and the 1 John ill, 13. Marvel not, my Yet they templed and worm shall eat them like wool: I brethren if the world hate you.

1 John Iv, 4, 5. Ye are of God, i to destroy them: he will not bei Gen, vil, 5. And Noah did al little children, and have overcome wlack to him that hateth him, he cording avto all that the La them; because greater is he that will repay him to his face. Thou commanded him. is in you, than he that is in the shalt therefore keep the com- Exod. vii, 6. And Moses and A world. They are of the world: mandments, and the statutes, and ron did as the LORD command therefore speak they of the world, the judgments, which I command them, so did they. and the world heareth them. thee this day, to do them. 1 John v, 19. And we know that Deut. viil, 1. All the command of Israel went away, and dH

Exod. xli, 28,50. And the childr we, are of God, and the wholo ments which I command thee this the LORD had commanded Ma world lieth in wickedness. day shall ye observe to do, that ye and Aaron, so did they. Thusd

may live, and multiply, and go in all the children of Israel; a 4 OBEDIENCE.

and possess the land which the LORD commanded Moses and 4 Lev. xvill, 4, 5. Ye shall do my LORD sware unto your fathers.

ron, so did they. Judgments, and keep mino ordi. Deut. x, 13. To keep the com Exod. xl, 16. Thus did la nances, to walk therein: I am the mandments of the LORD, and his according to all that the L LORD your God. Yo shall there- statutes, whicb I command thoe commanded him, so did he tore keep my statutes and my this day for thy good.

Num. I, 64. And the children judgments; which if a man do, he Deut. xi, 32. And ye shall ob- Israel díd according to all shall live in them: I am the LORD. serve to do all the statutes and the LORD commanded Moser,

Lev. xlx, 37. Therefore shall ye judgments which I set before you did they. observe all my statutes, and all this day.

Josh. xi, 15. As the Logo my judgments, and do them: I am Deut. xill, 4. Ye shall walk after manded Moses his servant, so the LORD.

the Lord your God, and fear hini, Moses command Joshus, and Lev. xx, 6-8, 22. And the soul that and keep his commandments, and did Joshua: he left nothing a turneth after such as have familiar obey his voice, and ye shall serve done of all that the LORD QR spirits, and after wizards, to go a him, and cleave unto him. manded Noses. whoring after them, I will even set my face against that soul, and

Deut. xxvI, 16. This day the 2 Sam, xxiv, 19. And David will cut him off from among his LORD thy God hath commanded cording to the saying of Go people. Sanctify yourselves there- thee to do these statates and judg- went up, as the Lord commit. fore, and be ye holy: for I am the and do them with all thine heart, went, and did as Jesus comes

Matt. xxi, 6. And the disc LORD your God. And ye shall keep my statutes, and do them: I and with all thy soul.

ed them. am the LORD which sanctify you.

Deut. xxvii, 1, 10. And Moses, Yo shall therefore keep all my with the elders of Israel, com

GENERAL ADMONITIONS statutes, and all my judgments, manded the people, saying, Keep

Hos. xii, 6. Therefore turs and do them; that the land, whl all the commandments which I

to thy God: keep mercy ther I bring you to dwell therein, command you this day. Tbou spue you not out.

therefore obey the voice of judgment, and wait on this

Lev. xxil, 31. Therefore shall ye commandments and bis statutes,
the LORD thy God, and do his

Matt. xix, 18, 19. He saith keep my commandments, and do which I command thee this day.

him, Which? Jesus said, TE them: I am the LORD.

Deut. xxx, 8. And thou sbalt re-/ shalt do no murder, Thoa therefore his statutes and his LORD, and do all his commandDeut. iv, 40. Thou shalt keep turn, and obey the voice of the pot commit adultery, Thon

not steal, Thou shall not commandments, which I com- ments whicb I command thee this

false witness, Honour thy fath mand thee this day, that it may day.

and thy mother; and, Thon sa go well with thee, and with thy

love thy nelghbour as thysell children after thee, and that thou Ps. cxix, 4. Thou hast command

Rom. vi, 19. I speak after mayest prolong thy days upon the ed us to koep thy precepts dili

manner of men because of the earth, which the LORD thy God gently. giveth thee, for ever.

Jer. xi, 7. For I earnestly pro- have yielded your members

firmity of your flesh: for ** Deut. v, 33. Ye shall walk in all tested unto your fathers in the

vants to uncleanness and ta the ways which the LORD your day that I brought them up out God hath commanded you, that of the land of Egypt, even unto quity unto iniquity; eren so ye may live, and that it may be this day, rising early and protest- yield your members sertasis

righteousness unto holiness. well with you, and that ye may ing, saying, Obey my voice. prolong your days in the land Ezek. XX, 19. I am the LORD

Rom. xil, 7-12. Or ministry, which ye shall possess.

your God; walk in my statutes, us wait on our mioistertag, Deut. vi, 17-19. Yo shall dili

and keep my judgments, and do that teacheth, ou teaching, er them,

that exhorteth, on exhortation gently keep the commandments of the LosD your God, and his

John v, 14. Afterward Jesus that givell, let him do it will sa testimonies, and bis statutes,

findeth bim in the temple, and plicity; he that ruleth, wila which he hath commanded thee. said unto him, Behold, thou art gence; be that she weth her

with cheerfulness. And thou shalt do that which is made whole: sin no more, lest a

without dissimulation right and good in the sight of the worse thing come unto theo.

that which is evil, cleave to LORD: that it may be well with

John xiv, 15. If yo love me, which is good. Be kindly thee, and that thou mayest go in keep my commandments.

tioned one to another with and possess the good land which 1 John 11, 3. And hereby we do orly love; in honour preint the LORD sware unto thy fathers; know that we know him, if we one another, Not stothral ko bom To cast out all thine enemies from keep his commandments.

ness; fervent in spirit; serti before thee, as the LORD hath

Lord; rejoicing in hope: patike spoken.

Gen. Fi, 22. Thus did Noah; ac in tribulation, continuing to Deut. vii, 10, 11. Add repayeth cording to all that God command- in prayor. them that hate him to their face, ed him, so did be.

Phil 1v, &. Finally, welona tsoever things are true, what. Lam. Ili, 40. Let us search and his disciples also, he said unto er things are honest whatso- try our ways, and turn again to them, Whosoever will come after things are just, whatsoever the LORD.

me, let him deny himself, and take are

pure, whatsoever 3 are lovely, whatsoeverthus saith the LORD of hosts, ConHaggai I, 6–7. Now therefore up his cross, and follow ine.

Luke ix, 23. And he said to them are of good report; if there sider your ways. Ye have sown all, If any man will come after me, y virtue, and if there be any much, and bring in little; ye eat, let him deny bimself, and take up te, think on these things.

but ye have not enough; ye drink, his cross daily, and follow me. Thess. I, 3. Remembering but ye are not filled with drink; Luke xiv, 27. And whosoever ont ceasing your work of ye clothe you, but there is none doth not bear his cross, and come y and labour of love, and pa- warm; and he tbat earneth wages, after me, cannot be my disciple. e of bope in our Lord Jesus earneih wages to put it into a kt, in the sight of God and our bag with holes. Thus saith the seek to save his life, shall lose it;

Lake xvii, 33. Whosoever shall LORD of hosts, Consider your and wbosoever shall lose his life, Thess. v, 14. Now we exhort ways.

shall preserve it. brethren, waru them that are Matth. v, 8. Blessed are the pure ly, comfort the feeble-rninded, in heart: for they shall see God.

Luke xvill, 27-30. And he said,

The things which are impossible ort the weak, be patient toall men.

2 Cor. viii, 12. For if there be with men are possible with God.

first a willing mind, it is accepted | Then Peter sald, Lo, we have left Fim. vi, 11, 12. But thou, according to that a 'man hath, and all, and followed thee. And he of God, flee these things; and after righteousness, godli

not according to that he hath not. said unto them, Verily I say unto Lalth, love, patience, meek2 Tim. ii, 7. Consider wbat I you. There is no man that hath

left house, or parents, or brethren, Fight the good fight of say; and the Lord give thee unlay hold

or wife, or children, for the kingon eternal

derstanding in all things. life,

dom of God's sake, Who shall eunto thou art also called, Heb. x, 32. But call to remem- not receive manifold more in this rast professed a good profes- brance the former days, in which, presen: time, and in the world to belure many wituesges. after ye were illuminated, ye en

come life everlasting. 2ES 11, 12. Teacbing us, that, dured a great fight of afflictions.

John xil, 25. He that loveth his ing ungodliness and worldly

OFTEN INVOLVING SELF life shall lose it; and he that hatwe should live suberly,

DENIAL. eously, and godly, in this

eth his life in this world shall It world.

Matth. v, 29, 30. And if thy right keep it unto life eternal. kter il, 17. Honour all men. eye offend thee, pluck it out, and kom. viii, 12, 13. Therefore, the brotherhood. Fear God. cast it from thee: for it is profit- brethren, we are debtors, not to or the king.

able for thee that one of thy mem- the flesh, to live after the flesh.

bers should perish, and not that For if ye live after the flesh, ye DIEYCE ALWAYS INVOLVING

thy whole body should be cast shall die: but if ye through the SINCERITY.

into hell. And if thy right hand spirit do mortify the deeds of the

offend thee, cut it off, and cast it body, ye shall live. xl, 13. If thou prepare thine from thee: for it is profitable for Gal. v, 24. And they that are 1, and stretch out thine hands thee that one of thy members Christ's have crucified the flesh, rd him.

should perish, and not that thy with the affections and lusts. xxli, 22. Receive, I pray whole body should be cast into

Col. iii, 5-7. Mortify therefore the law from his mouth, and hell.

your members which are upon p bis words in tblue heart. Matth. x, 38. And he that taketh the earth; fornication, uncleanII, 6. Behold, thou desirest not his cross, and followeth after ness, inordinate affection, evil in the inward parts; and in me, is not worthy of me.

concupiscence, and covetousness, Idden part thou shalt make Matth, xvi, 24-26. Then said which is idolatry: For which know wisdom.

Jesus unto his disciples, If any things' sake the wrath of God 1xxfil, 1. Truly God is good man will come after me, let him cometh on the children of dismel, eren to such as are of adeny himself, and take up his obedience. In the which ye also beart.

cross, and follow me. For who walked sometime, when yo lived

soever will save his life shall lose in them, cxix, 59, 60, 111, 112. I

it; and whosoever will lose his sht on my ways, and turned life for my sake sball find it. For

DEMANDING ZEAL. eet unto thy testimonies. I

what is a man profited, if he shall 1 Cor. xiv, 12. Even so ye, forhaste, and delayed not to gain the whole world, and lose asmuch as ye are zealous of spirit. thy commandments. Thybis own soul? or what shall a man ual gifts, seek that ye may excel nonies have I taken as an give in exchange for his soul? to the edifying of the church. lige for ever: for they are ejoicing of my heart. I have

Matth. xviil, 8, 9. Wherefore, if Gal. iv, 17, 18. They zealously led mine heart to perform thy hand or thy foot offend thee, affect you, but not well; yea, they tatutes alway, even unto the

cut them off, and cast them from would exclude you, that ye might

thee: it is better for thee to enter affect them. But it is good to be 5. iv, 23. Keep thy heart than having two bands, or two good thing, and not only when I

into life halt or maimed, rather zealously affected always in a all diligeuce; for out of it are feet, to be cast into everlasting am present with you. sues of life.

fire. And if thine eye offend thee, ov. xxil, 11. He that loveth pluck it out, and cast it from thee: all diligence to write unto you of

Jude 3. Beloved, when I gavo ness of heart, for the grace it is better for thee to enter into the common salvation, it was 9 Lps the king shall be his life with one eye, rather than needful for me to write unto you,

having two eyes to be cast into and exhort you, that ye should 00. xxlil, 19. Hear thou, my hell-fire.

earnestly contend for the faith ind be wise, and guide thine Mark vill, 34. And when he had which was once delivered unto in the way.

called the people unto him, with the saints.

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