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Rev. II, 15, 16. I know thy the law of the fathers, and was commandment is charity ont d works, that thou art neither cola zealous toward God, as ye all are pure heart, and of a nor hot: I wonld thou wert cold this day.

science, and of faith unfeigoed or hot. So then because thou art

Rom. x, 2. For I bear them re- Titus lii. 8. This is a falta lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my but not

according to knowledge. cord that they have a zeal of God, saying, and these things !

that thou afirm constantly, mouth.

Phil. iii, 6.

Concerning zeal, they which have believed in Num. XXV, 11--13. Phinehas, the

persecuting the church; touching might be careful to masa

the righteousness which is in the good works. These things son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron law, blameless.

good and profitable unto me the priest, bath turned my wrath away from the children of Israel, AND UNIVERSAL CHARITY.

CONSCIENCE while he was zealous for my sake among them, that I consumed Rom. xiv, 1-3. Him that is

ITS UNIVERSAL POWER not the children of Israel in my

weak in the faith receive ye, but Rom. ii, 14, 15. For what jealousy. Wherefore say, Behold, not to doubtful disputations. For Gentiles, which have not the I give unto him my covenant of one believeth that he may eat all do by nature the things conte peace: And he shall have it, and things: another, who is weak, eat in the law, these, having s his seed after bim, even the cove-eth herbs. Let not him that eatath law, are a law unto the rest pant of an everlasting priesthood; despise him that eateth not; and which shew the work of the because he was zealous for his let not him which eateth not written in their hearts, the God, and made an atonement for judge him that eateth: for God science also bearing witness the children of Israel. hath received him.

their thoughts the mean 2 Chr. XXXI, 20, 21. And thus did fal unto me, but all things are not

1 Cor. vi, 12. All things are law

accusing or else excusing

another. Hezekiah throughout all Judah, and wrought that which was good for me, but I will not be brought expedient: all things are lawful

AN EVIL CONSCIENG and right, and truth, before the under the power of any.

Gen, xlii, 21, 22. And they LORD his God. And in every work that he began in the service of 1 Cor. x, 23. All things are law one to another, We art the house of God, and in the law, ful for me, but all things are not guilty concerning our bata

that we saw the anguish and in the commandments, to seek expedient: all things are lawful

soul, when he besoughts his God, he did it with all his for me, but all things edity not. heart, and prospered.

1 Cor. xill, 1-10, 13. Though I this distress come upon 3.

we would not bear, there 2 Cor. vil, 11. For behold this speak with the tongues of men

Reuben answered them, BUT self-same thing, that ye sorrowed and of angels, and have not Spake I not unto you, saying after a godly sort, what careful- charity, I am become as sounding not sin against the child Dess it wrought in you, yea, what brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And would not hear, therefore, clearing of yourselves, yea, what though I have the gift of prophecy, also his blood is required. indignation, yea, what fear, yea, and understand all mysteries, and

1 Kings it, 44. Tbe kits what vehement desire, yea, 'what all knowledge; and though I have

moreover to Shimel, Thos Zeal, yea, what revenge! 'In all all faith, so that I could remove

est all the wickedness things ye have approved your mountains, and have not charity, thine heart is privy to that selves to be clear in this matter.

I am nothing. And though I be-
stow all my goods to feed the poor,

didst to David my father, 2.Cor. 1, 28-30. Besides those and though i give my body to be fore the LORD shall return things that are without, that burned, and have not charity, it

wickedness upon thine oen which cometh upon me daily, the profiteth me nothing. Charity 1 Kings xxi, 20. And Abas care of all the churches, Who suffereth long, and is kind; charity to Elijah, Hast thou found 18 weak, and I am not weak? who envieth not; charity vaunteth not mine enemy? And he sa:** is offended, and I burn not? If I itself, is not puffed up, Doth not bave found thee; becaus must needs glory, I will glory of behave itself unseemly, seeketh bast sold thyself to work the things wbich concern mine not her own, is not easily provok- the sight of the LORD. infirmities. ed, thinketh no evil; Rejoiceth

Job xv, 21–24. A dreadnel Col. iv, 13. For I bear blm re- the truth; Beareth all things; destroyer shall come spa

not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in is in his ears: in prosperits cord, that he hath a great zeal for believeth all things, hopeth all He believeth not that I you, and them that are in Laodicea, and them in Hierapolis.

things, endureth things. return out of darkness, and Charity never faileth: but whether waited for of the sword

there be prophecies, they shall wandereth abroad for breed 2 Kings a, 16. And he sald, fail; whether there be tongues, ing, Where is id he know Come with me, and seo my zeal they shall

cease; whether there be the day of darkness is ready for the Lord. So they made him For we know in part, and we pro- shall make him afraid, the

Trouble ride in his chariot,

phesy in part. Matth. XXIV, 12. And because which is perfect is come, then ready to the battle.

But when that prevail against him, * * iniquity shall abound, the love of that which is in part shall be done many shall wax cold. away. And now abideth faith,

Ps. xiv, 5. There were Acts xxli, 2, 3. And when they hope, charity, these three; but the great fear: for God & heard that he spake in the He greatest of these is charity.

generation of the righteous. brew tongue to them, they kept the more silence: and he saith, I things be done with charity.

1 Cor. xvi, 14. Let all your great fear, where so fear

Ps. IIII, 5. There went am verily a man which am a Jew,

God hath scattered the born in Tarsus, a city in Cilicia,

Col. 111. 14. And above all these him that encanpath apa yet brought up in this city

at the things put on charlty, which is thou hast put then te Teet of Gatualiel, and taught ac- the bond of perfectness. because God bath cording to the perfect manner of 1 Tim. 1, 6. Now the end of the them.

. si, 23. The desire of the ! John viil, 9. And they which, deeds may be made manifest, vous is only good: but the heard it, being convicted by their that they are wrought in God. itation of the wicked is wrath. own conscience, went out one by Acts xxiv, 16. And herein do I

one, beginning at the eldest, even exercise myself, to have always a In. vi, 14. Then the king, unto the last: and Jesus was left conscience void of offence tohe heard these words, was alone, and the woman standing in ward God, and toward men. lispleased with himself, and the midst.

2 Cor. i, 12. For our rejoicing is & heart on Daniel to deliver and he laboured till the

1 Tim. iv, 2. Speaking lles in this, the testimony of our condown of the sun to deliver hypocrisy;traving their conscience science, that in simplicity and seared with a bot iron.

godly sincerity, not with fleshly Titus i, 15. Unto the pure all

wisdom, but by the grace of God, rill, 19, 20. And this is the things are pure: but unto them the world, and more abundantly

we have had our conversation in mnation, that light is come Chat are defiled and unbelieving to you-ward. the world, and men loved

is nothing pure; but even their esg rather than light, be

Heb. ix, 14. How much more mind and conscience is defiled. their deeds were evil. For

shall the blood of Christ, who one that doeth evil hateth

through the eternal Spirit offered ght, neither cometh to the

A GOOD CONSCIENCE. himself without spot to God, lest his deeds should be re- John iii, 21. But he that doeth purge your conscience from dead

truth cometh to the light, that his works to serve the living God!


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thee. And remember that thoa 1 ye shall not find it in the THE PATRIARCHAL wast a servant in the land of Six days ye shall gather it, but SABBATH.

Egypt, and that the LORD thy the seventh day, ichich is the Gen. 11, 1-3. Thus the heavens God brought thee out thence, bath, in it there shall be and the earth were finished, and

through a mighty hand, and by a And it came to pase, that is all the host of them. And on the stretched-out arm : therefore the went out some of the people seventh day God ended his work LORD thy God commanded thee to the seventh day for to gather which he had made; and be rest-keep the sabbath-day.

they found none. And the La ed on the seventh day from all Neh, ix, 14. And madest known

said unto Moses, How long his work which he had made. unto them thy holy sabbath, ye to keep my commandments And God blessed the seventh day, and commandedst them precepts, my lawg See, for that the L and sanctified it; because that in statutes, and laws, by the band of bath given you the sabbath, the it he had rested from all his Moses thy servant.

fore he giveth you on tbe work which God created and

Isaiah lxvi, 23. And it shall day the bread of two days: made. come to pass, that from one new

ye every man in his place;

man go out of his place Heb. iv, 3-5. For we which have moon to another, and from one

seventh day. So the people believed do enter into rest, as he

sabbath to another, shall all flesh led on the seventh day. said, As I have sworn in my come to worship before me, saith wrath, if they shall enter into my the LORD.

HOW TO BE KEPT ALWA rest: although the works were Ezek. xx, 12, 20. Moreover also, I finished from the foundation of gave them my sabbaths, to be a

No SECULAR WORX Ders the world. For he spake in a sign between me and them, that

Exod. xxxiv, 21. SLI days certain place of the seventh day they might know that I am the shalt work; but on the ser on this wise, And God did rest LORD that sanctify them.

And day thou shalt rest: in the seventh day from all his hallow my sabbaths; and they time and in harvest thou works. And in this place again, shall be a sign between me and rest. If they shall enter into my rest. you, that ye may know that I am Exod. xxxv, 2, 3. Sis days the LORD your God.

work be done; but on the com 2nd.

Matt. xxiv, 20. But pray ye that day there shall be to you a JEWISH SABBATH.

your flight be not in the winter, day, a sabbath of rest to the Exod. xxiii, 12. Six days thon neither on the sabbath-day.

whosoever doeth work the shalt do thy work, and on the Mark xv, 42. And now, when kindle no fire tbroughout

shall be put to death. Yo seventh day thou shalt rest; that the even was come, (because it habitations upon the sabbats thine ox and thine ass may rest, was the preparation, that is, the and the son of thy handmaid and day before the sabbath.)

Lev. xxiii, 3. Six days sball the stranger may be refreshed. Luke xxiii, 64. And that day the sabbath of rest, an holy

be done; but the seventh Exod. xxxl, 13, 16, 17. Speak was the preparation, and the sab- vocation; ye shall do thou also unto the children of Is- bath drew on. rael, saying, Verily my sabbaths

therein: it is the sabbath ye sball keep: for it is a sign be- HOW TO BE KEPT IN THE

LORD in all your dwellings tween me and you throughout

Jer. xvil, 21, 22. Thus wall

WILDERNESS. your generations; that ye may

LORD, Take heed to yours know that I am the LORD that

Exod. xvi, 5, 22-30. And it shall and bear no burden on the doth sanctify you.

Wherefore come to pass, that on the sixth day bath-day, nor bring it to the children of Israel shall keep they shall prepare that which they gates of Jerusalem; Neither the sabbath, to observe the sab- bring in; and it shall be twice as forth a burden out of your bath throughout their generations, much as they gather daily. And on the sabbath-day, Deltber for a perpetual covenant. It is a it came to pass, that on the sixth any work; but hallow yo sign between me and the children day they gathered twice as much sabbath-day, as I com. of Israel for ever: for in six days bread, two omers for one man: your fathers. the LORD made heaven and earth, and all the rulers of the congregaand on the seventh day he rested, tion came and told Moses. And BUT PUBLIC WORSHIP and was refreshed. he said unto them, This is that

BE ENJOYED. Lev. xxill, 82. It shall be unto which the LORD bath said, To

Ezek. alvi, 1. Tbes sath you a sabbath of rest, and ye shall bath unto the LORD: bake that Lord God, The gate of the aflict your souls: in the ninth

day which ye will bake today: and court that looketh toward unto even, shall ye celebrate your that which remaineth over lay ap days, but on the sabbath B sabbath. Lev. XXVI, 2. Ye shall keep my ing. And they laid it op till the new-moon it shall be opened

for you to be kept until the morn- be opened, and in the day sabbaths, and reverence my sana morning, as Moses bade: and it

Acts xlil, 14, 42, 441 tuary: I am the LORD.

did not stink, neither was there they departed from Perna Deut. v, 12, 15. Keep the sab any worm therein. And Moses came to Antioca in Pisa bath-day to sanctity it, as the said, Eat that to-day; for to-day is went into the synagogee LORD thy God bath commanded / a sabbath unto the LORD: to-day sabbath-day, and sa dos

hen the Jews were gone out of gate before the LORD in the gab- eat. But wben the Pharisees le synagogue, the Gentiles be-baths, and in the new-moons. And saw it, they said unto bim, Behold, nght that these words might be the burnt-offering that the prince thy disciples do that which is not eached to them the next sab- shall offer unto the LORD in the lawful to do upon the sabbathth. And the next sabbath-day sabbath day shall be six lambs day. me almost the whole city to- without blemish, and a ram withther to hear the word of God. out blemish.

Mark ii, 23, 24. And It came to

pass, that he went through the Acts xyl, 13. And on the sabbath Matth. xil, 6, 10-12. Or have ye corn fields on the sabbath day; went out of the city by a river- not read in the law, how that on and his disciples began, as they le, where prayer was wont to be the sabbath-days the priests in went, to pluck the ears of corn. ide, and we sat down, and spake the temple profane the sabbath, And the Pharisees said unto him, to the women which resorted and are blameless? And, behold, Behold, why do they on the sabther.

there was a man which had his bath-day that which is not lawsul? acts xvil, 1, 2. Now, when they hand withered. And they asked passed through Ampbipolis him, saying, Is it lawful to heal on

Luke vi, 1, 2, 5-7. And it came Apollonia, they caine to the sabbath days that they might after the first, that he went through

to pass on the second sabbath essalonica, where was a syna- accuse him. And he said unto gue of the Jews: And Paul them, What man shall there be the corn fields; and his disciples hals manner was, went in into among you, that shall have one plucked the ears of corn, and did n, and three sabbath-days sheep, and if it fall into a pit on the eat, rubbing them in their hands. soned with them out of the sabbath day, will he not lay hold and certain of the Pharisees said iptures.

on it, and lift it out? How much unto them, Why do ye that which Acts zvili, 4. And he reasoned theu is a man better than a sheep? is not lawful to do on the sabbath. the synagogue every sabbath, Wherefore it is lawful to do well days? And he said unto them,

That the Son of man is Lord also on the sabbath days. persuaded the Jews and the

of the sabbath. And it came to beks

Luke vi, 9, 10. Then said Jesus pass also on another sabbath, that

unto them, I will ask you on he entered into the synagogue WORKS OF RELIGION, thing; Is it lawful on the sabbath- and taught: and there was a inan CESSITY, AND MERCY TO days to do good, or to do evil? to whose right hand was withered.

save life, or to destroy itt And And the scribes and Pharisees BE DONE.

looking round about upon them watched him, whether he would Kings xi, 5, 7, 9. And he com- all, he said unto the man, Stretch heal on the sabbath-day; that they Aded them, saying, This is the forth thy hand. And he did so: might find an accusation against 1g that ye shall do; A third and his hand was restored whole him. of you that enter in on the as the other. bath shall even be keepers of

Luke xiii, 14. And the ruler of watch of the king's house of the synagogue auswered with dignation, because that Jesus had

Luke xili, 14-16. And the ruler | the synagogue answered with in1 two parts of all you that go indignation, because that Jesus healed on the sabbath day, and h on the sabbath, even they had healed on the sabbath-day, said unto the people, There are I keep the watch of the house and said unto the people, There six days in which men ought to he Logd about the king. And captains over the hundreds are six days in which men ought work: in them therefore come and

to work: in them therefore come according to all things that

be healed, and not on the sabbath and be bealed, nd not on the day. Lolada the priest commanded:

sabbath - day.

The Lord then they took every man his men

John v, 10, 11. The Jews therewere to come in on the sab- answered him, and said, Thou , with them that should go you on the sabbath loose his ox hypocrite, doth not each one of fore said unto him that was cured,

It is the sabbath day: it is not on the sabbath, and came to loiada the priest.

or his ass from the stall, and lead lawful for thee to carry thy bed.
him away
to watering? And

He answered them, He that made Chron. xxiii, 4, 8. This is the ought not this woman, being a

me whole, the same said unto me, 3 that ye shall do; A third daughter of Abraham, whom Take up thy bed, and walk. of you entering on the sab-Satan hath bound, lo, these eigh- Acts i, 12. Then returned they , of the priests and of the teen years, be loosed from this unto Jerusalem from the mount ites, shall be porters of the bond on the sabbath-day?

called Olivet, which is from Jeru18; So the Levites and all

salem a sabbath day's journey. lah did according to all things John vil, 22, 23. Moses therefore Jeboiada the priest had com- gave unto you circumcision; (not

SABBATH PROFANATION. ided, and took every man his because it is of Moses, but of the 2 that were to come in on the fathers;) and ye on the sabbath- 2 Kings xvi, 18. And the covert bath, with them that were to day circumcise a man. If a man for the sabbath that they had rut on the sabbath: for Jehoia- on the sabbath-day receive cir- built in the house, and the king's the priest dis:nissed not the cumcision, that the law of Moses entry without, turned he from the rses.

should not be broken; are ye house of the LORD for the king of zek, xlvi, 2-4. And the prince angry at me, because I have made Assyria. u enter by the way of the a man every wbit whole on the

Neh, xiil, 15-18. In those days ch of that gate without, and sabbath-day?

saw I in Judah some treading Il stand by the post of the gate,

wiue-presses on the sabbath, and | the priests shall prepare bis SUPERSTITIOUS OBSERV. bringing in sheaves, and lading nt-offering, and his peaceANCE OF THE SABBATH.

asses; as also wine, grapes, and rings, and he sball worship at

figs, and all manner of burdens, threshold of the gate: then he Matth. xii, 1, 2. At that time which they brought into JerusaIl go forth; but the gate shall Jesus went on the sabbath day lem on the sabbath-day: and I

be sbut 'until the evening through the corn; and bis disci- testified against them in the day ewise the people of the land ples were an hungered, and began wherein they sold victuals. There I worship at the door of this to pluck the ears of corn, and to dwelt men of Tyre also therein,


which brought fsh, and all man- put to death: all the congregation speaking thine oron worde: Theo per of ware, and sold on the sab-shall stone him with stones with shalt thou delight thyself in the bath unto the children of Judah, out the camp. And all the con- LORD; and I will cause thee to ride and in Jerusalem. Then I con- gregation brought him without upon the high places of the earta tended with the nobles of Judah, the camp, and stoned him with and feed thee with the heritaged and said unto them, What evil stones, and he died; as the LORD Jacob thy father for the mouth thing is this that ye do, and pro- commanded Moses.

of the Lood hath spoken it fane tbe sabbath-day? Did not your fathers thus, and did not our hearken unto me to ballow the

Jer. xvii, 27. But if you will not Jer. xvlí, 24, 25. And it shall

come to pass, if ye diligents God bring all this evil upon us, sabbath-day, and not to bear a hearken unto me, saith the Loom and upon this city?

yet yo, bring burden, even entering in at the to bring in no burden through the more Wrath upon Israel, by pro gates of Jerusalem on the sab- gates of this city on the sabbati faning the sabbath.

bath-day, then will I kindle a fire day, but ballow the sabbatby Lam. 1, 7. Jerusalem remem- in the gates thereof, and it shall to do no work therein; Then sal bered in the days of her affliction, devour

the palaces of Jerusalem, there enter into the gates of est and of her miseries, all her pleas- and it shall not be quenched.

city kings and princes sitting up ant things that she had in the days of old, when her people fell

Lam. il, 6. And he hath violent. the throne of David, ridiug

chariots and on horses, ther, and into the hand of the enemy, and it were of a garden; he bath their princes, the men of Jalan saw her, and did mock at her destroyed his places of the assem and this city shall remain for ever sabbaths.

solemn feasts and sabbaths to be Exek. ix, 21. Notwithstanding forgotten in Zion, and hath de

SABBATH KEPT IN TUE the children rebelled against me: spised, in the indignation of his

LETTER. they walked not in my statutes, anger, the king and the priest. Neh. x, 31. And if the people neither kept my judgments to do them, which if a man do, be shall her mirth to cease, her feast-days, victuals, on the sabbath-day

Hos. il, 11. I will also cause all the land bring ware, or my sabbaths: then I said, I would her new moons, and her sabbaths, sell, that we would not buy i

them on the sabbath, or on the pour out my fury upon them, to and all her solemn feasts.

holy-day; and that we would leave accomplish my anger against them in the wilderness.

PROMISES TO SABBATH the seventh year, and the exscia Ezek. xxii, 8. Thou hast despised


of every debt.

Nch. xlil, 19-22. And it came mine holy things, and hast pro

Isa. Ivl, 2-7. Blessed is the man faned my sabbaths. that doeth this, and the son of mari

pass, that wben the gates of Jeru Ezek. xxiil, 38. Moreover, this that layeth bold on it; that keep the sabbath, I commanded a

salem began to be dark beter they have done unto me; they eth the sabbath from polluting it, the gates should be shot, a have deflled my sanctuary in the and keepeth his band from doing

any evil. Neither let the son of charged that they should not same day, and have profaned my the stranger, that hath joined him. opened til after the sabbath: ach sabbaths. Amos vill, 6. Saying, When will The Lord hath uiterly separated be brought in on the sabbath day self to the LORD, speak, saying, some of my servants set I at

gates, that there should no borded the new moon be gone, that we may sell corn ? and the sabbath, the eunuch say, Beliold, I am a dry all kind

of ware, lodged with me from his people: peither let so the merchants, and sellers that we may set forth wheat, tree. For thus saith the LORD Jerusalem once or twice. The making the ephah small, and the unto the eunuchs that keep my testified against them, and su shekel great, and falsifying the sabbaths, and choose the things unto them, Why lodge ye ador balances by deceit.

that please me, and take bold of the wall? if ye do so again, I w

my covenant; Even unto them PENALTY AGAINST will I give in mine bouse, aud forth came theyno more on the sal

lay hands on you, From that the SABBATH BREAKERS. within my walls, a place and a bath. And I commanded the Le Exod. XXXI, 14, 15. Ye shall keep name better than of sons and of vites that they should deur the sabbath' tberefore; for it is daughters: I will give them an themselves, and that they should boly unto you: every one that de everlasting name, that shall not be fileth it shall surely be put to cut off. Also the sons of the

come and keep the gates, to sats death : for whosoever doeth any stranger, that Join themselves to tify the sabbath day. Remember work therein, that soul sball be the LORD, to serve him, and to me, O my God, concerning the cut off from among his people. love the name of the LORD to be his also, and spare 'me accordingle

the greatness of thy mercy. Six days may work be done; but servants, every one that keepeth in the seventh is the sabbath of the sabbath from pollutiog it, and

AND TO BE ALSO KEPT IN SFIETT rest, holy to the LORD: whosoever taketh hold of my covenant; Even doeth any work in the sabbath them will I bring to my holy Isa. 1, 13. Bring no more tam day, he shall surely be put to mountain, and make them joyful oblations: incense is an abone death.

in my house of prayer: their burnt tion unto me; the new-mocar ad Num. XV, 32-86. And while the offerings and their sacrifices shall sabbaths, the calling of assemb114 children of Israel were in the be accepted upon mine altar; for I cannot away with: it is iniqey,

even the solemn meeting. wilderuess, they found a man that mine house sball be called an gathered sticks upon the sabbath-bouse of prayer for all people. Mark 11, 27. And he said atle day. And they that found him Isa. Ivili, 13, 14. If thou turn tbem, The sabbath was made k gathering sticks brought him unto away thy foot trom the sabbath, man, and not man for the sublik Moses and Aaron, and unto all from doing thy pleasure on my the congregation. And they put holy day; and call the sabbath a

ard. him in ward, because it was not delight, iho holy of the LORD, THE CHRISTIAN SABBATH. declared what should be done to bonourable; and shalt honour him, Acts sx, 7. Add opon the in him. And the LORD said unto not doing thine own ways, nor day of the week, wlien the Moses, The man shall be surely Anding tulpe own pleasure, our ciples came together to break


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