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Num. xxix, 39. These things ye, and withont beast. The role PLACES.

shall do unto the LORD in your of them that shall bring the Exod. xxiv, 5. And he sent

Bet feasts, besides your vows, and fice of praise into the botse young men of the children of your free-will-offerings, for your LORD. For I will cause tore Israel, which offered burnt-offer- offerings, and for your drink- first, saith the LORD.

burnt-offerings, and for your meat the captivity of the land, as ingy, 'and sacrificed peace-offer- offerings, and for your peaceings of oxen unto the LORD.

Micah vi, 6, 7. Wheresith offerings.

I come before the LORD, ERA 1 Sam. x, 8. And thon shalt go

Deut. xxxill, 19. They shall call myself before the high God down before me to Gilgal; and, the people unto the mountain; I come before him with behold, I will come down unto thee, to offer burnt-offerings, and righteousness: for they shall suck old! will the Load be

there they shall offer sacrifices of offerings, with calves di to sacrifice sacrifices of peace of the abundance of the seas, and with thousands of rams, offerings: seven days shalt thou

ten thousands of rivers tarry, till I come to thee, and of treasures hid in the sand. sbew thee wbat thou shalt do.

Ps. iv, 5. Offer the sacrifices of shall I give my first-bord 1 Sam. xill, 8-12. And he tarried in the LORD. righteousness, and put your trust transgression, the trait

body for the sin of my soul seven days, according to the set time that Samuel had appointed:

Ps. 1, 5. Gather my saints tobut Samuel came not to Gilgal; gether unto me; those that have Ps. 11, 17. The sacriaca and the people were scattered made a covenant with me by are a broken spirit: a broken from him. And Saul said, bring sacrifice.

a contrite heart, O God, the hither a burnt-offering to me, and Ps. li, 19. Then shalt thou be not despise. peace-offerings. And he offered pleased with the sacrifices of Rom. xii, 1. I beseech the burnt-offering. And it came righteousness, with burnt-offer- therefore, brethren, by, to pass, that, as soon as he had ing, and whole burnt - offering: mercies of God, that ser made an end of offering the burnt then shall they offer bullocks your bodies a living offering, behold, Samuel came; upon thine altar.

boly, acceptable unto God and Saul went out to meet him, Ps. cvil, 22. And let them sacri- is your reasonable servios. that he might salute him. And fice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, Samuel said, What bast thou and declare his works with rejoic altar, whereof they have

Heb. xiil, 10, 15, 16. We done! And Saul said, Because I ing.

to eat which serve the talen saw that the people were scattered from me, and that thou camest which hath shewed us light: bind sacrifice of praise to Gat

Ps. cxviii, 27. God is the LORD, By him therefore let us di not within the days appointed, the sacrifice with cords, even unto tinually, that is, the fruit and that the Philistines gathered the horns of the altar. themselves together at Michmash:

lips giving thanks to his Therefore said I, The Philistines

Isa. xlIII, 23, 24. Thou hast not But to do good and to con will come down now upon me to brought me the small cattle of thy cate forget not; for with Gilgal, and I have not made sup- I burnt-offerings, neither hast thou sacrifices God is well please plication unto the LORD: I furced honoured me with thy sacrifices:

I have not caused thee to serve myself therefore, and offered a

BUT NEVER A SUBSTITUTI burnt-offering. with an offering, nor wearied

OBEDIENCE ther with iucense. Thou hast

1 Sam. XV, 22. And Samuel THE TOKEN OF DEVOTION, bought me po sweet cane with Hath the Lord as great det

money, neither hast thou Alled burnt-offerings, and BITI AND THEREFORE ACCEPTED

me with the fat of thy sacrifices; in obeying the voice of the BY GOD.

but thou hast made me to serve Behold, to obey is better Lev. vii, 38. Which the LORD with thy sins, thou hast wearied sacrifice, and to bearkea tu commanded Moses in mount me with thine iniquities.

fat of rams. Sinai, in the day that he commanded the children of Israel to Kedar shall be gathered together and I will speak; O Israel

Isa. 1x, 7. All the flocks of Ps. 1, 7-14. Hear, 0 m offer their oblations unto the unto thee, the rams of Nebaloth will testify against there LORD, in the wilderness of Sinai.

shall minister unto thee: they God, even thy God. I will Lev. Ix, 4-6. Also a bullock and shall come up with acceptauce on prove thee for thy sec a ram for peace - offerings, to mine altar, and I will glorify the thy burnt-offerings, to sacrifice before the LORD; and a house of my glory.

continually before me. meat-offering mingled with oil: Jer. xvii, 26. And they shall take no bullock out of thy for to-day the LORD will appear come from the citles of Judah, and nor he-goats out of thy fala unto you. And they brought from the places about Jerusalem, every beast of the forest that which Moses commanded and from the land of Benjamin, and the cattle

upon a te before the tabernacle of the con- and from the plain, and from the hills. I know all the for gregation; and all the congrega- mountains, and from the south, mountains, and the wild tion drew near, and stood before bringing burnt - offerings, and the field are mine. !!! the Lord. And Moses sald, This sacrifices, and meat-offerings, and hungry, I would not tell is the thing wbich the LORD com- Incense, and bringing sacriaces the world is mine, and the manded that ye should do; and of praise, unto the house of the thereof

. Will I eat the the glory of the LORD shall appear LORD.

bulls, or drink the blood unto you.

Jer. xxxiil, 10, 11. Thus saith Offer unto God tlakette Num. xxviii, 2. Command the the LORD, Again there shall be pay the vows tato be children of Israel, and say unto heard in this place, which ye say

High. them, My offering, and my bread shall be desolate without man and Ps. II, 16. For thou des for my sacrifices made by fire, for without beast, even in the cities sacrifice, else would ! a sweet savour unto me, shall ye of Judah, and in the streets of thou delightest not in law observe to offer unto me in their Jerusalem, that are desolate, with. ing. due season.

out man, and without inhabitant, Ps. Ixla, 80, 81. I will pres!


(God with a song, and will, neither will I regard the peace- holden from the house of your

him with thanksgiving. offerings of your fat beasts. God. lso shall please the LORD | Have ye offered unto me sacrifices

3rd. Iban an ox or bullock that and offerings in the wilderness

DIFFERENT MATERIALS ons and boofs. forty years, 0 house of Israel?

OF OFFERINGS. . IX1, 3. To do justice and Mal, i, 7, 8, 12-14. Ye offer int is more acceptable to polluted' bread upon mine altar;

QUADRUPEDS. LD than sacrifice. and ye say, Wherein have we

Lev. 1, 2, 10. Speak unto the chil1, 11, 12. To what purpose The table of the LORD is contemp- If any man of you bring an offer.

polluted thee? In that ye say, dren of Israel, and say unto them, pultitude or your sacrifices

tible. And if ye offer the blind ing unto the LORD, ye shall bring he saith the LORD: I am for sacrifice, is it not evil? and if your offering of the cattle, even of the burnt-offerings of rams, yo offer the lame and sick, is it the herd, and of the flock. And e fat of led beasts; and I

not evil? offer it now unto thy if his offering be of the flocks, not in the blood of s, or of lambs, or of he governor; will he be pleased with namely, of the sheep, or of the When yo come to appear the LORD of hosts. But ye have shall' bring it a male without

thee, or accept thy person? saith goats, for a burnt-sacrifice; he me, who hath required profuned it, in that ye say, The blemish. your hand, to tread my table of the LORD is polluted; and the fruit thereof, even his meat,

Lev. ix, 1-3. And it came to pass VII, 21, 22. Thus salth the is contemptible. Ye said also, on the eighth day, that Moses of bosts, the God of Israel; Behold, what a weariness 18 it! called Aaron and his sons, and the bur burnt-offerings unto and ye have snuffed at it, saith elders of Israel; And he said unto acrifices, and eat flesh. For the LORD

of hosts: and ye brought Aaron, Take thee a young calf for o not unto your fathers, nor that which was torn, and the lame, a sin-offering, and a ram for : inded them in the day that and the sick; thus ye brought an burnt-offering, without blemish, gbt them out of the land of offering: should I accept this of and offer them before the LORD concerning burnt-offerings your hand? saith the LORD. But and unto the children of Israel Minices.

cursed be the deceiver, which thou shalt speak, saying, Take ye Dvi, 6. For I desired hath in his flock a male, and vow

a kid of the goats for a sin-offerand not sacrifice; and the eth, and sacrificeth unto the LORD ing; and a calf and a lamb, both of Edge of God more than a corrupt thing: for I am a great the first year, without blemish, offerings.

King, saith the LORD of hosts, and for a burnt-offering. M. xli, 7. But if ye had my name is dreadful among the

Lev. xxil, 19. Ye shall offer at I what this meaneth, I will heathen.

your own will a male without mercy, and not sacrifice, ye

blemish, of the beeves, of the not have condemned the

Amos iv, 4, 5. Come to Beth-el, sheep, or of the goats.
and transgress; at Gilgal multiply
transgression; and bring your

IT ACCEPTED WHEN NOT sacritices every morning, and your Lev. I, 14-17. And if the burnt-
RED IN THE RIGHT SPIRIT. tithes after three years: and offer sacrifice for his offering to the

a sacrifice of thanksgiving with Lord be of fowls, then he shall LXVI, 31. And I will make leaven, and proclaim and publish bring his offering of turtle doves, bities waste, and bring your the free-offerings; for this liketh aries unto desolation, and I

or of young pigeons. And the I smell the savour of your the Lord God,

you, O ye children of Israel, saith priest shall bring it unto the altar, odours.

and wring off his head, and burn

it on the altar: and the blood 1. XV, 8. The sacrifice of the THEIR DISCONTINUANCE THREAT- thereof shall be wrung out at the d is an abomination to the

side of the altar. And he shall but the prayer of the up

ENED AS A GREAT CALAMITY, is his delight.

Dan. vill, 11, 12. Yea, he magni- pluck away his crop with his feaXXI, 27. The sacrifice of the bost, and by him the daily the ashes. And he shall cleave it fied himself even to the prince of ibers, and cast it beside the altar,

on the east part, by the place of Icked is abomination: how sacrifice was taken away, and the more when he bringeth it place of his sanctuary was cast not divide it asunder: and the

with the wings thereof, but shall I wicked mind?

down. LIXI, 3. He that killeth an him against the daily sacrifice by priest shall burn it upon the altar, uit he slew a man; he that reason of transgression, and it cast the fire: it is a burnt-sacrifice, an ceti a lamb, as if he cut off down the truth to the ground; offering made by fire, of a sweet e neck; be that offereth an and it practised, and prospered.

savour unto the LORD. ou, as he offered swine's

Dan. xi, 31. And arms shall he that burneth incense, stand on his part, and they shall he blessed an idol. Yea, pollute the sanctuary of strength,

TIIEIR QUALIFICATIONS. bave chosen their own ways, and shall take away the daily sac- Lev. xxii, 20-27. But whosoever heir soni delighteth in their rifice, and they shall place the bath a blemish, that shall ye not inations.

abomination that maketh desolate. offer; for it shall not be acceptable ten vill, 13. They sacrifice Joel 1, 9, 13. The meat offering for you. And whosoever offereth for the sacrifices of mine and the drink offering is cut off a sacrifice of peace-offerings unto ngs, and eat it; but the LORD from the house of the LORD; the the LORD, to accomplish his vow, iteth them not: Dow will he priests, the Lord's ministers, or a free-will-offering in beeves or mber their iniquity, and mourn. Gird yourselves, and la- sheep, it shall be perfect to be actheir sins; they shall return ment, ye priests; howl, ye minis- cepled: there shall be no blemish pt.

ters of the altar, come, lie all therein. Blind, or broken, or 108 V, 22, 25. Though ye offer night in sackcloth, ye ministers of maimed, or having a wen, or brut-offerings, and your meat- my God: for the meat offering scurvy, or scabbed, ye sball' not ugs, I will not accept them; and the drink offering is with. I offer these unto the LORD, nor



make an offering by fire of them he shall bring it to Aaron's sons the the altar for 2 sweet eron, upon the altar unto the LORD. priests, and he shall take thereout the memorial of it, toto Lue Either a bullock or a lamb that his handful of the flour thereof, and bath any thing superfluous or of the oil thereof, with all the frank

Lec. vii, 11-14. And this lacking in his parts, that mayest incense thereof; and the priest shall law of the sacrific opes thou offer for a free-will-offering; burn the memorial of it upon the serings, which he shall die but for a vow it shall not be ac altar, to be an offering made byfire, the Lord. If he offer it for at cepted. Ye shall not offer unto of a sweet savour unto the LORD giving, then be shall offer the LORD that which is bruised, or And the remnant of the meat: sacrifice of thanksgiving crushed, or broken, or cut; neither offering shall be Aaron's and liis eded cakes mingled sites: shall ye make any offering thereof sons'; it is a thing most holy of

unleavened wafers anoine in your land.

Neither trom a the offerings of the LORD, made by oil, and cakes mingled stranger's band shall ye offer the fire. And if thou bring an obla- of fine flour, fried. bread of your God of any of these; tion of a meat-offering baken in cakes, be shall offer because their corruption is in the oven, it shall be unleaven fering leavened bread them, and blemishes be in them: cakes of fine flour mingled with sacrifice of thanksgiving

And of they shall not be accepted for you. on, or unleavened wafers anointed peace-offerings. And the LORD spake unto Moses, with oil. And if thy oblation be shall offer one out of the saying, when a bullock, or á a meat-offering baken in a pan, it oblation for an beave

offerin sheep, or a goat, is brought forth, shall be of fine flour unleavened, the LORD, and it sesi then it shall be seven days under mingled with oil. Thou shalt part priest's that sprinkleth the dam; and from the eighth day it in pieces, and pour oil thereon:

of the peace offerings. and thenceforth it shall be accept. It is a meat-offering. And if thy Lev. vill, 26 And out of ed for an offering made by fire obłation be a meat-offering baker ket of unleavened bread, the unto the LORD.

In the frying-pan, it shall be made before the LORD, he tool Deut. xv, 21, 22. And if there be of fine flour with oil. And thou leavened cake, and a cabo any blemish therein, as v u be shalt bring the meat-offering that bread, and one waler, lame, or blind, or have any ili blem-is

made of these things upto the them on the fat, and ish, thou shalt not sacrifice it unto LORD: and when it is presented right shoulder. the LORD thy God. Thou shalt upto the priest, he shall bring it eat it within thy gates: the ununto the altar. And the priest meat-offering, and tool

Lev. ix, 17. And be bin clean and the clean person shall shall take from the

meat-offering ful thereof, and burnt * eat it alike, as the roebuck, and a memorial thereof, and sball bura altar, beside

the burdias the bart.

it upon the altar: it is an offering Deut. xvil, 1. Thou shalt not unto the LORD. And if thou offer made by fire, of a sweet savour

the morning

Num. xv, 24,6,6,9,129 sacrifice unto the LORD thy God a meat-offering of thy first-fruits unto the children of los any bullock or sleep wherein is unto the Loep. thou shalt offer, say unto them, When blemish, or any evil-favouredness for the meat-offering of thy first into the land of your bal for that is an abomination unto fruits,

green ears of corn dried by which I give unto your the LORD thy God.

the fire, even corn beaten out of make an offering by fire MEAT OFFERING.

full ears. And thou shalt put oil LORD, a burnt-offering

upon it, and lay frankincense fice in performing a com FOR PRIESTS.

thereon: it is a meat-uffering. And free-will-offering, or in Lev. vi, 20-23. This is the offer- the priest shall burn the memorial lemn feasts, to make ing of Aaron, aud of his sons, of it, part of the beaten corn savour unto the LORD, Of which they shall offer unto the thereof, and part of the oil there- or of the flock; Then sha) LORD in the day when he is ot, with all the frankincense there offereth his offering unto anointed; the tenth part of an of: it is an offering made by fire bring a meat-offering ephah of one flour for a meat- unto the LORD.

deal of flour, mingled offering perpetual; half of it in the

fourth part of an bin al morning, and half thereof at night.

Lev. v, 11, 12. But if he be not for a ram, thou shall prepos In a pan it shall be made with able to bring two turtle doves, meat-offering two tento oil; and when it is baken, thou or two young pigeons; then he flour, mingled with the shalt bring it in: and the baken that sinned shall bring for his of- of an bin of oil. An pieces of the meat-offering

shalt fering the tenth part of an epbah preparest a bullock fora thou offer for a sweet savour unto of fine flour for a sin-offering: he iering or for a sacrifice the LORD. And the priest of his shall put no oil upon it, neither forming a vow, or peace sons that is anointed in his stead, shall be put any frankincense unto the LORD; Then sla! shall offer it: it is a statute for thereon; for it is a sin-offering with a bullock a mente ever unto the Lord; it sball be Then shall be bring it to the three tenth-deals of deur wholly burnt: For 'overy meat- priest, and the priest sball take with half an hain of oil offering for the priest shall be his handful of it, even a memorial shall be, that, when wholly burnt: it shall not be eaten. thereof, and burn it on the altar, bread of the land, yo

according to the offerings made up an beava ofering FOR PEOPLE.

by fire unto the LORD: it is a sin. LORD. Ye shall efter op Exod. xxix, 23. And one loaf of offering

the first of your dough bread, and one cake of oiled bread,

heave-offering as e dos and oue wafer out of the basket of law

of the meat-offering: The

sons shall ye heave it. 082

Lev. VI, 14, 15. And this is the offering of the threstles the anleavened bread that is be- of Aaron shall offer it before the your dough ye shall girl fore the LORD.

LORD, before the altar. And he LORD an heave-odern Lev. il, 1-9,14–16. And when any shall take of it his bandful, of the generations. will offer a meal-offering unto the flour of the meai-ofiering, and of LORD, his offering shall be of fine the oil thereof, and all the frank tenth part of an epal

Num. savül, 6. 12, 13 doar; and be shall pour oll upon it, Incense which is upon the meat- a meal-offering, mingled and put frankincense thereon. And offering, and shall burn it upon fourth part of an AB


And three tenth - deals of this is the burnt-offering of every Lev. xvi. 25. And the fat of the

for a meat-offering, mingled month throughout the months of sin-offering shall he burn upon soil , for one bullock; and two the year.

the altar. Ib-deals of four for a meat- 2 Chron. xxix, 35. And also Deut. xxxiil, 10. They shall ring, mingled with oil, for one the burnt-offerings were in abun- teach Jacob thy judgments, and

And a several tenth-deal of dance, with the fat of the peace Israel thy law: they shall put in5, mingled with oil, for a offerings, and the drink-offerings cense before thee, and whole Il-offering unto one lamb, for for every burnt-offering. So the burnt sacrifice upon thine altar. tent-offering of a sweet savour, service of the house of the LORD crifice made my fre unto the was set in order.

2 Chron. viii, 12. Then Solomon offered burnt-offerings unto the

LORD on the altar of the LORD wek. xlv, 24, 25. And he shall SALT INDISPENSABLE.

which he had built before the pare a meat-offering of an Lev. il, 13. And every oblation porch. in for a bullock, and an ephah of thy meat-offering shalt thou bram, and an hin of oil for an

season with salt; neither shalt PEACE-OFFERING. ab, in the seventh month, in thou suffer the salt of the cove Exod. xxiv, 6. And he sent Afteenth day of the month, nant of thy God to be lacking young men of the children of I he do the like in the feast from thy meat-offering: with all Israel, which offered burnt-offerhe seven days, according to thine offerings thou shalt offer ings, and sacrificed peace-offersin-offering, according to the salt.

ings of oxen unto the LORD. It-offering, and according to meat-offering, and according LEAVEN AND HONEY FORBIDDEN.

Lev. iil, 1-16. And if his oblae oil

tlon be a sacrifice of peace-offerExod. xxiii, 18. Thou shalt not ing, if he offer it of the herd; zk. xlvi, 5, 7, 11. And the offer the blood of my sacrifice whether it be a male or female, he L-offering shall be an ephah with leavened bread; neither shall shall offer it without blemish

ram, and the meat-offering the fat of my sacrifice remain un- before the LORD. And he shall he lambs as he shall be able to til the morning. and an hin of oil to an ephah.

lay his hand upon the head of his he shall prepare a meat

Exod. xxxiv, 25. Thou shalt not offering, and kill it at the door of tog, an ephal for a bullock, offer the blood of my sacrifice the tabernacle of the congregaa ephal for a ram, and for with leaven; neither shall the tion; and Aaron's sons, the priests, lambs according as his hand sacrifice of the feast of the pass shall sprinkle the blood upon the

altar round about. And he shall attain unto, and an hin of over be left unto the morning. to an epbah. And in the Lev. il, 11. No moat-offering offer of the sacrifice of the peace4, and in the solemnities, the which ye shall bring unto the offering, an offering made by fire offering shall be an ephah to LORD, shall be made with leaven: unto the LORD, the fat that cover

eth the inwards, and all the fat llock, and an ephah to a ram, for ye shall burn no leaven, nor to the lambs as he is able to any honey, in any offering of the that is upon the inwards, and the

two kidneys, and the fat that is and an hin of oil to an LORD made by fire. Lev. vi, 17. It shall not be and the caul above

on them, which is by the flanks, baken with leaven: I have given with the kidneys, it shall be take

the liver, DRINK OFFERING. it unto them for their portion of

away. And Aaron's sons shall my offerings made by fire; it is burn it on the altar upon the #r. xv, 5, 7, 10-13. And the most boly, as is the sin-offering, burut-sacrifice, which is upon the the part of an hin of wine for and as the trespass-offering. Ink-offering shalt thou pre

wood that is on the fire: it is an with the burnt-offering or

offering made by fire, of a sweet

4th, fice, for one lamb. And for

savour unto the LORD. And if his ink-offering thou shalt offer DIFFERENT KINDS OF

offering, for a sacrifice of peacebird part of an hin of wine,

offering unto the LORD, be of the

SACRIFICE. sweet savour unto the LORD.

flock, male or female; he shall

BURNT-OFFERING. thou shalt bring for a drink

offer it without blemish. If he Ing half an hin of wine, for Exod. xxix, 18, 25. And thou offer a lamb for his offering, then ffering made by fire, of a shalt burn the whole ram upon shall he offer it before the LORD.

savour unto the LORD. the altar: it is a burnt-offering and he shall lay his hand upon I shall it be done for one unto the LORD: it is a sweet the head of his offering, and kill ck, or for one ram, or for a savour, an offering made by fire it before the tabernacle of the

or a kid. According to the unto the LORD. And thou shalt congregation: and Aaron's song ber that ye shall prepare, so receive them of their hands, and shall sprinkle the blood thereof ye do to every one, accord burn them upon the altar for a round about upon the altar. And o their sumber. All that are burnt-offering, for a sweet savour he shall offer, of the sacrifice of of the country shall do before the LORD: it is an offering the peace - offering, an offering things after this manner, ia made by fire unto the LORD. made by fire unto the LORD; the ing an offering made by fire, Lev. vi, 9. Command Aaron and it shall hé take off hard by the

fat thereof, and the whole rump, weet savour unto the LORD.

bis sons, saying, This is the law back - bone; and the fat that m. XXVIII, 7, 14. And the of the burnt-offering: It is the covereth the inwards, and all the

offering thereof shall be the burnt-offering, because of the fat that is upon the inwards. b part of an hin for the one burning upon the altar. all night and the two kidneys, and the fat in the holy place shalt thon unto the morning, and the fire of that is upon them, which is by the strong wine to be the altar shall be burning in it.

the flanks, and the caul above the ed into the LORD for a drink- Lev. ix, 16, 20. And he brought liver, with the kidneys, it shall he Ing. And their drink-offer- the burnt-offering, and offered it take away. And the priest shall shall be half an hin of wine according to the manner. And burn it upon the altar: it is the a bullock, and the third part they put the fat upon the breasts, food of the offering made by fire o hin unto a ram, and aand he burnt the fat upon the unto the LORD. And if bis offerih part of an bin unto a lamb: I altar.

ing be a goat, then be shall offer It before the LORD. And he shall shall be eaten; it shall be burnt priest, who shall offer that lay his hand upon the head of it, in the fire.

is for the sin-offering first and kill it before the tabernacle

Lev. 1x, 15. And be brought the wring off his head from bis of the congregation: and the sons people's 'offering, and took the but shall not divide it as of Auron shall sprinkle the blood goat which was the sin-offering and be shall sprinkle of the thereof upon ihe altar round for the people, and slew it, and of the sin-offering upon tb about. And he shall offer thereof offered it for sin, as the first.

of the altar, and the rest his offering, even an offering Num. vii, 16. One kid of the bottom of the altar. It is

blood shall be wrung out i made by fire unto the Lord; the fat that covereth the inwards, and goats for a sin-offering.

offering. And he shall of all the fat that is upon the in

2 Chron. xxix, 21--24. And they second for a burnt-offerin wards, And the two kidneys, and brought seven bullocks, and seven cording to the manner: an the fat that is upon them, which rams, and seven lambs, and seven priest sball make an atou is by the flanks, and the caul he-goats, for a sin-offering for the for him, for his sin which he above the liver, with the kidneys, kingdom, and for the sanctuary, sinned, and it shall be la it shall be take away. And the and for Judah: and he command- him.

But if he be not al priest shall burn them upon the ed the priests, the sons of Aaron, bring two turtle-dores, o altar: it is the food of the offer to offer them on the altar of the young pigeons: then be ing made by fire, for a sweet LORD. So they killed the bullocks, sinned sball bring for his of Bavour. All the fat is the Lord's. and the priests received the blood, the tenth part of an ephahi

and sprinkled it on the altar: like- flour for å sin offering: be Lev. ix, 18. He slew also the wise, when they had killed the put no oil upon it, neitber ballock and the ram for a sacri- rams, they sprinkled the blood he put any frankincense th fice of peace-offerings which was upon the altar: they killed also for it is a sin offering. The for the people: and Aaron's sons the lambs, and they sprinkled the he bring it to the priest, an presented unto him the blood, blood upon the altar. which he sprinkled upon the brought forth the he-goats for the it, eren a memorial therco

And they priest shall take his hand altar round about.

sin-offering before the king and burn it on the altar, accord Deut. xxvil, 7. And thou shalt the congregation; and they laid the offerings made by fire offer peace-offerings, and shalt their hands upon them: And the the LOAD: it is a sin offering eat there, and rejoice before the priests killed them, and they soul commit a trespass, at LORD thy God.

made reconciliation with their through ignorance, in the 1 Sam. xvi, 5. And he said, blood upon the altar, to make an things of the LORD then b Peaceably: I am come to sacrifice atonement for all Israel: for the bring for his trespass unt unto the LORD; sanctify yourselves, king, commanded that the burnt LORD a ram without blemi and come with me to the sacrifice offering and the sin-offering should of the flocks, with thy estin And he sanctifed Jesse and his be made for all Israel.

by shekels of silver, afte sons, and called them to the sacri. Ezek. xllil, 19, 25. And thou shalt shekel of the sanctuary, tice.

give to the priests the Levites trespass-offering. And be

that be of the seed of Zadok, make amends for the barn SIN OFFERING.

which approach unto me, to he hath done in the holy Exod. xxx, 10. And Aaron shall minister unto me, saith the Lord and shall add the fifth part make an atonement upon the God, a yoning bollock for a sin- to, and give it unto the horns of it once in a year with the offering. Seven days shalt thou and the priest shall mal blood of the sin offering of atone prepare every day a goat for a atonement for him with the meuts; once in the year shall he sln-offering: they shall also pre- of the trespass offering, a make atonement upon it through- pare a young bullock, and a ram shall be forgiven him. Am out your generations: it is most out of the flock, without blemish. soul sin, and commit any of holy unto the LORD.

Ezek. xlv, 22, 23. And upon that things which are forbidden

done by the commandmen Lev. vi, 25--90. Speak anto day shall the prince prepare for Aaron, and to his sons, saying, himself, and for all the people of the LORD; though he wist! This is the law of the sin-offering the land, a bullock for a sin-offer- yet is be guilty, and shall

his iniquity. And be sball In the place where the burni: ing. And seven days of the feast offering is killed shall the sin- he shall prepare a burnt-offering a rain without

blemish out offering be killed before the LORD: to the LORD, seven bullocks and lock, with thy estimation, it is most holy. The priest that seven rams without blemish daily and the priest shall biak offereth it for sin shall eat it: in the seven days; and a kid of the

atonement for him concerata the holy place shall it be eaten, goats daily for a sin-offering.

ignorance wherein he erred in the court of the tabernacle of the congregation. Whatsoever shall TRESPASS OFFERING,

wist it not, and it shall be

given him. It is a trespass touch the flesh thereof shall be

Lev. v, 6-12, 15-19. And holy: and wben there is sprinkled shall bring his trespass-offering

ing: he hath certainly tresp

against the LORD. of the blood thereof upon any gar- unto the LORD, for his sin which Lev. vi, 1-7. ment, thou shalt wash that where which he hath sinned, a female spake unto Moses, saying,

And the on it was sprinkled in the holy from the flock, a lamb, or a kid of soul sln, and comait a tro place. But the earthen vessel the goats, for a sin-offering: and against the LORD, and lie en wherein it is sodden shall be the priest shall make an atone-neighbour in that whloh broken: and if it be sodden in a ment for him concerning his sin. llvered him to keep, or in fel brasen pot, it shall be both scour-| And if he be not able to bring a ship, or in a thing taken atau ed, and rinsed in water. All the lamb, then he shall bring, for his violence, or bath deceived males among the priests shall cat trespass which he hath commit- neighbour, or have found thereof: it is most holy. And noted, two turtle-doves, or two bin-offering, whereof any of the young pigeons, unto the LOBD; Ing it, and sweareth fikdy

which was lost, and lieth cote blood is brought into the taber-one for a sin-offering, and tho any of all these that a man do nacle of the congregation, to re- other for a burnt-offering. And signing therein: Then it shall concile withal in the holy place, I he shall bring them unto the because he liath sinned abi


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