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the dream, and told the them in the head, all of them; and tinge a short space. And the of the matters.

I will slay the last of them with beast that was, and is not, even 2. vil, 28. Hitherto is the the sword: he that fleeth of them he is the eighth, and is of the if the matter. As for mo shall not flee away; and he that seven, and goeth into perdition. 1, my cogitations much escapeth of them shall not be de- And the ten horns which thou led me, and my countenance livered,

8awest are ten kings, which have red in me: but I kept the

recelved no kingdom as yet; but r in my heart.

(ZECHARIAH, See under receive power as kings one hour k. VII, 1, 2, 8. 9. 15, 16. 26. 27. PARABLES AND EMBLEMS.) with the beast. These have one

mind, and shall give their power third year of the reign of


and strength unto the beast. 3els bazzar a vision appeared Acts ix, 10. And there was a These shall make war with the ne,even unto me Daniel,after certain disciple at Damascus, Lamb, and the Lamb shall overhich appeared unto me at the named Ananias; and to him said come them: for he is Lord of lords, And I saw in a vision; and it the Lord in a vision, Ananias. and King of kings: and they that to pass, when I saw, that I And he said, Behold, I am here, are with him are called, and Shushan in the palace,which Lord,

chosen, and faithful. he province of Elam; and I

I a vision, and I was by the
Acts x, 3. Ho saw in a vision

of Ulai. The he-goat waxed evidently about the ninth hour of
great: and when he was the day an angel of God coming

Matth. xvii, 2, 3. And was trans5, the great horn was broken; into him, and saying unto him, igured before them: and his face or it came up four notable Cornelius.

did shine as the sun, and his raltoward the four winds of hea.

ment was white as the light. And, And out of one of them came


behold, there appeared unto them a little horn, which waxed Acts xxil, 18. And saw bim Moses and Elias talking with ding great, toward the south, saying unto me, Make haste, and him. >ward the east, and toward get thee quickly out of Jerusaleasant land. And it came iem: for they will not receive thy they that were with bim were

Luke 1x, 32, 33. But Peter and is, when 1, even I Daniel, bad testimony concerning me. heavy with sleep: and when they the vision, and sought for leaning, then, behold, there

2 Cor. xll, 1--4. It is not expedient were awake, they saw his glory, before me as the appearfor me doubtless to glory: I will and the two men that stood with

And it came to pass, 28 of & man. And I heard a

come to visions and revelations bim.

of the Lord. voice between the banks of

I knew a man in they departed from him, Peter which called, and said, Gå- Christ above fourteen years ago, said unto Jesus, Master, it is make this man to unders (whether in the body, I cannot good for us to be here: and let us the vision. And the vision tell; or whether out of the body, make three tabernacles; one for I evening and the morning

I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such thee, and one for Moses, and one was told is true: wherefore an one caught up to the third for Elias: not knowing what he

said. thou up the vision; for it heaven. And I knew such a man, be for many days. 'And I (whether in the body, or out of NIGHT AND SLEEP, i fainted and was sick certain the body, I cannot tell: God know

1 Sam. 1x, 6. And he said unto afterward I rose up, and did eth;) How that he was caught up him,

Behold now, there is in this ing's business; and I was

into paradise, and heard unspeak; city a man of God, and he is an shed at the vision, but none

able words, which it is not lawful bonourable man; all that he saith stood it. for a man to utter.

cometh surely to pass: now let us

go thither; peradventure he can 1.x, 1, 7-9. In the third


show us our way that we should of Cyrus king of Persia a

Rev. vi, 1. And I saw when the go. was revealed unto Daniel, Lamb opened one of the seals; Dame was called Belte- and I heard, as it were the noise not the king sleep; and he com

Esther vi, 1. On that night could ir, and the thing was true, of thunder, one of the four beasts manded to bring the book of rele time appointed was long; saying, Come and see. e understood the thing, and

cords of the Chronicles; and they inderstanding of the vision,

Rev. xvil, 7-14. And the angel were read before the king. Daniel alone saw the vision: thou marvel ?' I will tell thee the slept, I awaked; for the Lord sussaid unto me, Wherefore didst

Ps. fll, 5. I laid me down and le men that were with me jot the vision; but a great mystery of the woman, and of the tained me. ng fell upon them, so that beast that carrieth her, which

Ps. iv, 8. I will both lay me hath the seven heads and ten fled to hide themselves. horns. The beast that thou saw.

down in peace, and sleep: for thou, fore I was left alone, and his great vision, and there est was, and is not; and shall Lord, only makest mo dwell in ned no streugth' lo me: for ascend out of the bottomless pit, safety. meliness was turned in me

and go into perdition: and they Ps. Ixxvi, 6. The stout-hearted

that dwell on the earth shall are spolled, they have slept their orruption, and I retained no wonder, (whose names were not sleep; and none of the men of gth. Yet heard I the voice words; and when I heard

written in the book of life from migbt have found their hands. oice of bis words, then was I | the foundation of the world,) when

Prov. III, 24. When thou llest deep sleep on my face, and they behold the beast that was, down, thou shalt not be afraid; ce toward the ground, 13 the mind which hath wisdom. yea, thou shalt lie down, and thy

sleep shall be sweet.
The seven heads are seven moun-
Амов. .
talns, on which the woman sitteth.

Prov. iv, 16. For they sleep pot 108 1x, 1. I saw the LORD And there are seven kings: five except they have done mischief; ing upon the altar, and be are fallen, and one is, and the and their sleep is taken away onSmite the lintel of the door, other is not yet come;

and less they cause some to fall. the posts may shake; and cut | when he cometh, he must con- Eccles. V, 12. The sleep of a


2 Z

labouring man is sweet, whether Eccles. v, 3, 7. For a dream shall be made a donghill: Bat te he eat little or much: but the cometh through the multitude of ye shew the dream, and the fbabundance of the rich will not business; and a fool's voice is terpretation thereof, ye shall resuffer him to sleep.

known by multitude of words. ceive of me gifts and rewards, and Cant. 11, 7. I charge you, O ye For in the multitude of dreams great honour: therefore show 109 daughters of Jerusalem, by the and many words there are also the dream, and tbe interpretation roes, and by the binds of the field, divers vanities: but fear thou thereof. They answered again,

God. that that yo stir not up, nor awake

and said, Let the king tell bis my love, till he please.

Isa. xxix, 7, 8. And the multi- servants the dream, and we will Cant. 141, 1, 2. By night on my tude of all the nations that fight shew the interpretation of it. bed I sought him whom my soul against Ariel, even all that ight The king answered and said, I loveth: I sought him, but I found against her and her munition, and know of certainty that se would him not. I will rise now, and go that distress her, shall be as a gain the time, because se see tha about the city in the streets, and dream of a night-vision. It shall thing is gone from me. But if ya

will not make known unto me tha whom my soul loveth: I sought but he awaketb, and his soul is you; for ye have prepared line in the broad ways I will seekibim dreameth, and, bebola,

he eateth; dream, there is but one decree for him, but I found him not.

empty; or as when a thirsty man Çant. viii, 4. I charge you, o dreameth, and, behold, he drink me, to the time be changed daughters of Jerusalem, that ye eth; but he awaketh, and, behold, therefore tell me the dream, and stir, not up, nor awake my love, he is faint, and his soul hath I shall know that ye can het until he please. appetite. .

the interpretation thereof. Tis Jer. xxxi, 26. Upon this I

Chaldeans answered before the awaked, and beheld; and my ANXIETY TO INTERPRET

king, and said, There is not a su sleep was sweet unto me.

upon the earth that can shes la

THEM, BUT OFTEN Jer. 11, 39. In their heat I will

king's matter: therefore there is make their feasts, and I will make

DISAPPOINTED. no king, lord, nor ruler, that aszd them drunken, that they may re

Gen. xl, 5-8. And they dreamed such things at any magician, or joice, and sleep a perpetual sleep, a dream both of them, each man astrologer, or Chaldean. And & and not wake, saith the Lord. his dream in one night, each man is a rare thing that the king Dan. vi, 19. Then the kiug arose his dream, the butler and the that can shew. it before the kite

according to the interpretation of quireth; and there is none otha went in haste unto the deu of baker of the king of Egypt, which except

the gods, whose dselig lions.

were bound in the prison. And is not with flesh. For this eane

Joseph came in upto them in the the king was angry and very Micah ii, 1.. Woe to them that morning, and looked upon them, furious, and commanded to do devise iniquity, and work evil and, bebold, they were sad. And stroy all the wise men of Babylon upon their bedst when the morn- he asked Pharaoh's officers, that and the decree went forth that ing is light, they practise it, be- were with him in the

ward of his the wise men should be slalo; and cause it is in the power of their lord's house, saying, Wherefore they sought Daniel and his fellows hand.

look yo so sadly to-day? And to be slain. Matth. xxvi, 43. And he came they said unto him, we have Daniel iv, 6,7. Therefore mad and found them asleep again: for dreamed a dream, and there is no I a decree to bring in all the wise their eyes were heavy.

interpreter of it. And Joseph men of Babylon before we, the Mark xlv, 40. And when he re- tations belong 'to God? tell me the interpretation of the dressa

said unto them, Do not interpre- they might make known untos turned, he found them asleep them, I pray you. again, (for their eyes were heavy,)

Then came in the magicians, the neither wist they what to answer in the morning,

that his [Pharaoh's) Boothsayers: and I told the directen

Gen. xli, 8. And it came to pass astrologers, the Chaldeans, and the 1 Thess. v, 6, 7. Therefore let and called for all the magicians make knowo unto me the interus not sleep, as do others but

let of Egypt, and all the wise men pretation thereof. us watch and be sober. For they that sleep sleep in the night; and his dreams; but there was none

thereof: and Pharaoh told them they that be drunken are drunken that could' interpret them unto



Gen. xll, 15, 16. And Phars DREAMS.

Daniel il, 2–13. Then the king said unto Joseph, I have dreamel

commanded to call the magicians, a dream, and there is none that NATURAL AND SUPER- and the astrologers, and the sor- cap interpret it: and I have heart NATURAL

cerers, and the chaldeans, for to say of thee, that thou canst Job vil, 13, 14. When I say, My shew the king his dreams. So they derstand a dream to interwelt bed shall comfort me, my couch

came and stood before the king. And Joseph answered Pharik shall ease my complaint; Then And the king said unto them, 1 saying. It is not to me: God est tbou scarest

me with dreams, and have dreamed a dream, and my givo Pharaob an answer of pesos terriflest me through visions.

spirit was troubled to know the
dream. Then spake the Chal-

Daniel I, 17. As for these fut Job xxxII, 14--17. For God deans to the king in Syriack, o children, God gave them 523 speaketh once, yea twice, vet man king, live for ever: tell thy ser ledge and skil in all learning and a vision of the night, when deep shew the interpretation. The standing In all visions and drea sleep falleth upon men, iu slumber- king answered and said to the ings upon the bed: Then he Chaldeans, The thing is gone from Daniel answered with cool

Daniel II, 14-16, 24-30, %. The openeth the ears of men, and seal-me: if ye will not make known wisdom to Arloch the capita oth their instruction, that he unto me the dream, with the in- the king's gaard, which was may withdraw man from his pur-terpretation thereof, ye shall be forth to slay the wise the pove, and bide pride from man. cut 10 pieces, and your houses 1 Babylon: He answered trout all

Arloch the king's captain, Why thy father, made master of the reached to heaven; and behold the decree so hasty from the magicans, astrologers, Chaldeans, the angels of God ascending and ng? Then Arioch made the and soothsayers; Forasmuch as an descending on it. And, bebold, I og known to Daniel. Then excellent spirit, and knowledge, am with thee, and will keep theo niel went in, and desired of and understanding, interpreting in all places whither thou goest,

king that he would give him of dreams, and shewing of hard and will bring thee again into this le, and that he would sbew the sentences, and dissolving of land; for I will not leave thee, on18 the interpretation. There- doubts, were found in the same til I have done that wbich I have e Daniel went in unto Arioch, Daniel, whom the king named spoken to thee of. om the king had ordained to Belteshazzar: now let Daniel be Gen. xxxi, 10, 11. And it came troy the wise men of Baby- called, and he will shew the inter- to pass at the time that the cattle

he went and said thus pretation. Then was Daniel conceived, that I lifted up mine to him, Destroy not the wise brought in before the king. And eyes, and saw in a dream, and, be* of Babylon: bring me in be- the king spake, and said unto hold, the rams which leaped e the king, and I will shew Daniel, Art thou that Daniel, upon the cattle were ring-straked, to the king the interpretation. which art of the children of the speckled, and grisled. And the en Arioch brought in Daniel captivity of Judah, whom the angel of God spake unto me in a lore the king in haste, and said king my father brought out of dream, saying, Jacob. And I said, is unto him, I have found a Jewry? I have even heard of Here am i. u of the captives of Judah that thee, that the spirit of the gods is make known into the king in thee, and that light, and under

LABAN. interpretation. The king an- standing, and excellent wisdom, is red and said to Daniel, whose found in thee. And I have heard Laban the Syrian in a dream by

Gen. xxxi, 24. And God came to he was Belteshazzar, Art thou of thee, that thou canst make in: night, and said unto him, Take

to make known unto me the terpretations, and dissolve doubts: heed that thou speak not to Jacob ab which have seen, and the pow, if thou canst read the writ- either good

or bad. erpretation thereof? Daniel an- ing, and make known to me the sred in the presence of the interpretation thereof, thou shalt

JOSEPH. 18, and said, The secret which be clothed with scarlet, and have king bath demanded cannot a chain of gold about thy neck,

Gen. xxxvii, 5–10. And Joseph Wise men, the astrologers, the and shalt be the third ruler in the dreamed a dream, and he told it gicians, the soothsayers, shew kingdom. Then Daniel answered his brethren: and they hated him o the king; But there is a God and said before the king, Let thy yet the more. And he said unto seaven that revealeth secrets, gifts be to thyself, and give thy them, Hear, I pray you, this dream I maketh known to the king rewards to another; yet I will which I have dreamed: For, bebuchadnezzar what shall be in read the writing unto the king, bold, we were binding sheaves in latter days. Thy dream, and and make known to him the inter- the field, and, 10, my sheaf arose, visions of thy head upon thy pretation,

and also stood upright; and, be1, are these; As for thee, O

hold, your sheaves stood round B, thy thoughts came into thy INSTANCES IN SCRIPTURE. about, and made obeisance to my ed upon thy bed what shonld

sheaf. And his brethren said to

ABIMELECH. le to pass hereafter, and he

him, Shalt thou indeed reign t revealeth secrets maketh

Gen. xx, 3--8. But God came to over us? or shalt thou indeed wo to thee what shall come to and said to him, Behold, tho

Abimelech in a dream by night, bave dominion over us? And . But as for me, this secret out a dead man, for the woman his dreams, and for his words.

art they hated him yet the more for ot revealed to me for any wisthat I have more than any a man's wife. But Abimelech had dream, and told it his brethren,

which thou hast taken; for she is And he dreamed yet another ng, but for their sakes that ll make known the interpreta

not come near ber; and he said, and said, Behold, I have dreamed I to the king, and that thou LORD, wilt thou slay also a righte- a dream more; and, behold, the blest know the thoughts of ous nation? Said he not

unto me, sun, and the moon,

and the eleven heart. This is the dream; she herself said, He is my brother. he told it to his father, and to bis we will tell the interpretation in the integrity of my heart, and brethren: and his father rebuked reof before the king.

innocency of my hands, have I bim, and said unto him, What is Tan. iv, 8, 9. But at the done this. And God said unto him this dream that thou hast dreamDaniel came in before me, in a dream, Yea, I know that thou ed? Shall I, and thy mother, and ose name was Belteshazzar, didst this in the integrity of thy thy brethren, indeed come to bow ording to the name of my heart; for I also withheld thee down ourselves to thee to the , and in whom is the spirit of from sinning against me: therefore earth? Loly gods,) and before bim Isuffered I thee not to touch her. the dream, saying, O Belte-Now therefore restore the man

THE CHIEF BUTLER. tzar, master of the magicians, his wife; for be is a propbet, and use I know that the spirit of he shall pray for thee, and thou

Gen. xl, 9.-13. And the chief holy gods is in thee, and no shalt live: and if thou restore her butler told his dream to Joseph, et troubleth thee, tell me the not, know thou that thou shalt and said to him, In my dream, be os of my dream that I have surely die, thou and all that are bold, a vine was before me; And and the interpretation there-thine. Therefore Abimelech rose in the vine were three branches:

early in the morning, and called and it was as though it budded, 21. V, 11-14, 16, 17. There is all his servants, and told

all these and her blossoms shot forth; and ali In thy kingdom in whom is things in their ears: and the men the clusters thereof brought forth spirit of the holy gods: and, in were sore afraid.

ripe grapes: And Pharaoh's cup

was in my hand: and I took the days of thy father, light and erstanding, and wisdom, like


grapes, and pressed them into wisdum of the gods, was found

Pharaol's cup, and I gave the cup Gen. xxviii, 12, 15. And he into Pharaoli's hand. And Juseph Im; whom the king Nebuchad- dreamed, and behold a ladder set said unto him, This is the interrar thy father, the king, I say, ' up on the earth, and the top of it'pretation of it: 'The three branches


are three days. Yet within three unto Joseph, In my dream, be- terpretation thereof, that he wor-
days sball Pharaoh lift up thine hold, I stood upon the bauk of shipped, and returned into the
head, and restore thee unto thy the river: And, bebold, there came host of Israel, and said, Arise, for
place; and thou shalt deliver Pha- up out of the river seven kine, the LORD hath delivered into your
raoh's cap into bis hand, after the fat-fleshed, and well-favoured hand the host of Midian.
former manner when thou wast and they fed in a meadow: And,
bis butler.
behold, seven other kine came up

after them, poor and very ill-fa-
THE CHIEF BAKER. voured and lean-fleshed, such as I

1 Kings lii, 6, 8-15. In Gibeon Gen. xl, 16-19. When the chlef never saw in all the land

of Egypt a dream by night: and God mall,

the LORD appeared to Solomon in baker saw that the interpretation for badness: and the lean and the Ask what i shall give thee. And was good, he said unto Joseph, lill-favoured kine did eat up the also was in my dream, and, behold, first seven fat kine. And when thy servant is in the midst of thy I had three white baskets on my they had eaten them up, it could people which thou hast chosen, head. And in the uppermost not be known that they had eaten great people, that cannot be nonbasket there was of all manner of them; but they were still ill-fa- bered oor counted for multituds. birds did eat them out of the bas- 1 awoke. And I saw in my dream, ple, that I may discern between bake-meats for Pharaoh; and the roured,

as at the beginning. So Give therefore thy servant an asket upon my head. And Joseph and, behold, seven ears came up in answered and sald, This is the in- one

stalk, full and good: And, be good and bad: for who is able to terpretation thereof: The three bold, seven ears,withered, thin and judge this thy so great people baskets are three days. Yot with blasted with

the east wind, «prung that Solomon had asked this thing. in three days shall Pharaoh lift up after them: And the thin ears upthy head from off thee, and shall devoured the seven good ears: thou hast asked this thing, and

And God sald unto him, Because hang thee on a tree; and the birds and I told this unto the magi: hast not asked for thyself long shall eat thy flesh from off thee. clans; but there was none that

could declare it to me.

And Jo- life; neither hast asked riches te Gen. XI, 21, 22. And he restored sepla said unto Pharaoh, The thyself, nor hast asked the Meet

araoh one: GO

thine enemies; but hast asked to ship again; and be gave the cup about to do. the chler butler unto his butler- bath shewed Pharaoh what he is thyself understanding to discern

The seven good

judgment; Bebold, 1 bave done into Pharaoh's hand; But he hang kine are seven years; and the according to thy words: lo, I bare ed the chief baker, as Joseph had seven good ears are seven years: derstanding beart; so that there

thee a wise and an to Interpreted to thein.

the dream is one. And the seven a dream in one night, I and he: came up after them, are seven like unto thee. And I bave also Gen. xli, 11-18. And we dreamed thin and ill-favoured kine that was noue like thee before thee

neither after thee shall any arist we dreamed each man according years; and the seven empty ears given thee that which thou hasi to the interpretation of his dream. blasted with the east wind, shali And there was there with us a be seven years of famine. This is not asked, both riches and bonour:

so that there shall not be say young man, an Hebrew, servant the thing which I have spoken to the captain of the gnard; and unto Pharaob: What God is about among the kings like unto the we told him, and be interpreted to do he showeth unto Pharaoh. walk

in my ways, to keep my

all thy days. And if thou wilt to us our dreams: to each man Behold, there come seven years according to his dream he did in- of great plenty throughout all the

tutes and my commandments, terpret. And it came to pass, as land of Egypt: And there shall thy father David did walk, theo he interpreted to us, so it was; arise after them seven years of

1ll lengthen thy days. And & me he restored unto mine ofice, famine; and all the plenty sbali lomnon awoke; and, behold, #mu

& dream. and him be hanged.

be forgotten in the land of Egypt;

and the famine shall consume the PAARAOR.

NEPUCHADNEZZAR. land; Aud the plenty shall not be

known in the land by reason of Dan. 11, 1, 31--45. And in the Gen. xll, 1-7, 17–32. And it came that famine following; for it shall second year of the reign of Ne to pass at the end of two full be very grievous. And for that buchadnezzar, Nebuchadness years, that Pharaoh dreamed; and, the dream was doubled unto Pha- dreamed dreams, wherewith a bebold, he stood by the river raob twice; it is because the thing

spirit was troubled, and his sisep And, behold, there came up out is established by God, and God brake from him. Thoa, o box of the river seven well-favoured will shortly bring it to pass. Bawest, and behold a great ibags kine, and fat-feshed; and they fed

This great image, whose brigt in a meadow. Aud, behold, seven


ness was excellent, stood bent other kine came up after them

thee; and the form thereott out of the river, ill-favoured and Jud. vii, 13--15. And when terrible. This image's beads lean-fleshed; and stood by the Gideon was come, behold, there of ide gold, bls breast and us other kine, upon the brink of the was a man that told a dream unto arms of allver, his belly and river. And the ill-favoured and his fellow, and said, Behold, I thighs of brass, His legs of free lean-fleshed kine did eat up the dreamed a dream, and, lo, a cake his feet part of iron and seven well-favoured and fat kine. of barley bread tumbled into the of clay. Thou sawest lisak 80 Pharaoh awoke. And he slept, host of Midian, and came unto a a stone was cut out with a and dreamed the second time: tent, and smote it that it fell, and hands, which smote the front and, behold, seven ears of corn overturned it, that the tent lay upon his feet that ters of in came up upon one stalk, rank and along. And his fellow answered and clay, and brake them good. And, behold, seven thin and said, This is nothing else savo pieces. Then was the true, ears, and blasted with the east the sword of Gideon the son of clay, the brass, the silver, and wind, sprang

up after them. And Joash, a man of Israel: for into bold, broken to pieces together the seven thin ears devoured the his hand bath God delivered and became like the chat o seven rank and full ears. And Midlan, and all the host, And it summer thrashing-floors and Pharaoh awoke, and, behold, it was 80, when Gideun beard the wind carried them away, as was a dream. And Pharaoh sata I telling of the dream, and the 10-pluco was found for them. sed

le stone that smote the image | visions of mine head in my bed: I strong, whose height reachet ecame a great mountain, and saw, and behold a tree in the unto the beaven, and the sight lled the whole earth. Thou, midst of the earth, and the height thereof to all the earth; Whose

king, art a king of kings : thereof was great. The tree leaves were fair, and the fruit r the God of heaven hath given grew, and was strong, and the thereof much, and in it was meat lee a kingdom, power, and height thereof reached unto hea- for all; under which the beasts of rength, and glory. And where- ven, and the sight thereof to the the field dwelt, and upon wbose ever the children of men dwell, end of all the earth. The leaves branches the fowls of the heaven te beasts of the field, and the thereof were fair, and the fruit had their habitation: It is thou, O wis of the heaven, hath he given thereof mach, and in it was meat king, that art grown and become to thine hand, and hath made for all: the beasts of the field had strong: for thy greatness is grown, ke ruler over them all. Thou shadow under it, and the fowls of and reacheth unto heaven, and thy this head of gold. And after the heaven dwelt in the boughs dominion to the end of the earth. ee shall arise another kingdom thereof, and all flesh was fed of it. And whereas the king saw a ferior to thee, and another third I saw in the visions of my head watcher and an holy one coming ngdom of brass, which shall upon my bed, and, behold, a down from heaven, and saying, ar rule over all the earth. And watcher and an holy one came Hew the tree down, and destroy e fourth kingdom shall be strong down from heaven: He cried it; yet leave the stump of the iron: forasmuch as iron break- aloud, and said thus, Hew down roots thereof in the earth, even h in pieces and subdueth all the tree, and cut off his branches, with a band of iron and brass, in Inge; and as iron that breaketh shake off bis leaves, and scatter the tender grass of the field; and I these, shall it break in pieces his fruit: let the beasts get away let it be wet with the dew of heaId bruise. And whereas thou from under it, and the fowls from ven, and let his portion be with west the feet and toes, part of his branches: Nevertheless, leave the beasts of the field till seven otter's clay, and part of iron, the the stump of his roots in the times pass over him; This is the Ingdom shall be divided; but earth, even with a band of iron interpretation, O king, and this is lere shall be in it of the strength and brass, in the tender grass of the decree of the most High,which f the iron, forasmuch as thou the field;' and let it be wet with is come upon my lord the king. avest the iron mixed with miry the dew of beaven, and let his ay. And as the toes of the feet portion be with the beasts in the

DANIEL. ere part of iron, and part of clay; grass of the earth: Let his heart Dan. vil, 1. In the first year of > tbe kingdom shall be partly be changed from man's, and let a Belshazzar king of Babylon, rong, and partly broken. and beast's heart be given unto him; Daniel had a dream and visions bereas thou sawest iron mixed and let seven times pass over of his head upon his bed: then he ith miry clay, they sball mingle him. This matter is by the de- wrote the dream, and told the kemselves with the seed of men; cree of the watchers, and the sum of the matters. at they shall not cleave one to demand by the word of the holy nother, even as iron is not mixed ones; to the intent that the living

WISE MEN. itb clay. And in the days of may' know that the most High Matth. ii, 12. And being warned lese kings shall the God of bea- ruleth in the kingdom of men, of God in a dream that they en set up a kingdom, which shall and giveth it to whomsoever he should not return to Herod, they ever be destroyed: and the king-will, and setteth up over it the departed into their own country om shall not be left to other basest of men. This dream I king another way. eople, but it shall break in pieces Nebuchadnezzar have seen. Now ad consume all these kingdoms, thou, Belteshazzar, declare

JOSEPH. ad it shall stand for ever. For the interpretation thereof, foras- Matth. il, 13. And when they unuch as thou sawest that the much as all the wise men of my were departed, behold, the angel one was cut out of the mountain kingdom are not able to make of the Lord appeareth to Joseph ithout bands, and that it brake known unto me the interpretation: in a dream, saying, Arise, and

pieces the iron, the brass, the but thou art able; for the spirit of take the young child and his ay, the silver, and the gold; the the holy gods is in thee.' Then mother, and flee into Egypt, and reat God hath made known to Daniel (whose name was Belte- be thou there until I bring thee te king what shall come to pass shazzar) was astonied fr one word: for Herod will seek the ereafter: and the dream is cer- hour, and his thoughts troubled young child to destroy him. in, and the interpretation thereof him. The king spake, and said, are. Belteshazzar, let not the dream,

PILATE'S WIFE. Dan, lv, 4, 5, 10-24. I Nebuchador the interpretation thereof, Matth. xxvii, 19. When he was erzar was at rest in mine house, trouble thee. Belteshazzar an- set down on the judgment-seat nd flourisling in my palace: I swered and said, My lord, the his wife sent unto him, saying, aw a dream which made me dream be to them that hate thee, Have thou nothing to do with raid, and the thoughts upon my and the interpretation thereof to that just man: for I have suffered ed and the visions of my head thine enemies. The tree that many things this day in a dream oabled me. Thus were the thou sawest, which grew, and was I because of him


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