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weapons of war; and they have


Ezek. v, 17. So will I sendu laid their swords under their

you famine and evil beasts, heads, but their iniquities shall


they shall bereave thee, and be upon their bones, though they Deut. xxxil, 42. I will make tilence and blood shall were the terror of the mighty in thine arrows drunk with blood, throngh thee; and I will bring the land of the living.

and my sword shall devour flesh; sword upon thee. I the 1

and that with the blood of the have spoken it. Dan. xi, 33. And they that un- slain and of the captives, from the derstand among the people shall beginning of revenges upon the sword upon that land, and

Ezek. xiv, 17, 21. Or if I bri instruct many yet they shall fall

enemy. by the sword, and by flame, by

Sword, go through the lank captivity, and by espoil, many 2 Chron. xx, 9. If, when evil that I cut off man and beast days.

cometh upon us, as the sword, it: For thus saith the Lord judgment, or pestilence, or famine

How much more when I sent Hos. xiii, 16. Samaria shall be we stand before this house, and in four sore judginents upon : come desolate; for she hath re- thy presence, (for thy name is in salem, the sword, and the fa belled against her God: they shall this house,) and cry unto thee in and the noisome beast, and fall, by the sword: their infants our affliction, then thon wilt hear pestilence, to cut off from it shall be dashed in pieces, and and help.

and beast? their women with child shall be ripped up.

Job xix, 29. Be ye afraid

of the against my Shepherd, and a

Zech. xifi, 7. Awake, O si sword: for wrath bringeth the the man that is my fellow, Amos iv, 10. I have sent among punishments of the sword, that ye the LORD of hosts: smite the you the pestilence after the man- may know there is a judgment. ner of Egypt: your young men

herd, and the sheep shall be have I slain with the sword, and from the sword.

Ps. xxii, 20. Deliver my soul tered; and I will turn mine

upon the little ones. have taken away your horses; and I have made the stink of

Isa. xxxiv, 6. The sword of the Matth. x, 34. Think not

your camps to come up unto your nos- LORD is filled with blood, it is am come to send peace on trils: yet have ye not returned made fat with fatness, and with I came not to send peace, unto me, saith the LORD.

the blood of lambs and goats, with sword.

the fat of the kidneys of rams: for Rev. il, 16. Repent; or else Amos vil, 9, 17. And the high the LORD hath a sacrifice in Boz- come unto thee quickly, and places of Isaac shall be desolate, rah, and a great slaughter in the fight against them with the and the sanctuaries of Israel shall land of Idumea,

of my mouth. be laid waste; and I will rise

18a. Ixvi, 16. For by fire and by Rev. vi, 4. And there wen against the house of Jeroboam his sword' will the LORD plead another horse that ons red with the sword. Therefore thus saith the LORD; Thy wife shall be LORD shall be many. with all flesh; and the slain of the power was given to him tlu

thereon to take peace from an harlot in the city, and thy sons and thy daughters shall fall by

Jer. iv, 10. Then said I, Ah, one another; and there was

earth, and that they should the sword, and thy land shall be Lord God! surely thou hast great unto him a great sword. divided by line; and thou shalt ly deceived this people and Jerudle in a polluted' land: and Israel salem, saying, Ye shall have AND OF HUMAN PERS shall surely go into captivity forth peace; whereas the sword reachof his land. eth unto the soul.


Ps. xvii, 13. Arise, O LOET Amos ix, 1. I saw the Lord

Jer. xii, 12. The spoilers are appoint him, cast him dow standing upon the

altar: and he come upon all high places through liver my soul from the wi said, Smite the lintel of the door,

the wilderness: for the sword of which is thy sword. that the posts may shake: and cut the LORD shall devour from the

PS. XXXVII, 15. Their sword them in the head, all of them; and one end of the land even to the I will slay the last of them with other end of the land: uo flesh

enter into their own heart

their bows shall be broken the sword; he that feeth of them shall have peace. shall not flee away, and he that Jer. XXV, 31. A noise shall come

Ps. lix, 7. Behold, they escapeth of them shall not be de even to the ends of the earth; for in their lips: for who, su

out with their mouth: sword livered.

the Lord hath a controversy with doth hear? Micah v, 6. And they shall the nations, he will plead with all

P3. Ixiv, 3. Who whet waste the land of Assyria with flesh; he will give them that the sword, and the land of Nimrod

are wicked to the sword, saith the tongue like a sword, and LORD.

their bors to shoot their ar in the entrances thereof: thus

even bitter words. shall he deliver us from the Assy: the liars; and they shall dote: a

Jer. 1, 36, 37. A sword is upon

Prov. XXV, 18. A man that rian, when he cometh into our land, and when he treadeth within sword is upon her mighty men; eth false witness against our borders.

and they shall be dismayed. A neighbour is a maul, and a s

sword is upon their horses, and and a sharp arrow. Haggai il, 22. .... I will over- upon their chariots, and upon all Prov. xxx, 14. There is a s throw the chariots, and those that the mingled people that are ination, whose teeth are as sw ride in them; and the horses and the midst of her, and they shall and their jaw teeth as kuly their riders shall come down, become as women: & sword is devour the poor from od every one by the sword of his upon her treasures; and they shall earth, and the needy from a brother. be robbed.




auther's belly.


| grieved in my spirit, in the midst stow more abundant honour, and Gen. I, 7. And the LORD God of my body, and the visions of my our uncomely parts have more faed man of the dust of the head troubled me.

abundant comeliness. For our broond, and breathed into his Jatth. X, 28. And fear not God hath tempered the body to

comely parts have no need; but Distrils the breath of life: and them which kill the body, but are gether, having given more abundtean became a living soul. not able to kill the soul: butant honour to that part which

KL. 1, 37. And it yieldeth rather fear him which is able to lacked; That there should be no much increase unto the kings destroy both soul and body in schism in the body; but that the When thou hast set over us be- hell.

members should have the same este of our sins: also they have

Rom. vii, 24. O wretched man one for another. And kainion over our bodies, and that I am!' who shall deliver me whether one member suffer, all

ter our cattle, at their pleasure, from the body of this death? the members suffer with it; or one ut we are in great distress.

Remember, I be- 2 Çor. V, 8. We are confident, I member be honoured, all the nech thee, that thou hast made say, and willing rather to be members rejoice with it. as the clay; and wilt thou absent from the body, and to be

Eph. 1, 23. Which is his body. bring me into dust again? present with the Lord.

the fulness of him that filleth all Job tili, 12. Your remembrances

2 Cor. x, 10. For his letters, say in all. ce like into ashes, your bodies but his bodily presence is weak, reconcile both unto God in one they, are weighty and powerful;

Eph. II, 16. And that he might b boties of clay.

and his speech contemptible. P. Dril, 9, 10. But thou art he

body by the cross, having slain al book me out of the womb:

Heb. xiil, 3. Remember them the enmity thereby. o dilst make me hope when i that are in bords, as bound with

Eph. iil, 6. That the Gentiles bisa upon my mother's breasts. i them; and them which suffer ads opon thee from the versity, as being yourselves also should be fellowheirs, and of the

same body, and partakers of his womnkthoa art my God from my in the body. James 11, 26. For as the body

promise in Christ by the gospel. Pulu, 6. By thee have I been without the spirit is dead, so faith Eph. iv, 4, 12, 16. There is one liten up from the womb: thou without works is dead also.

body, and one Spirit, even as ye xt be that took me out of my

are called in one hope of your A continually of thee. bither's bowels: my praise shall SYMBOL OF THE CHURCH calling. For the perfecting of the

saints, for the work of the minis. AND ITS SYMPATHETIC Pt. CLIXIX, 13-16. For thou hast

try, for the edifying of the body Postensed my reins: thou hast


of Christ. From whom the whole wered me in my mother's womb.

Rom. xii, 4, 5. For as we have body fitly joined together and su praise thee, for I am fear: many members in one body, and compacted by that which every Sally and wonderfully made: mar- all members have not the same joint supplieth, according to the Yellows are thy works;

and that office: So we, being many, are one effectual working in the measure T soul knoweth right well. My body in Christ, and every one of every part, maketh increase of Estance was not hid from thee, members one of another.

the body unto the edifying of itWhen I was made in secret, and seriously wrought in the lowest is not one member, but many. 1 Cor. xil, 14-26. For the body sell in love.

Eph. v, 23. For the husband is Data of the earth.

Thine eyes If the foot shall say, Because I am the head of the wife, even as 61 see my substance, yet being not the hand, I am not of the Christ is the head of the church: Superlect; and in thy book all my body;

is it therefore not of the and he is the saviour of the body. Members were written, which in body? And if the ear shall say, satiouance were fashioned, when Because I am not the eye, I am Colos. I, 18, 24. And he is the va there was none of them. not of the body; is it therefore not head of the body, the church; Doz. 11, 23. Bat I will put it into of the body? If the whole body who is the beginning, the firstDe brand of them that afflict thee; were an eye, where were the born from the dead; that in all

omn, that we may go over. and ing, where were the smelling? But eminence. Who now rejoice in home hast laid thy body as the

now hath God set the members my sufferings for you, and fill up avand, and as the street, to them every one of them in the body, as that which is behind of the afflic

it hath pleased him. And if they tions of Christ in my flesh for his Den. ill, 28. Then Nebuchad

were all one member, where were body's sake, which is the church,

the body? But now are they Daar stake, and sald, Blessed be many members, yet but one body: the Head, from which all the

Colos. ii, 19. And not holding

eye say unto wszel, and delivered his servants again the head to the feet, I have nourishment ministered, and knit moged the kings' word, and those members of the body, which crease of God.

Colos. fil, 15. And let the peace miatt not serve nor worship any sary. And those members of the of God rule in your hearts, to the god, except their own God. Deze vü, 15. I Daniel was honourable, upon these we be-body; and be ye thankful.

kunt went over.

stand forth with your helmets; and a target of brass between his 2 Chron. xxiii, 9. Moreord furbish the spears, and put on the shoulders.

Jeboiada the priest delivered to brigandines.

2 Sam. xxill, 7. But the man the captains of hundreds spen 1 Thess. V, 8.

And that shall touch them must be and bucklers, and shields, tha [put on] for an helmet, the hope of fenced with iron and the staff of had been king David's

which to salvation,

a spear; and they shall be utterly in the house of God.
burned with fire in the same


P8. XXXV, 2. Take hold of shl:4 Ezek. xxiii, 24. [They) ... shall

and buckler, and stand up set against thee buckler and shield


mine help. and helmet round about. ...


Isa. xxi, 5. Prepare the

watch in the watchtower, Ezek. xxvii, 10. They of Persia Judges v, 8. They chose new and of Lud and of Phut were in gods; then was war in the gates: the shield.

drink: arise, ye princes, and att thine army, thy men of war: they was there a shield or spear seen hanged the shield and helmet in among forty thousand in Israel?

Jer. xlvi, 3, 9. Order ye thee.....

2 Sam. 1, 21. Ye mountains of to battle. Come up, ye bors

buckler and shield, and draw to Gilboa, let there be no dew, neither and rage, ye chariots; and let MAIL OR BREASTPLATE. let there be rain, upon you, nor mighty men come forth,

Exod. xxviii, 32. And there shall fields of offerings: for there the Ethiopians and the Libyans. be an hole in the top of it, in the shield of the mighty is vilely cast handle the shield; and the Lydia midst thereof: it shall have a bind- away, the shield of Saul, as that handle and bend the bow. ing of woven work round about though he had not been anointed

Ezek. xxxix, 9. And they the hole of it, as it were the hole with oil.

dwell in the cities of Israel of an Habergeon, that it be not 2 Sam. viii, 7. And David took go forth, and shall set on fire rent.

the shields of gold that were on burn the weapons, both the shld 1 Sam. xvii, 5, 98. . And he the servants of Hadadezer, and and the bucklers, the bows and was armed with a coat of mail; brought them to Jerusalem.

arrows, and the bandstapes, and the weight of the coat was

1 Kings x, 16, 17. And king the spears, and they shall five thousand shekels of brass: Solomon made two hundred tar- them with fire seven years. Also he (Saul) armed him (David) gets of beaten gold: six hundred with a coat of mail.

shekels of gold went to one target. SYMBOL OF DIVINE 1 Kings xxii, 34. And a certain And he made three hundred

PROTECTION man drew a bow at a venture, and shields of beaten gold; three smote the king of Israel between pound of gold went to one shield:

Gen. XV, 1. After these thit the joints of the harness: where and the king put them in the the word of the LORD came fore he said unto the driver of his house of the forest of Lebanon.

Abram in a vision, saying, chariot, Turn thine hand, and

not, Abram: I am thy shield, and carry me out of the host; for

1 Kings xiv, 26, 27. And he took thy exceeding great reward. I am wounded. away the treasures of the house

2 Sam. xxii, 31. As for God 2 Chron. xxvi, 14. And Uzziah the king's house; he even took LORD is tried: he is a backler

of the LORD, and the treasures of way is perfect; the word of the host shields, and spears, and away all; and he took away all all them that trust in him.

the shields of gold which Solomon helmets, and habergeons. had made. And king Rehoboam

Ps. Ili, 3. But thou, O Loen, Neh. iv, 16. And it came to pass made

in their

stead brasen shields, a shield for me; my glory, and from that time forth, that the half and committed them unto the lifter up of mine head. of my servants wrought in the hands of the chief of the guard, Ps. v, 12. For thou, LORD, work, and the other half of them which kept the door of the king's bless the righteous; with faro held both the spears, the shields, house.

wilt thou compass him as tosta and the bows, and the habergeons;


2 Kings xi, 10. And to the capand the rulers were behind all the tains over hundreds did the Ps. xxxiii, 20. Our soul waite house of Judah.

priest give king David's spears for the LORD: he is our help

and shields, that were in the tem- our shield. Isa. lix, 17, For he put on right- ple of the LORD.

Ps. xlvii, 9. The princes of eousness as a breastplate, and an 2 Kings xix, 32. Therefore thus people are gathered togeth helmet of salvation upon his saith the LORD concerning the Abraham: for the shields of

even the people of the Gol head, ...

king of Assyria, He shall not earth belong unto God: he is gre 1 Thess. V, 8. But let us, who come into this city, nor shoot an

ly exalted. are of the day, be sober, putting arrow there, nor come before it on the breastplate of faith and with shield, nor cast a bank against Ps. lix, 11. Slay them not love. .... it.

my people forget: scatter then Rev. ix, 17. And thus I saw the 2 Chron. xii, 9, 10. So Shishak thy power, and bring them dom

O LORD our shield. horses in the vision, and them king of Egypt came up against that sat on them, having breast- Jerusalem, and took away the Ps. lxxxiv, 9, 11. Behold, OG plates of fire, and of jacinth, and treasures of the house of the our shield, and look upon the fa brimstone; and the heads of the LORD, and the treasures of the of thine anointed. For the horses were as the heads of lions; king's house; he took all: he God is a sun and shield: the Le and out of their mouths issued carried away also the shields of will give grace and glory: no o fire and smoke and brimstone.

gold which Solomon had made. thing will he withhold from the Instead of which king Rehoboam that walk uprightly.

made shields of brass, and com- Ps. cxv, 9-11. O Israel. tre GREAVES.

mitted them to the hands of the thou in the LORD: he is their ha 1 Sam. xvil, 6. And he had chief of the guard, that kept the and their shield. o hous greaves of brass upon his legs, entrance of the king's house. Aaron, trust in the LORD: he


er help and their shield. Ye Then Elisha said, Shoot. And he | in my bow, neither shall my sword

fear the LORD, trust in the shot. And he said, The arrow of save me. ar be is their belp and their the Lord's deliverance, and the Ps. xlvi, 9. He maketh wars to

arrow of deliverance from Syria. cease unto the end of the earth; A cris, 114. Thou art my hid- . . . . And he said, Take the he breaketh the bow, and cutteth E peace and my shield: I hope in arrows. And he took them. And the spear in sunder; he burneth word.

he said unto the king of Israel, the chariot in the fire. Paliv, 2. My goodness, and Smite upon the ground. And he

Ps. lxxvi, 3. There brake he the fortress, my high tower, and smote thrice, and stayed.

arrows of the bow, the shield, and dellverer; my shield, and he in

1 Chron. x, 3. And the battle the sword, and the battle. Selah. I trust; who subdueth my went sore against Saul, and the pple under me.

Ps. Lxxviii, 57. But turned back, archers hit him, and he was and dealt unfaithfully like their toe. il . 7. He layeth up sound wounded of the archers.

fathers: they were turned aside alam for the righteous: he is a

1 Chron, xil, 2. They were armed like a deceitful bow. miklar to them that walk up with bows, and could use both the right hand and the left in hurling in the hand of a mighty man; so

Ps. cxxvii, 4, 5. As arrows are B. II, 5. Every word of stones and shooting arrows out of are children of the youth. Happy

a bow, even of Saul's brethren of is the man that hath his quiver pore: he is a shield anto that put their trust in him. Benjamin.

full of them: they shall not be Neh. iv, 13. Therefore set I in ashamed, but they shall speak

the lower places behind the wall, with the enemies in the gate. KLROW, BOW, ARCHERY. and on the higher places, I even

18a. V, 28. Whose arrows are fer. III, 20. And God was with set the people after their families sharp, and all their bows bent, bt and he grew, and

dwelt with their swords, their spears, their horses' hoofs shall be countthe wilderness, and became an and their bows.

ed like flint, and their wheels like

a whirlwind. SA. Ivili, 4. And Jonathan BOW AND ARROWS, Isa, xxii, 6. All thy rulers are sed himself of the robe that

THE CHARACTERISTIO WEAPONS OP fled together, they are bound by upon him, and gave it to artand his garments, even to JEWISH AND FOREIGN NATIONS,

the archers; all that are found in

thee are bound together, which hawai, and to his bow, and to AS SEEN IN THE FOLLOWING

have fled from far. And Elam

bare the quiver with chariots of 18mm. 1x, 20, 36, 40. And I will Gen. xxl, 16. And she went, and men and horsemen, and Kir unbext toe arrows on tho side sat her down over against him a covered the shield. Mered, a though I shot at a good way off, as it were a bow- Isa. xli, 2. Who raised up the Dr. AM be said unto bis lad, shot. . ,

righteous man from the east, Aa find out now the arrows Gen. xlviii, 22. Moreover I have called him to his foot, gave the

shoot. And as the lad given to thee-one portion above nations before him, and made him So shot an arrow beyond him. thy

brethren, which I took out of rule over kings? he gave them as Se desathan gave his artillery the hand of the Amorite with my the dust to his sword, and as La de lad, and said unto him, sword and with my bow.

driven stubble to his bow. city than to the city. fon, ind, 3. And the battle Gen. xllx, 24. But his bow abode

Isa. xlix, 2. And he hath made sore against Saul, and the in strength, and the

arms of his my mouth

like a sharp sword; in shen Mit him; and he was sore bands were made strong by the the shadow of his hand hath' he anded of the archers.

hands of the mighty God of hid me, and made me a polished Kinga ixli, 34. And a certain Jacob; (from thence is the shep-shaft; in his quiver hath he hid drew a bow at a venture, ana herd, the stone of Israel.)

Isa. Ixvi, 19. And I will set a site the king of Israel between

Num.xxiv,8. [The Unicom] Shall sign among them, and I will send Jints of the harness.

break their bones, and pierce those that escape of them unto the Kings ví, 22. And be answered,

them through with his arrows. nations, to Tarshish, Pul, and Lud, la shalt not smite

them: 2 Sam. I, 18, 22. (Also he bade that draw the bow, to Tubal, and akiest thou smite those whom them teach the children of Judah Javan, to the isles afar off, that abast taken captive with thy the use of the bow: behold, it is have not heard my fame,

neither and and with thy bow? set written in the book of Jasher.) have seen my glory; and they Å and water before them, that From the blood of the slain, from shall declare my glory among the may eat and drink, and go the fat of the mighty, the bow of Gentiles.

Jonathan turned not back, and Jer. v, 16. Their quiver is as an A legs in, 24. And Jeha drew

the sword of Saul returned not open sepulchre, they are all low with his full strength, and empty.

mighty men. este Jehoram between his arros,

2 Kings xix, 32. Therefore thus Jer, vi, 23. They shall lay hold the arrow went out at his saith the LORD concerning the on bow and spear, they are cruel, ws, and be sunk down in his king of Assyria, He shall not come and have no mercy; their voice

into this city, nor shoot an arrow roareth like the sea; and they ride Llans till , 15-18. And Elisha there, nor come before it with upon horses, set in array

as men i uzito him, Take bow and shield, nor cast a bank against it. for war against thee, o daughter Do And he took unto him

of Zion. Job xx, 24. He shall flee from e sad arrow3. And he said to the iron weapon, and the bow of

Jer. xlvi, 9.

The King of Israel, Pat thine band steel shall strike bim through.

Lydians, that handle and bend the bow. And he put his

the bow. and um i: and Elisha put his Job xxix, 20. My glory was fresh

Jer. xlix, 35. Thus saith the trom the king's hands. in me, and my bow was renewed LORD of hosts; Behold, I will And he said, Open the window in my hand.

break the bow of Elam, the chief P3. xliv, 6. For I will not trust of their might.


atteir master.

mastward. And be opened it.

THE BODY HAS AN INTEREST the Lord Jesus, that the life also of 1 Sam. x, 23. And they ran a IN CHRIST'S SALVATION.

Jesus might be made manifest in fetched him (Saul] thence: 19 Rom. vi, 6, 12. Knowing this, our body.

when he stood among the perga that our old man is crucified with 2 Çor. v, 10. For we must all ap- he was higher than any of the po him, that the body of sin might be pear before the judgment seat of ple from his shoulders and upwar destroyed, that henceforth we Christ; that every one may receive 1 Sam. xvii, 4. And there we should not serve sin. Let not sin the things done in his body, out a champion out of the car therefore reign in your mortal according to that he hath done, of the Philistines, named Goliat body, that ye should obey it in whether it be good or bad. of Gath, whose height sous the lusts thereof.

Gal. vi, 17. From henceforth let cubits and a span. Rom. viii, 10, 11, 13, 23. And if no man trouble me: for I bear in 2 Kings v, 2. And the Syria Christ be in you, the body is dead my body the marks of the Lord had gone out by companles, a because of sin; but the Spirit is Jesus.

had brought away captive out life because of righteousness. But Phil. i, 20. According to my the land of Israel a little mai if the Spirit of him that raised up earnest expectation and my hope, and she waited on Naama Jesus from the dead dwell in you, that in nothing I shall be asham- wife. he that raised up Christ from the ed, but that with all boldness, as 1 Chron. xi, 23. And he slow dead shall also quicken your mor- always, so now also Christ shall Egyptian, a man of great stata tal bodies by his Spirit that dwell-be magnified in my body, whether five cubits high. eth in you. For if ye live after it be by life, or by death.

Çant. vii, 7, 8. This thy state the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye Phil. iii, 21. Who shall change is like to a palm-tree, and through the Spirit do mortify the our vile body, that it may be breasts to clusters of grap deeds of the body, ye shall live. fashioned like unto his glorious said, I will go up to the palm And not only they, but ourselves body, according to the working I will take hold of the boo also, which have the firstfruits of whereby he is able even to sub- thereof. the Spirit, even we ourselves due all things unto himself.

Matth. vi, 27. Which of you groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the re- God of peace sanctify you wholly; unto his stature?

1 Thess. V, 23. And the very taking thought can add one ca demption of our body.

and I pray God your whole spirit Rom. xii, 1. I beseech you there and soul and body

be preserved see Jesus who he was; and

Luke xix, 3. And he soogtit fore, brethren, by the mercies of blameless unto the coming of our God, that ye present your bodies Lord Jesus Christ.

not for the press, because he

little of stature. a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reason

WILL BE RAISED AGAIN. able service. (See under Disease and Death.)

SENSE 3. 1 Çor. vi, 13, 15, 18-20. Meats

Gen. xxvii, 27. And he a for the belly, and the belly for


near, and kissed him; and meats: but God shall destroy both

smelled the smell of his rain it and them. Now the body is

Gen. vi, 4. There were giants in and blessed him, and said, not for fornication, but for the the earth in those days; and also the smell of my son was Lord; and the Lord for the body. after that, when the sons of God smell

of a field which the Know ye not that your bodies came in unto the daughters of hath blessed. are the members of Christ? shall men, and they bare children to

Exod. iv, 11. And the LOES I then take the members

of them, the same became mighty unto him, who hath madde Christ, and make them the mem

men which were of old, men of re- mouth? or who maketh the des bers of an harlot? God forbid. nown.

or deaf, or the seeing, or Flee fornication. Every sin that Num. xiil, 22, 32. And they blind? have not I the LORD a man doeth is without the body; ascended by the south and came but he that committeth fornication unto Hebron; where Ahiman,

1 Sam. iil, 11. And the sinneth against his own body. Sheshai, and Talmai, the children said to Samuel, Behold, I wa What? know ye not that your of Anak, were. (Now Hebron

a thing in Israel, at which body is the temple of the Holy was built seven years before the ears of every one that boa

And Ghost which is in you, which ye Zoan in Egypt.)

it shall tingle.

thoy have of God, and ye are not your brought up an evil report of the Job vi, 30. Is there iniquity own? For ye are bought with a land which they had searched my tongue? cannot my taste price: therefore glorify God in unto the children of Israel, sayivg, cern perverse things? your body, and in your spirit, The land, through which we have

Job xil, 11. Doth not the which are God's.

gone to search it, is a land that try words and the inouth

eateth up the inhabitants thereof; his meat? 1 Cor. vii, 34. There is differ- and all the people that we saw in ence also between a wife and ait are men of a great stature.

Job xxxiv, 3. For the ear virgin. The unmarried woman

words, as the mouth tasteth careth for the things of the Lord, Deut. ii, 10, 11, 20. The Emims that she may be holy both in body dwelt

therein in times past, a peo- see and be confounded at all

Micah vii, 16. The nations and in spirit: but

she that is mar- ple great, and many, and tall, as might: they shall lay their ried careth for the things of the the Anakims; Which also were world, how she may please her accounted giants, as the Anakims; upon their mouth, their ears husband.

but tlo Moabites call them 1 çor. Ix, 27. But I keep under Emims. That also was accounted

APPETITES. my body, and bring it into sub- therein in old time; and the Ama land of giants: giants dwelt

Job xx, 23. When he is aloe jection: lest that by any means, monites call them Zamzammims.

fill his belly, God shall as when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

Judges i, 20. And they gave fury of his wrath upon him.

Hebron unto Caleb, as Moses shall rain it upon him white 2 Cor. iv, 10. Always bearing said: and he expelled thence the eating. about in the body the dying of three sons of Anak.

Job xxxi, 31. If the men of

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