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my justice shall right your wrongs, and reward your services. You may conclude upon your pardon, conclude upon your crowns, conclude upon reparation for all your injuries; and all from the sweet consideration of my justice;b the thought of which, to others, is as the horrors of the shadow of death. If you sin, despair not; remember, I am just to forgive you. If you are at any pains or cost for me, do not count it lost, for I am not unrighteous to forget you. I am the Righteous Judge, that have laid up

for you, and will set on you, the crown of righteousness. Are you reviled, persecuted, defamed? Forget not that I am righteous to render tribulation to them that trouble you; and to you that are troubled, vest with me. Though all your services and sufferings deserve not the least good at my hands, yet as I have freely passed my promise to reward them, so I will as justly

keep it.

9. His omnipresence, as company for us.

Mine omnipresence shall be company for you. Surely I will be with you, to bless you. No bolts, no bars, nor bonds, nor banishment, shall remove you from me, nor

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keep my presence and the influences of heaven from you. I am always with you:b in your darkest night, in your deepest dangers, Ỉ am at hand with you, a very present help in the time of trouble. I am not a God afar off, or asleep, or in a journey, when you need my counsel, mine ear, or aid. I am always nigh unto them that fear me.d.

No Patmos, no prison shall hinder the presence of my grace from you. My presence shall perfume the noisomest wards, and lighten the darkest dungeon where you can be thrust.f 10. His holiness as a fountain of grace to us.

My holiness shall be a fountain of grace to you. I am the God of hope, to the God of love, the God of patience,j the Author and Finisher of faith.k the God of all grace;' and. I will give grace to you.m My design is to make you partakers of my holiness.

I will be a constant spring ot spiritual life to you. The water that I shall give you, shall be in you as a well of water,

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springing up into everlasting life. The seed of life that I shall put into you, shall be so fed, and cherished, and maintained by my power, that it shall be immortal.a The unction that


shall receive from the Holy one, shall abide in you, and teach you all things necessary for you; and, as it hath taught you, you shall abide in him. Keep

. but the pipes open, and ply the means which I have prescribed, and you shall flourish in the courts of

your God. Yea, I will satisfy your soul in drought, and make fat your bones, and ye shall be like a watered garden.d Lo, I will be as the dew unto you, and you shall

grow as the lily, and cast forth your roots as Lebanon; and your

branches shall spread, and your beauty shall be as the olive tree;o you shall still bring forth fruit in old age, you shall be fat and Hourishing. 11. His sovereignty, to be, as it were, com

manded by us. My sovereignty shall be commanded by you. You shall be my favourites, men of power to prevail with me. All mine attributes shall be at the command of your prayers.

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12. His all-sufficiency, to be the lot of our

inheritance. In sum, mine all-sufficiency shall be the lot of your inheritance. My fulness is your treasure;} my house is your


You may come as freely to my store, as to your own cupboard;d you may have your hand as freely in my treasures, as in your own purses.

You cannot ask too much, you cannot look for too much, from me. I will give you comforts, or be myself to you instead of all comforts. You shall have children, or I will be better to you than ten childrens you shall have riches, or I will be more to you than all riches.h

You shall have friends, if best for you; or else I will be your comforter in your solitude; your counsellor in your distress.j If you

leave father or mother, or houses, or lands, for my sake, you shall have a hund. red fold in me, even in this time. When



comforts, it shall be but as letting the cistern run, and opening my fountain; or putting out the can


your enemies shall


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Jles, and letting in the sun. The swelling of the waters shall raise higher the ark of your comfort. & I will be the staff of bread to you, your life and the strength of your days.b I will be the house and home to you; you shall dwell with me; yea, dwell in me, and I in you. I will stand and fall with you.d I will repair your losses, and relieve

your needs. Can you burn out the lamp of heaven, or lave out the boundless ocean with

your hands? Why, the sun shall be dark, and the sea be dry, before the Fa. ther of lights, the fountain of mercies shall be exhausted. Behold, though the world hath been spending upon the stock of my mercy, ever since I created man upon the earth, yet it runs with full stream; still my sun doth diffuse its rays, and disburse its light, and yet shines as bright as ever; much more can I dispense of my goodness, and fill my creatures brimful and running over, and yet have never the less in myselt: and till this all-sufficiency be spent, you shall never be undone. I am the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob; and whatever I was to them, I will be to you.

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