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Are you


in want: You know whither to go: I am ever at home; you shall not go away empty


door. Never distract yourselves with cares and fears, but make known your requests by prayer and supplication unto me;a / will help when all do fail.b When friends fail, and heart fails,e when your eye-strings crack, and your heartstrings crack, when your acquaintance leaves you, and


soul leaves you, my bosom shall be open to you;d I will lock up your dust, I will receive your souls. 13. His infiniteness, to be the extent of our

inheritance. And mine infiniteness shall be the extent of

your inheritance. Can you, by searching, find out God? Can you find out the Almighty to perfection? It is as high as heaven; what can you


Deeper than hell; what can you knowpe This height incomprehensible, this deep unfathomable, shall be all yours, for ever yours.

I am your inheritance, which no line can measure, no arithmetic can value, no surveyor can describe.f

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my sons

Lift up now your eyes to the ancient mountains, and to the outmost bounds of the everlasting bills; all that you can see is yours. But

your short sight cannot ken the moiety of what I give you; and when you see and know most, you are no less than infinitely short of the discovery of your own riches.b

II. In all his PERSONAL RELATIONS. Yea, further, I will be yours in all my personal relations. First. God the Father, to be a Father to us.

I am the everlasting Father, and I will be a Father to you.

I take


for and daughters.d Behold I receive you, not as servants, but as sons, to abide in my house for ever. Whatever love or care children may look for from their father, that may you expect from me;f and much more,

am wiser, and greater, and better than any earthly parents. If earthly fathers will give good things to their children, much more will I give to you.8 If such cannot forget their children, much less will I forget you... What would


children have? Your father's heart, and your father's house; your father's care, and your father's ear; your

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father's bread, and your father's rod;-all these shall be yours.

1. He promiseth his fatherly affection.

You shall have my fatherly affection. My heart I share among you, my tenderest love I bestow upon you.

2. His fatherly compassion. My fatherly compassion. As a father pi. tieth his children, so will I pity you.c I will consider your frame, and remeinber that you are but dust.

For my mercy is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear me and that keep my covenant and remember my commandments to do them.d

3. His fatherly instruction. My fatherly instruction. I will cause you to hear the sweet voice behind you saying “This is the way." I will tender your weakness, and inculcate mine admonitions, line upon line;" and feed you with milk, when you cannot digest stronger meat. I will instruct you, and guide you with mine eye.!

4. His fatherly protection. My fatherly protection. In my fear is strong confidence, and my children shall

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have a place of refuge. My naine shall be your strong tower; to which you may at all tines fly, and be safe.b To your strong hold, ye prisoners of hope! I am an open refuge, à near and inviolable refuge for you.d

5. His fatherly provision. My fatherly provision. Be not afraid of want; in your father's house there is bread enough. I will care for your bodies. Care not for what


shall eat, drink, or put on:. let it suffice you, that your Heavenly Fath

, er knoweth that you have need of all these things. I will provide for your souls;. meat for them, mansions for them, and portions for them:&

Behold, I have spread the table of my.gospel for you, with privileges and comfortsthat no inan taketh from you. I have set before


the bread of life, and the tree of life, and the water of life:i. eat, О friends! Drink abundantly, 0 beloved!

But all this is but a taste of what I have prepared You must have but smiles and hints now; contented: with glimpses and glances here:. but you shall be shortly

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taken up into your Father's boson, and live for ever in the fullest views of his glory.a

6. His fatherly probation. My fatherly probation. I will chasten you, because I love


you may not be condemned with the world.b 2dly. God the Son, to be a husband to us.

My Son I give unto you, in a marriagecovenant for ever.c I make him over to you, as wisdom, for your illumination; righteousness, for your justification; sanctification, for the curing of your corruptions; redemption, for your deliverance from your enemies.d I bestow him upon you with all his fulness, all his merits, and all his graces.

He shall be yours in all his offices. I have anointed him for a prophet. Are you ignorant? He shall teach you; He shall be eye-salve to you.. I have sent him to preach the gospel to the poor, to recover sight to the blind, and to set at liberty them that are bruised.

I have established him, by oath, as a priest for ever.8 If any sin, he shall be your advocate; he shall expiate your guilt, and make the atonement. Have you any sacri

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