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3 This world the Master overcame,

This death the Lord did die;
O vanquished world ! O glorious shame!

O hallowed agony!
4 Our very frailty brings us near

Unto the Lord in Heaven;
To every grief, to every tear,

Such glory strange is given. 5 But not this fleshly robe alone

Shall link us, Lord, to thee;
Not always in the tear and groan,

Shall the dear kindred be. 6 Our earthly garments thou hast worn,

And we thy robes may wear!
Our mortal burdens thou hast borne,

And we thy bliss may share ! 7 O mighty grace, our life to live,

To make our Earth divine!
O mighty grace, thy Heaven to give,

And lift our life to thine !

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1 Heal us, Emmanuel! Here we are,

Waiting to feel thy touch :
Deep-wounded souls to thee repair,

And, Saviour, we are such.


2 Our faith is feeble, we confess :

We faintly trust thy word;
But wilt thou pity us the less ?

Be that far from thee, Lord !
3 Remember him who once applied

With trembling for relief;
“Lord, I believe,” with tears he cried,

Help, Thou, mine unbelief.” 4 She, too, who touched thee in the press,

And healing virtue stole,
Was answered, “ Daughter, go in peace,

Thy faith hath made thee whole.”
5 Concealed amid the gathering throng,

She would have shunned thy view;
And if her faith was firm and strong,

Had strong misgivings, too. 6 Like her, with hopes and fears, we come

To touch thee, if we may,
Oh! send us not despairing home,

Send none unhealed away.

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1 Oh God! who giv'st Thy servants grace,

Amid the storms of life distrest,
Through Christ to look upon Thy face,
And lean on Thy protecting breast.


2 To see Thy light in him that shone,

Eclipsed for us in sorrow pale,
Pure image of the Eternal One!

Through shadows of a mortal veil. 3 Be ours, 0 King of mercy! still

To feel Thy presence from above,
And in Thy word, and in Thy will,

To hear Thy voice and know Thy love. 4 And when the toils of life are done,

And nature waits Thy dread decree,
To find our rest beneath Thy throne,
And look, in humble hope, to Thee!

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1 “Descend to thy Jerusalem, O Lord !”

Her faithful children cry with one accord;
Come, ride in triumph on! behold we lay

Our guilty lusts and proud wills in thy way! 2 Thy road is ready, Lord !—thy paths, made

straight, In longing expectation seem to wait The consecration of thy beauteous feet:

And hark! Hosannas loud thy footsteps greet! 3 Welcome, O welcome to our hearts, Lord ! here

Thou hast a temple too, and full as dear
As that in Sion, and as full of sin:
How long shall thieves and robbers dwell

therein ?

4 Enter and chase them forth, and cleanse the floor!

Destroy their strength, that they may never more Profane with traffic vile that holy place,

Which thou hast chosen, there to set thy face. 5 And then, if our stiff tongues shall silent be

In praises of thy finished victory,
The temple-stones shall cry, and loud repeat
Hosannal and thy glorious footsteps greet!

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1 Lord! we sit and cry to thee!

Like the blind beside the way: Make our darkened souls to see

The glory of thy perfect day! Lord! rebuke our sullen night

And give thyself unto our sight. 2 Lord! we do not ask to gaze

On our dim and earthly sun;
But the light that still shall blaze

When every star its course hath run;
The glory of Thy blest abode,
The uncreated light of God!

[blocks in formation]

1 Come, said Jesus' sacred voice,

Come, and make my paths your choice:
I will guide you to your home;
Weary pilgrim, hither come!

2 Thou who, houseless, sole, forlorn,

Long hast borne the proud world's scorn,
Long hast roamed the barren waste,

Weary pilgrim, hither haste !
3 Ye who, tossed on beds of pain,

Seek for ease, but seek in vain;
Ye, whose swoln and sleepless eyes

Watch to see the morning rise : 4 Ye, by fiercer anguish torn,

In remorse for guilt who mourn,
Here repose your heavy care :

A wounded spirit who can bear! 5 Sinner, come! for here is found

Balm that flows for every wound;
Peace, that ever shall endure,
Rest, eternal, sacred, sure.

[blocks in formation]

1 Behold, where in a mortal forn Appears each


divine ; The virtues, all in Jesus met,

With mildest radiance shine.
2 To spread the rays of heavenly light,

To give the mourner joy,
To preach glad tidings to the poor,

Was his divine employ.

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