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5 And death, that sets the prisoner free,

Was pang, and scoff, and scorn to thee; Yet love through all thy torture glowed, And mercy with thy life-blood flowed.

[blocks in formation]

1 Lord! from whom all blessings flow,

Perfecting the saints below!
Stedfast may we cleave to Thee;
Love the mystic union be.
Still our fellowship increase;
Knit us in the bond of peace;
Join us in one spirit, join

Each to each, and all to Thine! 2 Move and actuate, and guide;

Divers gifts to each divide :
Placed according to Thy will,
Let us all our work fulfil:
Never from our office move,
Needful to each other prove;
Use the grace on each bestowed,
Tempered by the art of God!

3 Sweetly may we all agree, ,

Touched with softest sympathy:
Kindly for each other care,
Every member feel its share:

Love, like death, hath all destroyed,
Rendered all distinctions void !
Names, and sects, and parties fall
Thou, O Christ, art all in all!

243. P. M.

1 The Saints of God are holy men,

And women good, and children dear, All those who ever loved the Lord,

Who live in faith and fear. 2 They are not all together now,

For some are dead and gone before, And some are striving still on earth ;

Their trial is not o'er.
3 Great numbers are they, of all states,

And born in every place and land,
Who never saw each other's face,

Nor touched each other's hand.
4 But they are all made one in Christ,

They love each other tenderly,
The old and young, the rich and poor,

Of that great company.
5 And there shall come a glorious day,

When all the good saints, every one, Shall meet within their Father's Home,

And stand before His throne.

[blocks in formation]

1 The faithful men of every land,

Who Christ's own rule obey,
The holy dead of every time, -

The Church of Christ are they. 2 The saints who die, and leave us now,

The good of long ago,
Women and men, and children young,

Still living here below;
3 Who have the same eternal hope,

The same unceasing care,
One universal hymn of praise,
One common voice of

prayer. 4 Since we are members, then, of Christ,

How holy should we be,
How faithful to obey our Head

In truth and purity!
5 Since we are all made one in Him,

How gentle should we prove,
How peaceful in our ways and words,

How tender in our love!

6. So shall our Head, at all times near,

Dwell in His members blest,
To lead us in His Church on earth,

Safe to His Church in Rest!



78 M.

1 Thirsting for a living spring,

Seeking for a higher home;
Resting where our souls must cling,

Trusting, hoping, Lord, we come. 2 Glorious hopes our spirits fill,

When we feel that Thou art near:
Father! then our fears are still,

Then the soul's bright end is clear. 3 Life's hard conflict we would win,

Read the meaning of life's frown; Change the thorn-bound wreath of sin,

For the spirit's starry crown. 4 Make us beautiful within

By Thy spirit's holy light:
Guard us when our faith burns dim,
Father of all love and might!

[blocks in formation]

1 My heart is resting, O my God,

I will give thanks and sing;
My heart is at the secret Source

Of every precious thing.
Now the frail vessel Thou hast made

No hand but Thine shall fill — The waters of the Earth have failed,

And I am thirsty still.

2 I thirst for springs of heavenly life,

And here all day they rise -
I seek the treasure of Thy love,

And close at hand it lies.
Glory to Thee for strength withheld,

For want and weakness known
The fear that sends me to Thy breast

For what is most my own.

3 There is a multitude around

Responsive to my prayer;
I I hear the voice of my desire

Resounding everywhere.
The earnest of eternal joy

In every prayer I trace;
I see the glory of the Lord

On every chastened face.

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