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4 Mine be the reverent, listening love

That waits all day on Thee,
The service of a watchful heart

Which no one else can see
The faith that in a hidden way

No other eye may know,
Finds all its daily work prepared,

And loves to have it so.

5 My heart is resting, O my God,

My heart is in Thy care,
I hear the voice of joy and praise

Resounding every where.
“ Thou art my portion,” saith my soul,-

Ten thousand voices say, -
The music of their glad Amen

Will never die away.

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1 In the morning hear my voice; ;

Let me in Thy light rejoice,
God, my Sunl my strength renew,

Send thy blessing down like dew. 2 Through the duties of the day,

Grant me grace to watch and pray,
Live as always seeing Thee,
Knowing, “ Thou, God! seest me.


3 When the evening skies display

Richer pomp than noon's array,
Be the shades of death to me

Bright with immortality.
4 When the round of care is run,

And the stars succeed the sun,
Songs of praise with prayer unite,

Crown the day, and hail the night. 5 Thus with Thee, my God! my Friend !

Time begin, continue, end,
While life's joys and sorrows pass,
Like the changes of the grass.

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1 Come to the morning prayer,

Come, let us kneel and pray;
Prayer is the Christian pilgrim's staff

To walk with God all day.
4 At noon, beneath the Rock

Of Ages, rest and pray;
Sweet is the shadow from the heat,

When the sun smites by day. 3 At eve, shut to the door,

Round the home-altar pray,
And finding there “the House of God,"

At “heaven's gate” close the day.

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When midnight seals our eyes,

Let each in spirit say, “I sleep, but my heart waketh,” Lord, ,

” With Thee to watch and pray.

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1 Go when the morning shineth,

Go when the noon is bright,
Go when the eve declineth,

Go in the hush of night;
Go with pure mind and feeling,

Put earthly thoughts away,
And, in thy closet kneeling,

Do thou in secret pray.

2 Remember all who love thee,

All who are loved by thee;
Pray, too, for those who hate thee,

If any such there be;
Then for thyself, in meekness,

A blessing humbly claim,
And blend with each petition

Thy great Redeemer's name.

3 But if 't is e'er denied thee

In solitude to pray,
Should holy thoughts come o'er thee

When friends are round thy way,

E'en then the silent breathing

Thy spirit lifts above
Will reach His throne of glory,

Where dwells eternal Love.

4 Whene'er thou pin'st in sadness,

On Him who saveth, call!
Remember, in thy gladness,

His love, who gave thee all !
O, not a joy or blessing

With this can we compare,
The grace our Father gives us,

To pour our souls in prayer!

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250. 78 M.

1 Child, amidst the flowers at play,

While the red light fades away;
Mother, with thine earnest eye
Ever following silently;
Father, by the breeze of eve
Called thy harvest work to leave;-
Pray: ere yet the dark hours be,
Lift the heart, and bend the knee !

2 Traveller, in the stranger's land,

Far from thine own household band;
Mourner, haunted by the tone
Of a voice from this world gone;

Captive, in whose narrow cell
Sunshine hath not leave to dwell;
Sailor, on the darkening sea ;-
Lift the heart, and bend the knee !

3 Warrior, that, from battle won,

Breathest now at set of sun;
Woman, o'er the lowly slain
Weeping on his burial-plain;
Ye that triumph, ye that sigh,
Kindred by one holy tie,
Heaven's first star alike ye see;-
Lift the heart, and bend the knee !

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1 Father, I know that all


Is portioned out for me;
The changes that are sure to come,

I do not fear to see;
But ask Thee for a present mind,

Intent on pleasing Thee.

2 I ask Thee for a thoughtful love,

Through constant watching wise,
To meet the glad with joyful smiles,

And wipe the weeping eyes;
A heart at leisure from itself,

To soothe and sympathise.

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