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3 I would not have the restless will

That hurries to and fro,
Seeking for some great thing to do,

Or secret thing to know;
I would be treated as a child,

And guided where I go.
4 Wherever in the world I am,

In whatsoe'er estate,
I have a fellowship with hearts

To keep and cultivate ;
A work of lowly love to do

For Him on whom I wait.
5 I ask Thee for the daily strength,

To none that ask denied;
A mind to blend with outward life,

While keeping at Thy side;
Content to fill a little space,

If Thou be glorified.
6 And if some things I do not ask,

Amid my blessings be,
I'd have my spirit filled the more

With grateful love to Thee-
More careful not to serve Thee much,

But to please Thee perfectly. 7 Briars there are in every path,

That call for patient care; There is a cross in every lot,

An earnest need for prayer; But the meek heart that leans on Thee

Is happy any where.


8 In service which Thy will appoints,

There are no bonds for me;
My inmost heart desires “the Truth”

That makes Thy children “free;"
The service of the God of love

Is perfect liberty.

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1 Sweet is the solace of Thy love,

My Heavenly Friend, to me,
While through the hidden way of faith

I journey home with Thee,
Learning, by quiet thankfulness,

As a dear child to be.

2 Though from the shadow of Thy peace

My feet would often stray,
Thy mercy follows all my steps,

And will not turn away;
Yet Thou wilt comfort me at last,

As none beneath Thee may.

3 O there is nothing in the world

To weigh against Thy will; E'en the dark times I dread the most

Thy covenant fulfil: And when the pleasant morning dawns,

I find Thee with me still.

4 No other comforter I need,

If Thou, O Lord, be mine,
Thy rod will bring my spirit low,

Thy fire my heart refine;
And cause me pain that none can heal

By other love than Thine, 5 Still in the solitary place

I would awhile abide,
Till with the solace of Thy love

My heart is satisfied ;
And all my hopes of happiness

Stay calmly at Thy side.

253. 10s M.

1 “Lovest thou Me?” I hear my Saviour say;

Would that my heart had power to answer “ Yea, Thou knowest all things, Lord, in heaven above

And earth beneath ; Thou knowest that I love." 2 But 't is not so; in word, in deed, in thought,

I do not, cannot love Thee as I ought;
Thy love must give that power, Thy love alone;

There's nothing worthy of Thee but Thine own. 3 Lord, with the love wherewith Thou lovest me,

Reflected on Thyself, I would love Thee; Thence on my brethren shed, might it be seen By all around, that I with Thee had been.

254. C. M.
1 Author of good! to Thee I turn;

Thy ever-wakeful eye
Alone can all my wants discern,

Thy hand alone supply.
2 O let Thy fear within me dwell,

Thy love my footsteps guide;
That love shall vainer loves expel,

That fear all fears beside. 3 And since, by passion's force subdued,

Too oft, with stubborn will,
We blindly shun the latent good,

grasp the specious ill;
4 Not to my wish, but to my want,

Do Thou Thy gifts supply;
The good, unasked, in mercy grant;

The ill, though asked, deny.

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1 Infinite Power, eternal Lord,

How sovereign is Thy hand !
All nature rose to obey Thy word,

And moves at Thy command. 2 With steady course Thy shining sun

Keeps his appointed way;
And all the hours obedient run

The circle of the day.

3 But ah! how wide my spirit flies,

And wanders from her God!
My soul forgets the heavenly prize,

And treads the downward road. 4 Great God! create my soul anew,

Conform my heart to Thine;
Melt down my will, and let it flow,

And take the mould divine.
5 Then shall my feet no more depart,

Nor wandering senses rove;
Devotion shall be all my heart,

And all my passions love.

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1 Jehovah ! 't is a glorious name,

Still pregnant with delight;
It scatters round a cheerful beam,

To gild the darkest night. 2 What though our mortal comforts fade,

And drop like withering flowers ?
Nor time nor death can break that band

Which makes Jehovah ours.
2 My cares! I give you to the wind,

And shake you off like dust;
Well may I trust my all with Him,
With whom my soul I trust.


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