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4 Thy hopes shall animate my drooping soul,

Thy precepts guide me, and Thy fears control : Thus shall I rest, unmoved by all alarms,

Secure within the Temple of Thy arms: 5 With equal eye my various lot receive,

Resigned to die, or resolute to live;
Prepared to kiss the sceptre, or the rod,

While God is seen in all, and all in God. 6 Teach me to quit this transitory scene

With decent triumph, and a look serene;
Teach me to fix my ardent hopes on high,
And having lived to Thee, in Thee to die!

[blocks in formation]

1 Thou Grace Divine, encircling all,

A soundless, shoreless sea! Wherein at last our souls shall fall,

O Love of God most free! 2 When over dizzy steeps we go,

Whilst one Hand shields our eyes, The other leads us safe and slow,

O Love of God most wise !
3 And though we turn us from Thy face,

And wander wide and long,
Thou hold'st us still in Thine embrace,

O Love of God most strong!

4 The saddened heart, the restless soul,

The toil-worn frame and mind, Alike confess Thy sweet control,

O Love of God most kind !
5 But not alone Thy care we claim,

Our wayward steps to win:
We know Thee by a dearer name,

O Love of God within ! 6 And filled and quickened by Thy breath,

Our souls are strong and free
To rise o'er sin and fear and death,

O Love of God, to Thee!

[blocks in formation]

1 Lord! I believe; Thy power I own,

Thy word I would obey :
I wander comfortless and lone,

When from Thy truth I stray.
2 Lord ! I believe; but gloomy fears

Sometimes bedim my sight;
I look to Thee with prayers and tears,

And cry for strength and light. 3 Lord! I believe; but oft, I know,

My faith is cold and weak: Pity my frailty, and bestow

The confidence I seek.

4 Yes, I believe; and only Thou

Canst give my soul relief:
Lord! to Thy truth my spirit bow,

Help Thou my unbelief !

290. P. M.
1 Lo! my Shepherd's hand divine!

Want shall never more be mine:
In a pasture fair and large,

He shall feed His happy charge.
2 When I faint with summer's heat,

He shall lead my weary feet
To the streams that, still and slow,

Through the verdant meadows flow. 3 He my soul anew shall frame;

And His mercy to proclaim,
When through devious paths I stray,

Teach my steps the better way. 4 Though the dreary vale I tread

By the shades of death o'erspread,
There I walk from terror free,
Still protected, Lord, by Thee.


291. S. M. Life is a chequered road,

Where mingle thorns and flowers ; Fair smiles the morn, in beauty drest,

But ah! the evening lowers.

2 Smooth ebbs the slumbering wave,

We tempt the briny way;
But darkening skies and rising winds

Our sinking hearts dismay. 3 “Oye of little faith,”

Why droop your hearts with fear?
Though thousand dangers press around,

Your Father's arm is near. 4 To try your wavering souls

Temptation spreads its toils;
But wisdom nor defies its power,

Nor trusts its treacherous smiles. 5 She puts her armour on,

Her heavenly-tempered shield,
Her breast-plate of celestial mould;

But asks no sword to wield.
6 Faith is her watch-word still,

Her bulwark innocence;
Salvation on her banner flames,

And heaven 's her recompence.

[blocks in formation]

1 Is there a lone and dreary hour,

When worldly pleasures lose their power, —
My Father! let me turn to Thee,
And set each thought of darkness free,


2 Is there a time of racking grief

Unblessed by prospect of relief,
My Father! break the cheerless gloom,
And bid


heart its calm resume. 3 Is there an hour of peace and joy,

When hope is all my soul's employ, -
My Father! still my hopes will roam,

Until they rest with Thee, their home. 4 The noontide blaze, the midnight scene,

The dawn, or twilight's sweet serene,
The glow of life, the dying hour
Shall own my Fat


r's grace and power.

[blocks in formation]

1 God is my strong salvation,

What foe have I to fear ?
In darkness and temptation,
My light, my help is near :
Though hosts encamp around me,
Firm to the fight I stand :
What terror can confound me,

With God at my right hand ? 2 Place on the Lord reliance ;

My soul, with courage wait;
His truth be thine affiance,
When faint and desolate ;

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