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His might thy heart shall strengthen,
His love thy joy increase;
Mercy thy days shall lengthen;
“ The Lord will give thee peace,"

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1 Commit thou all thy ways

And griefs into His hands,
To His sure trust and tender care

Who heaven and earth commands.
2 Who points the clouds their course,

Whom winds and seas obey :
He shall direct thy wandering feet,

He shall prepare thy way,
3 Give to the winds thy fears,

Hope, and be undismayed;
God hears thy sighs, and counts thy tears,

God shall lift up thy head. 4 He every where hath sway,

And all things serve His might,
His every act pure blessing is,

His path, unsullied light. 5 Through waves, through clouds and storms,

He 'll gently clear thy way;
Wait thou His time; so shall the night

Soon end in blessed day!

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295. C. M. 1 Blest is the man who fears the Lord;

His well-established mind, In every varying scene of life,

Shall true composure find. 2 Oft through the deep and stormy sea

The heavenly footsteps lie; But on a glorious world beyond

His Faith can fix its eye. 3 Though dark his present prospects be,

And sorrows round him dwell, Yet Hope can whisper to his soul,

That all shall issue well. 4 Full in the presence of his God, 4

Through every scene he goes; And, fearing Him, no other fear

His stedfast bosom knows.
5 No dangers can his soul alarm,

No gloomy views affright,
For Faith assures his humble heart

Whatever is, is right.

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1 Who is the weak believer, who

Doth still his weary way pursue,
Inspired with true religious fear,
And following God with heart sincere ?

2 Has His love vanished from thy sight?

No glimpse of bliss, or gleam of light,
To cheer thee in the desert way,

Or promise a return of day? 3 Poor tempted soul, what canst thou do?

Hope against hope that God is true;
His nature in his Name confess,

His wisdom, love, and righteousness. 4 The Lord whom now thou canst not see,

Whate'er He is, He is for thee:
Onwards! and thou shalt surely prove,
That God in Christ is perfect Love!

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1 We wait in faith, in prayer we wait,

Until the happy hour
When God shall ope the morning gate,

By His almighty power.
2 We wait in faith, and turn our face

To where the day-light springs; Till He shall come earth's gloom to chase,

With healing on His wings. 3 And even now, amid the gray,

The East is brightening fast, And kindling to that perfect day

Which never shall be past.

4 We wait in faith, we wait in prayer,

Till that blessed day shall shine, When earth shall fruits of Eden bear,

And all, O God, be Thine!
5 O guide us till our night is done!

Until, from shore to shore,
Thou, Lord, our everlasting Sun,

Art shining evermore.

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1 One thing, with all my soul's desire,

I sought and will pursue;
What Thine own Spirit doth inspire,

Lord! for Thy servant do! 2 Grant me within Thy courts a place,

Among Thy saints a seat,
For ever to behold Thy face,

And worship at Thy feet :3 In Thy pavilion to abide,

When storms of trouble blow,
And in Thy tabernacle hide,
Secure from


4 Oft had I fainted, and resigned

Of every hope my hold,
But mine afflictions brought to mind

Thy benefits of old.

5 Wait on the Lord, with courage wait!

My soul, disdain to fear;
The righteous Judge is at the gate,

And thy redemption near.

299. C. M. 1 Father in heaven! to Thee


heart Would lift itself in prayer, — Drive from my soul each earthly thought,

And show Thy presence there! 2 Each moment of my life renews

The mercies of the Lord; Each moment is itself a gift,

To bear me on to God. 3 Help me to break the galling chains

This world has round me thrown: Each passion of my heart subdue,

Each darling sin disown. 4 O Father! kindle in

A never-dying flame
Of holy love, of grateful trust

In Thine Almighty name.

my breast

[blocks in formation]

1 Under Thy wings, my God, I rest,

Under Thy shadow safely lie-
By Thine own strength in peace possessed,
While dreaded evils pass me by.

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