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3 The noble and victorious host

Of Martyrs make of Thee their boast;
The holy Church, in every place,

Throughout the earth exalts Thy praise. 4 From day to day, O Lord, do we

Highly exalt and honour Thee:
Thy name we worship and adore,

World without end, for evermore.
5 Vouchsafe, O Lord, we humbly pray,

To keep us safe from sin this day:
O Lord, have mercy on us all;
Have mercy on us when we call !

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1 Be still ! be still ! for all around,

On either hand, is holy ground:
Here in His house the Lord to-day

Will listen, while His people pray. 2 Thou, tost upon the waves of care,

Ready to sink with deep despair,
Here ask relief, with heart sincere,

And thou shalt find that God is here. 3 Thou, who hast laid within the grave

Those whom thou hadst no power to save,
Believe their spirits now are near,
For angels wait while God is here.

4 Thou, who hast dear ones far away,

In foreign lands, 'mid ocean's spray,
Pray for them now, and dry the tear,

And trust the God who listens here. 5 Thou, who art mourning o'er thy sin,

Deploring guilt that reigns within,
The God of Peace is ever near;
The troubled spirit meets Him here.

[blocks in formation]

1 Almighty God! in humble prayer

To Thee our souls we lift,
Do Thou our waiting minds prepare

For Thy most needful gift i 2 We ask not golden streams of wealth

Along our path to flow;
We ask not undecaying health,

Nor length of years below. 3 We ask not honours, which an hour

May bring or take away;
We ask not pleasure, pomp, or power,

Lest we should go astray ! 4 We ask for Wisdom :-Lord ! impart

The knowledge how to live;
A wise and understanding heart

To all before Thee give.

5 The young remember Thee in youth,

Before the evil days !
The old be guided by Thy truth

In Wisdom's pleasant ways!

[blocks in formation]

1 What shall we ask of God in prayer ?

Whatever good we want;
Whatever man may seek to share,

And God in mercy grant.
2 Father of all our mercies,— Thou,

In whom we move and live!
Hear us in heaven, Thy dwelling now,

And answer, and forgive. 3 When, harassed by ten thousand foes,

Our helplessness we feel ;
O give the weary soul repose,

The wounded spirit heal. 4 When dire temptations gather round,

And threaten or allure,
By storm or calm, in Thee be found

A refuge strong and sure.
Ś When age advances, may we grow

In faith, and hope, and love
And walk in holiness below,

To holiness above.

[blocks in formation]

1 Assembled in Thy house of prayer,

On every mind instruction seal; Preacher and people, Lord, prepare

To seek Thy face, Thy presence feel.

2 From earthen vessels we receive

The living streams of truth divine; The spirit with the letter give,

And turn the water into wine.

3 Enter we now Thy gates with praise,

With reverence at Thine altar bend, With gladness our thanksgivings raise,

With meekness to Thy word attend. 4 So, when the Gospel, in Thy name,

From human lips salutes our ear, May our responding hearts exclaim,

Speak to us, Lord ! thy servants hear.” 5 Paul then may plant the precious grain,

For Thine will be the quickening power; Apollos water, not in vain,

For Thou wilt give the genial shower. 6 The scattered seed thus sown in hope

Shall spring and spread with large increase, And yield on earth a heavenly crop

Of love, joy, righteousness, and peace.


[blocks in formation]

1 Yea, I will extol Thee,

Lord of life and light!
For Thine arm upheld me,

Turned my foes to flight:
I implored Thy succour;

Thou wert swift to hear ;
Heal my wounded spirit,

Deliver me from fear.
2 Trust Him for his mercy,

Call His love to mind,
For a moment hidden,

But for ever kind:
Grief may, like a stranger,

Through the night sojourn,
Yet shall joy, to-morrow,

With the sun return.

[blocks in formation]


Arise, and bless the Lord,

Ye people of His choice;
Arise, and bless the Lord your God

With heart, and soul, and voice.
Though high above all praise,

Above all blessing high,
Who would not fear His holy name,

And laud and magnify?


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