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C. M.

1 Jehovah God! Thy gracious power

On every hand we see;
O may the blessings of each hour

Lead all our thoughts to Thee. 2 If on the wings of morn we speed

To earth's remotest bound, Thy right hand will our footsteps lead,

Thine arm our path surround. 3 Thy power is in the ocean deeps,

And reaches to the skies ;
Thine eye of mercy never sleeps,

Thy goodness never dies.
4 From morn till noon, till latest eve,

The hand of God we see;
And all the blessings we receive,

Ceaseless, proceed from Thee. 5 In all the varying scenes of time,

On Thee our hopes depend;
In every age, in every clime,

Our Father and our Friend !

L. M.

141. 1 Great Source of life, our souls confess

The various riches of Thy grace;
Crowned with Thy mercy we rejoice,
And in Thy praise exalt our voice.

2 By Thee heaven's shining arch was spread ;

By Thee were earth's foundations laid ;
And all the charms of man's abode

Proclaim the wise, the gracious God.
3 Thy tender hand restores our breath,
When trembling on the verge of death ;

; Gently it wipes away our tears, And lengthens life to future years.

4 Our lives are sacred to the Lord,

Kindled by Him, by Him restored ;
And while our hours renew their race,
Still would we walk before His face.

5 So when by Him our souls are led

Through unknown regions of the dead,
With joy triumphant shall they move
To seats of nobler life above.

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1 Blessed be Thy name for ever!

Thou of life the guard and giver !
Thou canst guard Thy creatures sleeping,
Heal the heart long broke with weeping:
God of stillness and of motion,
Of the desert and the ocean,
Of the mountain, rock, and river,
Blessed be Thy name for ever!

2 Thou who slumberest not, nor sleepest,

Blest are they Thou kindly keepest:
God of evening's parting ray,
Of midnight gloom, of dawning day,
That rises from the azure sea,
Like breathings of eternity ;-
God of life that fadeth never,
Blessed be Thy name for ever!

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1 Great God, how infinite art Thou !

How frail and helpless we!
Let the whole race of creatures bow,

pay their praise to Thee.

2 Thy throne eternal ages stood,

Ere seas or stars were made ; Thou art the ever-living God,

Were all the nations dead.

3 Nature and time quite naked lie

To Thy immense survey, From the formation of the sky

To the last awful day. 4 Eternity, with all its years,

Stands present in Thy view; To Thee there's nothing old appears ;

Great God! there's nothing new.

5 Our lives through various scenes are drawn,

And vexed with trifling cares, While Thy eternal thought moves on

Thy undisturbed affairs.
6 Great God, how infinite art Thou !

How frail and helpless we!
Let the whole race of creatures bow,

And pay their praise to Thee.

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1 Great source of unexhausted good, Who givest us health and friends and food.

And peace and calm content: Like fragrant incense, to the skies Let songs of grateful praises rise,

For all Thy blessings lent.
2 Through all the dangers of the day
Thy providence attends our way,

To guard us and to guide;
Thy grace directs our wandering will,
And warns us, lest seducing ill

Allure our souls aside. 3 Thy smiles with a reviving light Cheer the long darksome hours of night,

And gild the thickest gloom ; Thy watchful love around our bed Doth softly like a curtain spread,

And guard the peaceful room.

4 To Thee our lives, our all we owe,
Our peace and sweetest joys below,

And brighter hopes above;
Then let our lives, and all that's ours,
Our souls, and all our active powers,

, Be sacred to Thy love. 5 Thus, gracious Father, Thee we praise, And while our feeble songs we raise

To bless Thee and adore,
Some spark of heavenly fire impart,
And teach each humble, grateful heart

To bless and love Thee more.

[blocks in formation]

1 Great God, beneath whose piercing eye

The earth's extended kingdoms lie, Whose favouring smile upholds them all,

Whose anger smites them, and they fall ! 2 We bow before Thy heavenly throne;

Thy power we see, Thy goodness own;
Yet, cherished by Thy milder voice,

Our bosoms tremble and rejoice.
3 Thy kindness to our fathers shown,

Their children's children long shall own; To Thee with grateful hearts shall raise The tribute of exulting praise.

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