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L. M.

318. 1 Faith, Hope and Charity, - these three,

Yet is the greatest Charity ! Father of lights, these gifts impart

To mine and every human heart :2 Faith, that in prayer can never fail,

Hope, that o'er doubting must prevail,
And Charity, whose name above

Is God's own name, for “ God is Love." 3 The morning star is lost in light,

Faith vanishes at perfect sight;
The rainbow passes with the storm,

And Hope with sorrow's fading form :4 But Charity, serene, sublime,

Beyond the range of death and time, Like the blue sky's all-bounding space, Holds heaven and earth in its embrace.

319. L. M.
1 All-seeing God! 't is Thine to know

The springs whence wrong opinions flow;
To judge, by principles within,

When frailty errs, and when we sin. 2 Who among men, high Lord of all,

Thy servant to his bar shall call,
For modes of faith judge him Thy foe,
And doom him to the realms of woe ?

3 Who with another's eye can read,

Or worship by another's creed?
Revering Thy commands alone,

We humbly seek, and use our own. 4 If wrong, forgive; approve, if right;

While faithful we obey our light,
And, censuring none, are zealous still

To follow as to learn Thy will.
5 When shall our happy eyes behold

Thy people fashioned in Thy mould,
And charity our lineage prove,
Derived from Thee, O God of love!

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1 Father of mercies! send Thy grace,

All-powerful from above,
To form in our obedient souls

The image of Thy love.
2 O may our sympathising breasts

The generous pleasure know,
Kindly to share in others' joy,

And weep for others' woe !
3 Where'er the helpless sons of grief

In low distress are laid,
Soft be our hearts their pains to feel,

And swift our hands to aid !

4 Under the gentle sway of love

Be every passion brought;
O be the law of love fulfilled

In every act and thought!

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1 Come, let us sound her praise abroad,

Sweet Charity, the child of God !
Hers, on whose kind maternal breast

The sheltered babes of misery rest :
2 Who, when she sees the sufferer bleed,

Reckless of name, or sect, or creed,
Comes with prompt hand and look benign

To bathe his wounds in oil and wine : 3 Who in her robe the sinner hides,

And soothes and pities while she chides ; Who lends an ear to every cry,

And asks no plea but misery. 4 Her tender mercies freely fall

Like heaven's refreshing dews on all;
Encircling in their wide embrace

Her friends, her foes, - the human race. 5 Nor bounded to the earth alone,

Her love expands to worlds unknown; Wherever Faith's rapt thought has soared, Or Hope her upward flight explored.

322. L. M.
1 Brethren are brethren evermore-

Nothing that bond may overpower;
Nor wrong, nor ill of deadliest mood,

Nor distance breaks the tie of blood. 2 If they who hate the trespass most,

Yet, when all other love is lost,
Love the poor sinner, marvel not;-

God's mark outwears the rankest blot. 3 Oh! might we all our lineage prove,

Give and forgive, do good and love,
By soft endearments in kind strife

Lightening the load of daily life. 4 Wild thoughts within, and cares without,

With strong temptations round about,
Are banded in un blest device

To spoil love's earthly paradise.
5 Then draw we nearer day by day,

Let the world take us as she may,
Each to his brethren, all to God,
Love-guided on our heavenward road !

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1 As body when the soul has fled,

As barren trees, corrupt and dead,
Is Faith ; a hopeless, lifeless thing,
If not of righteous deeds the spring.

2 One cup of healing oil and wine,

One tear-drop shed on mercy's shrine,
Is thrice more grateful, Lord, to Thee

Than lifted eye or bended knee. 3 To doers only of the Word

Propitious is the righteous Lord;
He hears their cries, accepts their prayers,

And heals their wounds, and soothes their cares. 4 In true and genuine Faith we trace

The source of every Christian grace;
Within the pious breast it plays,

A living fount of joy and praise.
5 Kind deeds of peace and love betray

Where'er it winds its secret way ;
But where these spring not, rich and fair,
The fount has never wandered there.

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1 All nature feels attractive power,

A strong embracing force;
The drops that sparkle in the shower,

The planets in their course. 2 Thus in the universe of mind

Is felt the law of Love,
The charity both strong and kind

For all that live and move.

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