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P. M.

539. 1 Christ to the young man said: “Yet one thing

more, “If thou wouldst perfect be:“ Sell all thou hast, and give it to the poor,

“ And come and follow me!”
2 Within this temple Christ again, unseen,

Those sacred words hath said,
And his invisible hands, to-day, have been

Laid on a young man's head.
3 And evermore beside him on his way,

The unseen Christ shall move,
That he


his arm, and say, “Dost thou, dear Lord, approve ?” 4 Beside him at the marriage feast shall be,

To make the scene more fair: Beside him in the dark Gethsemane

Of pain, and midnight prayer.
5 Oh holy trust! O endless sense of rest!

Like the beloved John,
To lay his head upon his Saviour's breast,

And thus to journey on!

may lean

C. M.

1 O God! Thy children, gathered here,

Thy blessing now await;
Thy servant, girded for his work,

Štands at the temple gate!

2 A holy purpose in his heart

Has deepened calm and still; Now from his childhood's Nazareth

He comes, to do Thy will.

3 O Father! keep his soul alive

To every hope of good;
And may his life of love proclaim

Man's truest brotherhood !

4 O Father! keep his spirit quick

To every form of wrong;
And in the ear of sin and self

May his rebuke be strong!

5 And as he doth Christ's footsteps press,

If e'er his faith grow dim,
Then, in the dreary wilderness,

Thine Angels strengthen him !

6 And give him in Thy holy work

Patience to wait Thy time,
And, toiling still with man, to breathe

The soul's serener clime.

Y O grant him many hearts to lead

Into Thy perfect rest;
Bless Thou him, Father, and his flock:

Bless! and they shall be blest !

L. M.

1 Pour out Thy spirit from on high ;

Lord, Thine assembled servants bless;
Graces and gifts to each supply,

And clothe Thy priests with righteousness. 2 Within thy temple, when we stand

To teach the truth, as taught by thee;
Saviour, like stars in thy right-hand,

The angels of the Churches be.
3 Wisdom, and zeal, and faith impart,

Firmness with meekness, from above,
To bear thy people on our heart,

And love the souls whom thou dost love: 4 To watch, and pray, and never faint,

By day and night, strict guard to keep,
To warn the sinner, cheer the saint,

Nourish thy lambs, and feed thy sheep. 5 Then, when our work is finished here,

In humble hope our charge resign; When the Chief Shepherd shall appear, O God! may they and we be Thine !

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1 Ye who your Lord's commission bear,

His way of mercy to prepare ;
Angels He calls you : be your strife
To lead on Earth an Angel's life.

2 Think not of rest; though dreams be sweet,
Start up, and ply your heavenward feet;

; Is not God's oath upon your head,

Ne'er to sink back on slothful bed ? 3 Never again your loins untie,

Nor let your torches waste and die,
Till, when the shadows thickest fall,
Ye hear your Master's midnight call ?

[blocks in formation]

1 Lift up your heads, ye gates of brass !

Ye bars of iron! yield;
And let the King of Glory pass, –

The Cross is in the field.
2 That banner, brighter than the star

That leads the train of night,
Shines on their march, and guides from far

His servants to the fight.
3 A holy war those servants wage;

Mysteriously at strife,
The powers of heaven and hell engage

For more than death or life. 4 Ye armies of the living God,

His sacramental host!
Where hallowed footsteps never trod,

Take your appointed post.

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5 Follow the Cross, the ark of peace

Accompany your path ;
To slaves and sinners bring release

From bondage and from wrath. 6 Uplifted are the gates of brass;

The bars of iron yield; Behold the King of Glory pass;

The Cross hath won the field.

[blocks in formation]

1 Assembled at Thy great command,

Here in Thy presence, Lord, we stand;
The voice that marshalled every star

Has called Thy people from afar. 2 We meet through distant lands to spread

The Truth for which the Martyrs bled; Along the line, to either pole,

The thunders of Thy praise to roll.
3 Our prayers assist: accept our praise :

Our hopes revive; our courage raise ;
Our counsels aid; to each impart

The single eye, the faithful heart.
4 Forth with Thy chosen heralds come;

Recal the wandering spirits home;
From Zion's mount send forth the sound,
To spread the spacious world around.

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