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2 When on my aching, burdened heart,

My sins lie heavily,
My pardon speak, new peace impart:

In love, remember me.
3 When trials sore obstruct my way,

And ills I cannot flee,
Lord I let my strength be as my day:

For good remember me. 4 When worn with pain, disease, and grief,

This feeble body see!
Grant patience, rest, and kind relief:

Hear and remember me.
5 If on my face, for Thy dear name,

Shame and reproach shall be,
All hail reproach, and welcome shame,

If Thou remember me.
6 When in the solemn hour of death,

I wait Thy just decree;
Saviour! with my last parting breath

I 'll cry, Remember me.

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1 Shew pity, Lord ! O Lord, forgive !

Let the repenting sinner live!
Are not Thy mercies large and free?
May not the contrite trust in Thee ?

2 No outward forms can make me clean,

Nor wash away the stain within ;
O God! create my heart anew,

And form my spirit pure and true! 3 A broken heart, my God, my King!

Is all the sacrifice I bring:
The God of grace will ne'er despise
A broken heart for sacrifice.

4 I cannot live without Thy light,

Cast out and banished from Thy sight:
Thine holy joys, my God, restore,
And guard me that I fall no more!

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1 Jesus, Saviour, sympathise

With thy servant's agonies;
In thy life-time thou hast known
Racking pains that made thee moan
Pain of body, grief of mind,

Shame and suffering combined. 2 With thy sanctifying hand

Touch me gently, and command
Some soft drops of dewy balm
To be shed with potent charm;
Comfort was to thee imparted,
Comfort, thou, the broken hearted.


3 Pain! what power within thee lies,

Mystery of mysteries ;
That the Holy and the Just,
Even Christ our Saviour, must,
Ere he gain full power to bless,

Taste thee in thy bitterness ! 4 Not to us the token thou,

Of an angry Father's brow:
Rather of His willingness
To renew, receive, and bless;
Welcome, then, be thou to me,

In thy sharpest agony.
5 Only, in that solemn hour,

Let me feel, O God of power,
That Thy gentle hand alone
Gives the pain that makes me moan;
High experience let me gain,
Fortitude in suffering pain.

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1 While sounds of war are heard around,

And death and ruin strew the ground,
To Thee we look, on Thee we call,

The Parent and the Lord of all !
2 Thou who hast stamped on human kind.

The image of a heaven-born mind,
And in a Father's wide embrace
Hast cherished all the kindred race !


3 O see, with what insatiate rage

Thy sons their impious battle wage;
How spreads destruction like a flood,

And brothers shed their brothers' blood. 4 See guilty passions spring to birth,

And deeds of hell deform the earth; While righteousness and justice mourn,

And love and pity droop forlorn. 5 Great God, whose powerful hand can bind

The raging waves, the furious wind !
O bid the human tempest cease,

And hush the maddening world to peace. 6 With reverence may each hostile land

Hear and obey that high command,
Thy Son's blest errand from above,

My creatures, live in mutual love."

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1 From foes that would the land devour;

From guilty pride, and lust of power;
From wild sedition's lawless hour;

From yoke of slavery;
From blinded zeal by faction led;
From giddy change by fancy bred;
From poisonous error's serpent head,

Good Lord, preserve us free!

2 Defend, O God! with guardian hand,

The laws and ruler of our land;
And grant Thy Church the grace to stand

In faith and unity!
The Spirit's help of Thee we crave,
That he whom Thou didst send to save
May, at his second coming, have

A people one with Thee!

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1 All hearts to Thee are open here;

All our desires are known;
And we are that which we appear,

To Thee, good Lord, alone. 2 No eye of man can penetrate,

Another's secret mind
Nor well discern his own estate,
Naked, and poor, and blind.


3 The entrance of Thy word gives light;

Let it so shine within,
That each may tremble at the sight

Of his unbosomed sin.

4 With godly sorrow make him grieve,

Till hope spring out of grief, And cry

with tears, “ Lord, I believe, Help, Thou, mine unbelief.”

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