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Philadelphia :
T. K. & P. G. Collins, Printers,

No. 1, Lodge Alley.


Philadelphia in 1732.-Peter $. Duponceau,

Reflections in Solitude.-Samuel Ewing,

Jack and Gill, a Mock Criticism.-Joseph Dennie,

The Indian Student.-Philip Freneau,

Specimen of a Collegiate Examination.-Francis Hopkinson,

Parodies on Romeo's Description of an Apothecary.--Samuel Ewing,

Death of Anacreon.-Anonymous,

Mary will smile. --William Cliffton,

An Adventure; from Inchiquin's Letters.-C. J. Ingersoll,

Elegy on Thomas Godfrey.--Nathaniel Evans,

The Adventure of a Somnambulist.-C. B. Brown,

Hunting Song.- Robert Waln,

Character of Tilghman.--Horace Binney,

Borodino.-Thomas Fisher,

Madame de Stael.- Robert Walsh,

Summer, Spring, and Autumn.-Fredcrick S. Eckard,

The Fine Arts.-Joseph Hopkinson,

The Indian Summer.-James McHenry,

Claims of the Greeks.-Dr. Bedell,

The Indian Boy.-S. J. Smith,

The Bearer of Despatches.--James Hall,

Fancy.Thomas Godfrey,

Retreat of the Americans from Long Island. - Alexander Graydon,

Reflections of a Recluse.-John E. Hall,

Description of a Snake Fight.--- John Dickinson,

Music at Midnight.-George R. Ingersoll, - -

Claims of the Dramatic Profession. -Matthew Carey,

English Newspapers.- Richard Rush,

Childhood.-W. H. Furness,

Education.-John Sergeant,

Saul's Last Day.-Dr. R. M. Bird,

The True American Statesman.-Nicholas Biddle,

The Dead Soldier.-Henry D. Bird,

Prediction.-Richard Penn Smith,

Suffolk's Soliloquy.-D. P. Brown,

Misrepresentations of America.-J. W. Williams,

Epistle to Gifford.-- William Clifton,

Female Education.-Dr. Benjamin Rush,

Lines on seeing an old copy of Thomas More's Miscellaneous Latin Poems

drilled through by Worms.-J. C. Snowden,

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