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2 Will it relieve their horrors there,

To recollect their stations here;
How much they heard, how much they knew,
How much among the wheat they grew ?

For soon, &c. 3 Oh! this will aggravate their case,

They perish'd under means of grace;
To them the word of life and faith
Became an instrument of death.

For soon, &c. 4 We seem alike when thus we meet,

Strangers might think we all are wheat,
But to the Lord's all-searching eyes,
Each heart appears without disguise.

For soon, &c. 5 The tares are spared for various ends,

Some for the sake of praying friends;
Others, the Lord, against their will,
Employs, his counsels to fulfill.

For soon, &c. 6 But though they grow so tall and strong,

His plan will not require them long; .
In harvest when he saves his own,
The tares shall into hell be thrown.

For soon, &c. ny Most awful thought, and is it so?

Must all inankind the harvest know?
Is every man a wheat or tare?
Me for that harvest, Lord, prepare.

For soon, &c.

HYMN 8. 8, 7, 4. INNERS, will you scorn the message,

Every sentence_0, how tender!
Every line is full of love;

Listen to it

Every line is full of love. 2 Hear the heralds of the Gospel,

News from Zion's King proclaim, To each rebel sinner-"Pardon, Free forgiveness in his name !"

How important!

Free forgiveness in his name! 3 Tempted souls, they bring you succour;

Fearful hearts, they quell your fears;
And with news of consolation,
Chase away the falling tears;

Tender heralds

Chase away the falling tears. 4 Who hath our report believed!

Who received the joyful word?
Who embraced the news of pardon,
Offer'd to you by the Lord ?

Can you slight it

Offer'd to you by the Lord!
5 0, ye angels, hovering round us,

Waiting spirits, speed your way,
Hasten to the court of heaven,
Tidings bear without delay :

Rebel sinners
Glad the message will obey.

HYMN 9. 4. 7s.
VINNER, rouse thee from thy sleep,

Raise thy spirit, dark and dead,

Jesus waits his light to shed.
2 Wake from sleep, arise from death,

See the bright and living path:
Watchful tread that path; be wise,

Leave thy folly, seek the skies.
3 Leave thy folly, cease from crime,
From this hour redeem thy time;
Life secure without delay,

Evil is the mortal day.
4 Be not blind and foolish still,

Call’d of Jesus, learn his will:
Jesus calls from death and night,
Jesus waits to shed his light.

HYMN 10. L. M.
IFE is the time to serve the Lord,


And while the lamp holds out to burn,

0! hasten sinner to return. 2 Life is the hour that God hath given

T escape from hell and fly to heaven, The day of grace when mortals may

Secure the blessings of the day.
3 Then what my thoughts design to do,

My hands with all your might pursue:
Since no device or work is found,
Nor faith, nor hope, beneath the ground.

4 There are no acts of pardon pass'd

In the cold grave to which we haste:
O may we all improve the grace,
And see with joy thy glorious face.

HYMN 11. L. M.

And seek an injur'd Father's face; Those warm desires that in thee burn,

Were kindled by reclaiming grace. 2 Return, O wanderer, return,

And seek a Father's melting heart; His pitying eyes thy grief discern,

His hand shall heal thy inward smart. 3 Return, O wanderer, return,

Thy Saviour bids thy spirit live;
Go to his bleeding feet and learn

How freely Jesus can forgive. 4 Return, O wanderer, return,

And wipe away the falling tear; "Tis God who says, “no longer mourn,"

'Tis mercy's voice invites thee near.

HYMN 12. L. M.

He gently knocks, has knock'd before; Has waited long, is waiting still;

You use no other friend so ill. 2 But will he prove a friend indeed?

He will--the very friend you need:

The man of Nazareth is he,

With garments dyed from Calvary. 3 O lovely attitude ! he stands

With melting heart and open hands;
O matchless kindness! and he shows

That matchless kindness to his foes. 4 Rise, touch'd with gratitude divine,

Turn out his enemy and thine,
Turn out that hateful monster, sin,
And let the heavenly stranger in.

HYMN 13.

'Mid thy gloom,
All thy guilt confessing,
Trembling, now,

Contrite bow,
Take the offer'd blessing.
2 Sinner, come,

While there 's room,
While the feast is waiting;

While the Lord,

By his word,
Kindly is inviting.
3 Sinner, come,

Lo, the tomb
Opens wide before thee!
See death stand-

Lift his hand,
Waiting to devour thee.

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