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Entered according to an act of Congress, in the year 1843, by William Hunter, in the Clerk's office, for the District Court of Ohio.

Stereotyped by J. A. James,

Cincinnati, Ohio.


The following edition of this work has been re-arranged from the third (type) edition, with considerable care and labor. A great many hymns found not to be in common use, have been omitted, and new ones inserted in their stead. The book is almost a new work; and the compiler hopes that it will prove even more acceptable to the Singing Community than any of its prede


The following remarks have been made concerning this work, by the editors of the Eastern and Western Christian Advocates.

“Since it is so that there must be a collection of popular hymns for prayer meetings and the social circle, we are glad to see that this matter has been taken in hand by one so well calculated to do it justice as the editor of the present volume. Two things in this collection will make very much in its favor--the absence of those dogg



ditties, which are a reproach to an enlightened people, and the presence of some hymns, which, though not in our standard Hymn Book, will not suffer on a comparison with some of Mr. Wesley's most evangelical strains. We discover also some beautiful originals.

Christian Advocate and Journal.


“This, in our opinion, is much superior to any other collection of spiritual songs presented to the public for many years. It is a selection of the best, improved by additions from the pen of the compiler.”

Western Christian Advocate. Note.-The name of a suitable tune to which the piece may be sung, will frequently be found on the left margin at the head of the hymn. The original hymns are scattered through the book, and marked with the initials of the author,





HYMN 1. 8 lines 8s and 7s.

Why should a good be evil? Music, alas! too long has been

Press'd to obey the devil.
Drunken or light, or lewd the lay,

Tends to the soul's undoing;
Widens and strews with flowers the way

Down to eternal ruin.
2 Who on the part of God will rise;

Innocent sounds recover?
Fly on the prey, and seize the prize;

Plunder the carnal lover;
Strip him of ev'ry moving strain,

Every melting measure;
Music in virtue's cause retain;

Rescue the holy pleasure. 3 Come, let us try if Jesus' love

Will not as well inspire us;

This is the theme of those above;

This upon earth can fire us.
Try if your hearts are tun'd to sing;

Is there a subject greater ?
Harmony all its strains may bring;

But Jesus' name is sweeter,

4 Jesus the soul of music is;

His is the noblest passion; Jesus' name is life and peace,

Happiness and salvation. Jesus' name the dead can raise,

Show us our sins forgiven; Fill us with all the life of grace,

Carry us up to heaven.

5 Who have a right like us to sing,

Us whom his mercy raises ?
Cheerful our hearts, for Christ is King;

Joyful are all our faces.
Who of his perfect love partakes,

He evermore rejoices:
Melody in our hearts we make,

Melody with our voices.

6 He that a sprinkled conscience hath,

He that in God is merry,
Let him sing psalms, the Spirit saith,

Joyful and never weary.
Offer the sacrifice of praise

In spirit, never ceasing;
Spiritual songs and anthems raise,

Worship, and thanks, and blessing.

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