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7 Then let us in his praises join,
Triumph in his salvation;
Glory ascribe to love divine,
Worship and adoration.
Heaven already is begun,

Open'd in each believer;
Only believe, and then sing on;
Heaven is yours forever.

HYMN 2. 4 lines 8s.

EAR the royal proclamation,
The glad tidings of salvation;
Published now to every creature,
To the ruin'd sons of nature.


Lo! he reigns, he reigns victorious;
Over heaven and earth, most glorious,

Jesus reigns.

2 See the royal banner flying, Hear the heralds loudly crying, "Rebel sinners, royal favor Now is offer'd by the Saviour."

Lo! he reigns, &c.

3 Ho! ye sons of wrath and ruin,

Who have wrought your own undoing,
Here are life and free salvation,

Offer'd to the whole creation.

Lo! he reigns, &c.

4 Here are wine, and milk, and honey, Come, and purchase without money;

Mercy, like a flowing fountain,
Streaming from the holy mountain.

Lo! he reigns, &c.

5 For this love let rocks and mountains,
Purling streams and crystal fountains,
Roaring thunders, lightning blazes,
Shout the great Messiah's praises.


Lo! he reigns, &c.

HYMN 3. 4 lines 11s.

TURN ye, O turn ye, for why will ye die, When God in great mercy is coming so nigh! Now Jesus invites you, the Spirit says come, And angels are waiting to welcome you home. 2 How vain the delusion, that while you delay, Your hearts may grow better by staying away, Come wretched, come starving, come just as you


While streams of salvation are flowing so free.
3 Now Jesus is ready your souls to receive,
And grant you a pardon if you will believe;
If sin is your burden why will you not come?
"Tis you he bids welcome; he bids you come home.
4 In riches, in pleasures, what can you obtain,
To soothe your affliction, or banish your pain?
To bear up your spirits when summon'd to die,
Or waft you to mansions of glory on high!

5 Why will you be starving and feeding on air?
There's mercy in Jesus enough, and to spare;
If still you are doubting, make trial and see,
And prove that his mercy is boundless and free.

6 Come, give us your hand, and the Saviour your


And trusting in heaven, we never shall part,

O how can we leave you? why will you not come? We'll journey together, and soon be at home.

HYMN 4. C. M.

CM thousand thoughts revolve;

HOME, trembling sinner, in whose breast

Come, with your guilt and fear oppress'd,
And make this last resolve:

2 "I'll go to Jesus, though my sins
Have like a mountain rose;
I know his courts, I'll enter in,
Whatever may oppose.

3 "Prostrate I'll lie before his throne,
And there my guilt confess;
I'll tell him I'm a wretch undone,
Without his sov'reign grace:

4 "I'll to my gracious King approach,
Whose sceptre pardon gives;
Perhaps he may command a touch,
And then the suppliant lives.

5 "Perhaps he may admit my plea,
Perhaps he'll hear my prayer;
But if I perish, I will pray,
And perish only there.

6 "I can but perish if I go,
I am resolved to try;
For if I stay away, I know
I must for ever die."


HYMN 5. C. M.

EHOLD the wretch whose lust and wine
Had wasted his estate,

He begs a share among the swine,

To taste the husks they eat!

2 "I die with hunger here," he cries,
"I starve in foreign lands;

My father's house has large supplies,
And bounteous are his hands.

3 "I'll go, and with a mournful tongue
Fall down before his face;

Father, I've done thy justice wrong,
Nor can deserve thy grace."

4 He said, and hasten'd to his home,
To seek his father's love;
The father saw the rebel come;
And all his bowels move.

5 He ran, and fell upon his neck,
Embrac'd and kiss'd his son;

The rebel's heart with sorrow breaks
For follies he had done.

6 "Take off his clothes of shame and sin,"
The father gives command;
"Dress him in garments white and clean,
With rings adorn his hand.

"A day of feasting I ordain,

Let joy and mirth abound;

My son was dead, and lives again;
Was lost and now is found."

HYMN 6. 4 lines 7s.

EOPLE of the living God,


I have sought the world around;
Paths of sin and sorrow trod,

Peace and comfort never found.

2 Now to you my spirit turns,
Turns a fugitive unblest;
Brethren, where your altar burns,
O receive me to your rest!
3 Lonely I no longer roam,

Like the cloud, the wind, the wave:
Where you live shall be my home;
Where you die shall be my grave.

4 Tell me not of gain or loss,

Ease, enjoyment, pomp or pow'r:
Welcome poverty, and cross,
Shame, reproach, affliction's hour.
5 "Follow me!" I know thy voice,
Jesus, Lord, thy steps I see;
Now I take thy yoke by choice;
Light's the burden now to me.

Harvest Home.

HYMN 7. L. M.

HOUGH in the outward church below, The wheat and tares together grow; Angels, ere long, will reap the crop, And burn the tares in anger up.


For soon the reaping time will come,
And angels shout the harvest home.

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