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In the present Volume, which forms WATSON'S FIFTH READING Book, it has been the aim of the Publisher, as in all the Reading Books of the Series, to provide the young with volumes adapted not only to impart a knowledge of the mere art of reading but to train the pupils to the love of reading. Keeping this in view, the Selections to be found in the following pages will no doubt prove both attractive and instructive to the youthful reader.

It has still been thought advisable to put the more difficult words of the Prose Pieces at the head of each, in order that the reading may be facilitated, and these words ought in every case to be carefully gone over before any attempt be made to read the Lesson which follows.

It is hoped that the success and approval which have already attended the other Books of this Series, will be merited by, and extended to, the present effort. GLASGOW, 1864.



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} Miss Edgeworth,


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PAGE. Books,


John Sterling, The Daisy (verse),

Little Poems for Little People, 58

59 The Child's Wish in June (verse), School-room Lyrics,

60 Heroism of a Miner,

Thomas Carlyle ...

61 The Bustling Way and the Quiet Way, Abbott, Mother what is Death ? (verse), Jane Gilman,

65 Be Kind (verse),


66 The Difference between a Liar

67 and a Boy of Truth, "Love Covereth all Sins," Cobbin,

71 The Sunshine (verse),

Mary Howitt,

72 A Nobleman and his Noble Servant, Champneys,

73 The Seasons,

Evenings at Home,

76 The Voice of Spring (verse), Mary Howitt,

78 The Tyrolese Evening Hymn (verse), Mrs. Hemans,

79 Brave Jem, Part I.,

Miss Edgeworth,

80 Brave Jem, Part II.,


83 Brave Jem, Part III,


85 The Idiot (verse),

Southey, ...

87 The Last Night of the Year, Dr. Norman Macleod, 89 The Mosses, Part I.,

The Observing Eye,

91 The Mosses, Part II.,


93 The River (verse)

Mrs. Southcy,

95 The Crocus's Song (verse), Gould



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The Rat with a Bell,

Evenings at Home,
The Boy and the Captive Bird (verse), J. A.,
The Saddler's Pet Rat,

Curiosities of Nat. Hist.,'
The Crow of Ceylon,

Edward Jesse, The Owl (verse),

Pretty Poems, Spiders,

Observing Eye,

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