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Through this victory David became connected with the court of Saul, and by a series of events, in which the hand of God is clearly traced, he at length ascended the throne of Israel.

He chose David also his servant,
And took him from the sheepfolds :
From following the ewes great with young
He brought him to feed Jacob his people,
And Israel his inheritance.
So he fed them according to the integrity of his heart ;
And guided them by the skilfulness of his hands.

Psa. lxxviii. 70-72.

So marvellous and gracious are the ways of Providence! Truly God worketh his pleasure in the armies of heaven, and among the sons of men, and none can say unto him, “What doest thou?”

The history of the contest between David and Goliath unfolds to man a Divine Providence in human events, and is calculated to make him confess that human might, wisdom, and contrivance, are nothing, when God is determined to level the haughty, and to exalt the meek of the earth. It is true that the ancients were very skilful in the use of the sling, and it is probable that David had practised the art; but it was the Almighty that nerved his arm, and directed the stone to the only vulnerable place in the giant's well-accoutred form. The bravery of David had failed to serve the cause of Israel, had not his God crowned his efforts with success.

The stripling hero, in all his movements, showed that he was well acquainted with this truth, and it is pleasing to observe in the narrative, that his thoughts were constantly directed upwards for a blessing. So should the Christian act as he passes through the world, assailed by a foe more formidable than Goliath, a foe who is ever challenging him to the unequal combat, and against whom he must fight, ever depending on the aid of the Captain of his salvation. And he should be incited to vigilance from a consideration of the magnitude of the interests he has at stake. David fought for the salvation of his country; but he fights for the salvation of his immortal soul: that salvation which his great Captain purchased for him with his own precious blood. If he falls, therefore, oh, what a fall will he endure! Let him remember this, and adopt the wise resolve of the psalmist :

I will lift


unto the hills From whence cometh my help.

Psa. cxxi. 1.

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