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these, he is thought to have gained heaven as a matter of right. But, my love, no man has virtue to obtain heaven in himself, as I have repeatedly shown: therefore we have an instance in Scripture, which describes the only virtue which will obtain for us salvation: it is that which came out of Jesus, as mentioned in Mark v. 30, when the poor woman touched our Lord that she might be cleansed. The meaning of the word here, therefore, signifies the energy of God's quickening Spirit, but not righteousness itself. It is a Greek word, and signifies praises, and courage, but never holiness. The heathens derive the term from one of their gods, Mars, the god of war and courage. Doubtless the literal translation into the Scriptures would be, energy of the Lord's* Spirit, as Peter uses the term (2 Peter ii. 3,) "Hath called us to glory and virtue:" that is, God, my love, has redeemed us by the glory of his grace and mer»cy, and preserved us by the energy of his quickening Spirit. Suffice it to say, my child, moral men apply the term to an innate principle within their own bosoms, and they are proud and ambitious, as the ordinary expressions are, of their own virtues, with which the Pharisees were puffed up, and deemed themselves exaltfcil above men.

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Such is the coarse of moral education I propose for all children. I write it through faith: if my faith is vain, so will be the teaching. But this I say, the man who puts his trust in God by faith will, say the least, die happy: and if, on death, he finds there is neither resurrection nor a God, he will still be the gainer, by living and dying with a peaceful conscience. But if, as I do most solemnly believe, there is a God, a judgment, and a resurrection, awful will be the state of that man who neglects this great salvation, and the more so who neglects the teaching of his children. The child who is taught in the love and admonition of the Lord, is a blessing to itself, a blessing to its parents, a blessing to the world, and to eternity. The one who is reared in the ways; of wickedness becomes the reverse of this. We shall, therefore, be wise to lead our offspring with ourselves to search the Scriptures; and with the grace of God, we shall not only subdue our unruly passions, but obtain the atonement, walk in peace here, and share in happiness eternal hereafter.

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