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This is the work of a Welsh Minister, who flourished in Wales more than a century and a half ago, a contemporary of Doddridge and of Watts. He was undoubtedly a man of robust common sense, great Biblical knowledge, and godly catholicity. The book is valuable on many grounds ; and we thank the talented Editor for his beautiful biographic sketch, and able superintendence of the press.

EXPOSITIONS OF THE CARTOONS OF RAPHAEL. By RICHARD SMITH, Junr. Illustrated with Photographs. London : James Nisbett & Co. These Cartoons, embracing, as they do, some of the most prominent events of Apostolic history, and executed with amazing ability, have attained a world-wide renown and an undying interest. Whilst we cannot say that the photographs here are all that we wish, we can speak very highly of Mr. Smith's descriptions. They throw light upon every line in the pictures, and bring out the glorious meaning of the history. It is an exquisite book for a Christmas present. ALTAR LIGHT. A Tribute to the memory of the Rev. Alexander Fletcher, D.D., London. By the Rev. JOHN MACFARLANE, LL.D., Glasgow. London : James Nisbet. We are thankful to say that we heard this masterly discourse delivered. The impression which it made upon the vast audience was of a truly godly sort. The clear solemn thinking, the imposing imagery, the venerable appearance, the full rich voice, naturally modulated by emotions of sorrow, for an old friend, which were heaving withinall these in the preacher gave immense effect to this admirable discourse. SERMONS Preached at Marlborough Chapel, London. By J. GAGE PIGG, B.A. Second Edition London : Ward and Co. We are right glad to welcome a second edition of these admirable discourses. We have already recorded our judgment of their high worth, and we sincerely trust that the able author who has been so long Jaid aside by illness, will soon be restored to health and labor; and that he will live to see this volume passing through many more editions. SER

AND SUFFERING. Memoirs of the Life of the Rev. JOHN MORRISON, D.D., LL.D. By the Rev. JOHN KENNEDY, M. A. Lon. don : Ward & Co. For the subject of this memoir we had a high esteem and a strong affection. He held, what we consider, the truth, strongly and earnestly, but he held it with the “charity that thinketh no evil.” Mr. Kennedy has written the memoir of his departed friend with excellent taste, judicious discrimination, reverent affection, and characteristic ability.



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