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delightful Chriftianity. in a fore-quotes

bleffing on the Gospel, and on those misionaries, who are now engaged in the arduous undertaking of preaching the Gospel to the Indian nations. Would to God that this pious custom more generally prevailed! « The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much.” And it is a grand, an animating idea, that thousands of pious persons are surrounding the throne of grace, at one and the same time, and all engaged in ardently fupplicating the same blessings.

With a view to enforce the more general observation of this duty, and to warm the hearts of all who pray for the peace and prosperity of Sion, let us reflect on the delightful consequences which will attend this universal spread of Chriftianity. These are beautifully expressed by the prophet Isaiah, in a fore-quoted paffage: “ They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” Knowledge in general, shall spread as the rays of the fun: for at the first approach of Gospel grace, the mind shall be illuminated, and ignorance, the parent of iniquity, disappear. Knowledge in particular : the knowledge of God, as the great Creator of all things: the knowledge of the Lord Jesus, as the promised Messiah and only Redeemer: the knowledge of themselves, as undone finners; and a knowledge of the Gospel, as revealing the only method of salvation. Then all cruelty and oppression shall cease. Wars shall no more be known throughout the earth. “ Nation shall no more rise up against nation, nor kingdom against kingdom, but they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks."

Knowledge and purity shall abound in the highest degree, and in the widest extent. Holiness to the Lord shall be engraven on every heart; yea, says the Prophet, “ In that day shall there be upon the bells of the horses, Holiness unto the Lord.” O joyful day! Knowledge and purity shall “ cover the earth, as the waters cover the sea.”! This emphatical expression probably conveys these ideas.

It shall be immense: The knowledge of God shall

be as extensive and copious as the waters of the lea! “ They shall know me, from the least of them, unto the greatest of them, faith the Lord.”

It shall be profound: Deep as the sea; not a fuper: ficial knowledge, but heartfelt and experiñiental It teaches us also, that the progress of this knowledge shall be irrefiftible. No created power can restrain the fury of the ocean. He who holds the waters in the hollow of his hand, alone can hush the tempest, and say to its proud waves, “hitherto, but no farther." So no human power shall be able to stop the progress of Gospel light and liberty. Jefus, the omnipotent Captain of salvation, shall ascend the chariot, and ride forth from conquering to conquer, until all his enemies be made his footstool.

Then perfect harmony and security shall ensue. All animofities shall cease. “Their peace shall be as a river, and their joy like a flowing stream.” Then all the sheep of Christ, the great Shepherd, shall be brought in, and there shall be but one fold. Jew and Gentile, Barbarian, Scythian, bond and free, shall meet in the fweetest harmony. All invidious distinctions shall vanish: And all men shall be of one mind, of one heart, and one soul; for Jesus shall have a broken down the middle wall of partition, and Nain the enmity by his cross."

"O when, almighty Lord, shall these glad scenes arise,
To verify thy word, and bless our wond'ring eyes?
That earth rnay raise, with all its tongues,
United songs of ardent praise.". DODDRIDGE


Letter from i he late Mr. BERRIDGE 10 Mr. EDWARDS

of lifwick, on the Death of his Wife.

DEAR BROTHER, Everton, Nov. 26, 1771. M R . WINTER informs me of the loss of your

W dear wife. You once knew die was mortal; but she has put off mortality, and is become immortal.· Can this grieve you? Oh that I was where she now is !

Safe landed on that peaceful shore,

Where pilgrims meet to part no more. She was once a mourning finner in the wilderness but is now a glorified faint in Sion. The Lard has become her everlasting light, and the days of her mourn. ing are ended, Does this trouble you? She was once afflicted with bodily pains and weakness, encompassed with family cares, and harraffed with a crowd of anxious, needless fears; but she is now arrived at her Father's house, and Jesus, dear. Jesus, has wiped all her tears from her eyes, and freed her in a moment from all pain, and care, and fear, and want: and Thall this afflict you?

She ranges now the heav'nly plains, ·
And sings in sweet heart-melting strains;
And now her soul begins to prove
The heights and depths of Jesu's love,
He cheers her with eternal smile,

She sings Hosanoa all the while;
. Or, overwhelm'd with rapture sweet,

Sinks down adoring at his feet.

You have not left your wife, she has only left you for a moment-left an earthly husband to visit a heavenly Father; and expects your arrival there soon, to join her hallelujahs for redeeming love. Are you still weeping? Fie upon you, brother;—weeping-because your wife can weep no inore;--Weeping because she is happy, eternally, gloriously happy;---Weeping-because she is joined to the glorious assembly, where all are kings and priests; -weeping because she is daily feasted with heavenly manna, and is hourly drinking new wine in her Father's kingdom;-weeping-becaule fhe is where you would be, and long to be eternally ;--weeping-because she is singing, and singing sweeter anthems to her God and your God. O shameful weeping! Jesus has fetched his bride triumphant home to his kingdom, to draw your soul more ardently tbitber. He has broken up a cistern, to bring you nearer, and keep you closer to his fountain; has caused a moment's leparation, to divorce your affecfion from the creature; and has torn a wedding-ring ironi your heart, to set it a bleeding more freely, and panting more vehemently for Jesus. Hereafter you will see how gracious the Lord has been in calling a beloved wife home, to betroth the husband more effectually to him. self. Remember that the house of mourning becomes and befriends a sinner, and that forrow is a safe companion for a pilgrim, who walks much astray, till his heart is well broken. May all your tears flow in a right channel, and every sigh waft your heart to Jesus! May the God of all consolation comfort you in life, and in death afford us, both a triumphant entrance into his king. dom!

Copy of a Letter from Miss P. I. aged seventeen Years.

to Deacon J. S. of North-Yarmouth.

Kingston, Feb. 20, 1801. HONOURED and DEAR SIR, T TRUST you will pardon the freedom I have taken I in writing to you. Although I am less than the least of all God's mercies, unworthy to be numbered among his children, yet I have a desire to speak of his goodness and proclaim his power.

I am convinced that you are a faithful follower of the glorious Iinmanuel, and will rejoice to hear of Zion's prosperity. The set time, I hope, to favour her, is near; for the blessed Jesus seems to sway the sceptre of peace and pardon, and make known the power of his resurrection upon dead souls.

The Lord is at work in many towns around us, in plucking poor Goners as brands from the burning. O Sir! this is a work worthy of a God, to bring finners to fall at the feet of Jesus, and there lie like weeping Mary. I have the pleasure to inform you that the waters in this place are somewhat troubled. There are some drops of dew fallen upon us. Blessed be God, there is a imall number come over on the Lord's side, since you were here, and Imany inquiring the way, seeking the pearl of

great price, going forth with boldness in the cause of truth. A young gentleman, who was in high life, and yery much opposed to religion, embracing the moft pernicious sentiments, by the blessing of God's powerful grace, has been brought to yield himself up to the cross of Christ; and although he has a great cross to bear, takes it up manfully as a good soldier of Jesus Christ, and breaks his way through all opposition, and will, I trust, finally obtain the crown through a dear Redeemer. My brother B , I trust, has thrown down the weapons of his rebellion, and is now seeking a better country:

O Sir, I believe your prayers were heard and answered on his behalf, and for many more I could mention; but I suppose you are not unacquainted with them, nor llack in your addresses for them at the throne of grace.--The Lord has now appeared for us once more; blessed be his namest What shall we render to him for all his benefits? He has, I hope, opened the eyes of many, and one inore of our family is enabled with others, to throw himielf into the arms of King Jesus. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name: for we are favoured with many invaluable blesfings, both spiritual and temporal. The meetings are still kept up, and many attend them. The Lord now and then sends some of his dear children and faithful servants to encourage us, that we need not faint or grow weary. But, o Sir! Jesus, the blessed Jesus himself sometimes deigns to be in the midst of us, speaking peace to our souls; saying, “ Be of good cheer, it is I, be not afraid.” O fee, it is not a vain thing to serve the Lord. It gives a peace that passeth all understanding-a peace the world cannot give nor take away.

There has been a great storın of persecution among us. It seemed for a while like a tempest. The beast came out like a roaring lion, and engaged all that wore his mark to throw his arrows about us. It resembled Gog and Magog surrounding the camp of saints, and

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