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5 “Will you go down to endless night, | “And bear eternal pain? “Or in the glorious realms of light |\,

“With me for ever reign :

6 “Say—will you hear my gracious voice, “And have your sins forgiven 2

“Or will you make that wretched choice, łl

“And bar yourselves from heaven?”

105. Grieve not the Spirit. S. M.

1 And canst thou, sinner, slight
The call of love divine?
Shall God with tenderness invite,
And gain no thought of thine?

2 Wilt thou not cease to grieve t The Spirit from thy breast,

Till he thy wretched soul shall leave
With all thy sins opprest?

3 To-day, a pardoning God j}
Will hear the suppliant pray;
To-day, a Saviour's cleansing blood
Will wash thy guilt away.

4. But grace, so dearly bought, | If yet thou wilt despise,

Thy fearful doom, with vengeance fraught

Will fill thee with surprise. Hyde,

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106. Sinners entreated. C. M.

* 1 Sinners, the voice of God regard! His mercy speaks to-day; He calls you, by his sovereign word, From sin's destructive way.

* Like the rough sea that cannot rest,
You live devoid of peace;
A thousand stings within your breast
Deprive your souls of ease.

* Your way is dark, and leads to hell;
Why will you persevere?
Can you in endless torments dwell,
Shut up in black despair?

* Why will you in the crooked ways
Of sin and folly go?
In pain you travail all your days,
To reap immortal wo!

5 But he who turns to God shall live,
Through his abounding grace:
His mercy will the guilt forgive
Of those who seek his face.

6 Bow to the sceptre of his word,
Renouncing every sin;
Submit to him, your sovereign Lord,
And learn his will divine.

7 His love exceeds your highest thoughts;
He pardons like a Godz
He will forgive your numerous faults,
Through a Redeemer's blood. Fawcett

107. "Weighed in the balance.” L. M.

1 Raise, thoughtless sinner, raise thine eye,
Behold the Judgment drawing nigh:
Behold, the balance is display'd,
And thou must be exactly weigh’d.

2 See in one scale God's holy law;
Mark with what force its precepts draw;
Canst thou the awful test sustain }
Thy workshow light! thy thoughtshow vain!

3 Behold the hand of God appears,
And writes in dreadful characters,
“Tekel!” thy soul is wanting found;
With trembling hear the awful sound.

4 Let fear thy sin-bound heart embrace;
Let guilty shame o’erspread thy face;
Conviction through thy conscience roll,
And deep repentance fill thy soul.

5 One only hope can yet prevail:
Jesus for thee can turn the scale;
Can give thy guilty conscience peace;
And save thee by his righteousness. *

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*ner, Prepare to meet God. 7's.

1 Sinner, art thou still secure?
Wilt thou still refuse to pray ?
Can thy heart or hand endure
In the Lord's avenging day?

2 See, his mighty arm is bared Awful terrors clothe his brow! For his judgment stand prepar’d— Thou must either break or bow. 3 At his Presence nature shakes, Earth, affrighted, hastes to flee: Solid mountains melt like wax; 2 What will then become of thee? “Who his advent may abide 2 wo who glory in your shame, ill you find a place to hide When the world is Wrapp'd in flame? 5 Lord, Prepare us by thy grace, * We must resign our breath ; *d our souls becaid to pass Through the iron gate of death. 6 Let is now our day improve, Listen to the Gospel voice; Seek the things that are above; *9th the world's pretended joys. Newton



109. The JAlarm. 7 6.

1 Stop, poor sinner, stop and think,

Before you further go;

Will you sport upon the brink
Of everlasting wo?

On the verge of ruin stop—
Now the friendly warning take:

Stay your footsteps—ere you drop
Into the burning lake.

2 Say, have you an arm like God,

That you his will oppose?

Fear ye not that iron rod
With which he breaks his foes?

Can you stand in that dread day
When he judgment shall proclaim,

When the earth shall melt away
Like wax before the flame?

3 Ghastly death will quickly come

And drag you to his bar;

Then to hear your awful doom
Will fill you with despair!

Sinners then in vain will call—
Those who now despise his grace-

"Rocks and mountains on us fall, "And hide us from his face.” Newton.

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