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2 Speak thy pardoning grace to me,
Set the burden'd sinner free;
Lead me to the Lamb of God,

Wash me in his precious blood.

3 Life and peace to me impart,
Seal salvation on my heart:
Breathe thyself into my breast,
Earnest of immortal rest.

4 Let me never from thee stray,
Keep me in the narrow way:
Fill my soul with joy divine;
Keep me, Lord, for ever thine. Stocker.

86. Prayer for the Spirit's Influences. L. M.

1 Stay, thou insulted Spirit, stay,
Though I have done thee such despite;
Cast not a sinner quite away,
Nor take thine everlasting flight.
2 Though I have most unfaithful been,
Of all who e'er thy grace receiv'd;
Ten thousand times thy goodness seen,
Tenthousand times thy goodness griev'd;
3’Wet,0! the chief of sinners spare,
In honor of my great High Priest;
Nor in thy righteous anger swear
I shall not see thy people's rest.

4 E'en now my weary sous release,
Upraise me with thy gracious hand,
Guide me into thy perfect peace,
And bring me to the promis'd land.

Wesley. 87. The Little Cloud. 7's.

1 Sawyerot the cloud arise,
Little as a human hand?
Now it spreads along the skies,
Hangs o'er all the thirsty land.
2 Lo, the promise of a shower—
Drops already from above:
But the Lord will shortly pour
All the blessings of his love.
3 When he first the work begun,
Small and feeble was his day;
Now the word doth swiftly run,
Now it wins its widening way.
4 Sons of God, your Saviour praise;
He the door hath open'd wide;
He hath given the word of grace;
Jesus' word is glorified. Wesley.

88. Vision of Dry Bones. L. M. 1 Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye; See Adam's race in ruin lie; Sin spreads its trophies o'er the ground, And scatters slaughter'd heaps around.

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4 Een now my

Upraise me with thy g
Guide me intothy perfect peace

And bring meloth" promis'd hio,

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weary soul release, raciousland

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90. Regeneration by the Spirit. C. M.

1 Not all the outward forms on earth,
Nor rites that God has given,
Nor will of man, nor blood, nor birth,
Can raise a soul to heaven.
2 The sovereign will of God alone
Creates us heirs of grace;
Born in the image of his Son,
A new, peculiar race.
3 The Spirit, like some heavenly wind,
Breathes on the sons of flesh,
New models all the carnal mind,
And forms the man afresh.
4 Our quicken'd souls awake and rise
From the long sleep of death;
On heavenly things we fix our eyes,
And praise employs our breath. Watts.

91. Regeneration by the Spirit. C. M.

1 How helpless guilty nature lies,
Unconscious of its load'
The heart unchang'd can never rise
To happiness and God.
2 Can aught beneath a pow'r divine
The stubborn will subdue?
'Tis thine, almighty Spirit, thine
To form the heart anew.

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91. Regeneral ilty nature lies,

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108) waRNING. 92

3 'Tis thine the passions to recal, And upwards bid them rise;

To make the scales of error fall From reason's darken'd eyes;

4 To chase the shades of death away,
And bid the sinner live:
A beam of heav'n, a vital ray,
'Tis thine alone to give.
50 change these wretched hearts of ours,
And give them life divine!
Then shall our passions and our pow'rs,
Almighty Lord, be thine. Steele.


92. The JNew Birth. C. P. M.

1 Awak'd by Sinai's awful sound,
My soul in guilt and thrall I found,
Expos'd to endless wo;
Eternal truth did loud proclaim,
"The sinner must be born again,”
Or else to ruin go.
2 Amaz'd I stood, but could not tell
Which way to shun the gates of hell;
For death and hell drew near:

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