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I strove indeed, but strove in vain:
“The sinner must be born again!”
Still sounded in my ear.

3 When to the law I trembling fled,
It pour'd its curses on my head;
I no relief could find. .
This dreadful truth renew'd my pain,
“The sinner must be born again!”
And whelm'd my tortur'd mind.

4 Again did Sinai's thunders roll,
And guilt lay heavy on my soul,
A vast oppressive load:
Alas! I read and saw it plain,
“The sinner must be born again,”
Or feel the wrath of God.

5 The saints I heard with rapture tell
How Jesus conquer'd death and hell,
And broke the fowler's smare;
Yet when I found this truth remain,
“The sinner must be born again,”
I sunk in deep despair.

6 But while I thus in anguish lay,
The gracious Saviour pass'd this way,
And felt his pity move:
The sinner, by his justice slain,
Now by his grace is born again,
And sings Redeeming love. Occum.

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93. Ye must be born again. C. M.

1 Sinners, this solemn truth regard,
Hear, all ye sons of men;
For Christ the Saviour hath declar'd,
"Ye must be born again.”
* Whate'er might be your birth or blood,
The sinner's boast is vain;
Thus saith the glorious Son of God,
"Ye must be born again.”
° Our nature totally deprav'd,
The heart a sink of sin;
Without a change we can't be sav'd;
"Ye must be born again.”
*Spirit of life, thy grace impart,
And breathe on sinners slain;
Bear witness, Lord, in ev'ry heart,

That we are born again. Hoskins.

94. The Judgment hastening. C. M.

1 Now is the time, th’ accepted hour, 0 sinners, come away; The Saviour's knocking at your door, Arise, without delay. * Oh! don't refuse to give him room, Lest mercy should withdraw: He'll then in robes of Vengeance come To execute his law.

3 Then where, poor mortals, will you be,
If destitute of grace;
When you your injured Judge shall see,
And stand before his face?

4 Oh! could you shun that dreadful sight,
How would you wish to fly
To the dark shades of endless night,
From that all-searching eye!

5 The dead, awake, must all appear,
And you among them stand,
Before the great impartial bar,
Arraign'd at Christ's left hand.

6 Let not these warnings be in vain;
But lend a listening ear;
Lest you should meet them all again,
When wrapt in keen despair. Cowper,

95. Repent. C. M.

1 Repent, the voice celestial cries,
Nor longer dare delay; •
The wretch that scorns the mandate dies,
And meets a fiery day.

2 O humbly in his presence bow,
And all your guilt confess:
Accept the offer'd Saviour now,
Nor trifle with his grace. r

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4 Amazi o love, that yet will call Our id: prolong our days! * And * subdued by goodness, fall eep, and love, and praise y Doddridge.

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3 Stav, si Y, Sinner, On B ner, on the gospel plains; Tho the god of love o j ories of his dying pains rever telling, yet untold: Watts' changed.

97. Warning to prepare for Death. C.M.

1 Wain man, thy fond pursuits forbear—
Repent! thy end is nigh!
Death, at the farthest, can’t be far;
Oh, think before thou die!
2 Reflect—thou hast a soul to save:
Thy sins, how high they mount!
What are thy hopes beyond the grave!
How stands that dread account?
3 Death enters, and there's no defence:
His time, there's none can tell:
He’ll in a moment call thee hence,
To heaven—or to hell!
4 Thy flesh, perhaps thy chiefest care,
Shall crawling worms consume;
But, ah! destruction stops not there—
Sin kills beyond the tomb.
5 To-day the Gospel calls—to-day,
Sinners, it speaks to you:
Let every one forsake his way,
And mercy will ensue. Hart,

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1 Haste, O sinner, to be wise,
Stay not for the morrow's Sun:
Wisdom warns thee, from the skies,
All the paths of death to shun.

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