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161. The Beggar. H. M.

1 Encourag'd by thy word
Of promise to the poor,
Behold a beggar, Lord, o
Waits at thy mercy's door!
No hand, no heart, O Lord, but thine,
Can help or pity wants like mine.

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2 'Twere folly to pretend
I never begg'd before;
Or, if thou now befriend,
I'll trouble thee no more:
Thou often hast reliev'd my pain,
And often I must come again.

3 Nor can I willing be,
Thy bounty to conceal
From others, who, like me,
Their want and hunger feel;
I'll tell them of thy mercy's store,
And try to send a thousand more.

4 Thy thoughts, thou only Wise,
Our thoughts and ways transcend,
Far as the arched skies
Above the earth extend: .
Such pleas as mine, men would not bear,

But God receives a beggar's prayer.

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162. Resolving to go to Christ. C. M. 1 Come, trembling sinner, in whose breast A thousand thoughts revolve; Come, with your guilt and fear oppress'd, And make this last resolve: 2 "I’ll go to Jesus, though my sin “Hath like a mountain rose; “I know his courts, I'll enter in, “Whatever may oppose. 3 “Prostrate I'll lie before his throne, “And there my guilt confess; "I'll tell him I'm a wretch undone “Without his sovereign grace. 4 “I’ll to the gracious King approach, “Whose sceptre pardon gives; “Perhaps he may command my touch, . . “And then the suppliant lives. 5 “Perhaps he will admit my plea, “Perhaps will hear my prayer; . “But if I perish, I will pray, “And perish only there. 6 "I can but perish if I go, “I am resolved to try; “For if I stay away, I know “I must for ever die.” Jones,

163. Surrender to Grace. C. P.M.
1 Lord, thou hast won, at length I yield;

| TMy heart, by mighty grace compell'd,

* Surrenders all to thee:
Against thy terrors long I strove,

so But who can stand against thy love?

Love conquers even me. -

2 All that a wretch could do, I tried;
Thy patience scorn'd, thy power defied,
And trampled on thy laws:
Scareely thy martyrs at the stake
Could stand more steadfast for thy sake
Than I in Satan's-cause.

3 But since thou hastothy love reveal’d, o And shown my soul, a pardon seal’d, I can resist, no more: Couldst thou for such a sinner bleed 2 Canst thou for such a rebel plead? I wonder and adore.

4 Now, Lord, I would be thine alone,
Come, take possession of thine own;
For thou hast set me free :
Releas'd from Satan's hard command,
See all my powers waiting stand
To be employed by thee.


164. Clinging to the Cross. L. M. 1 Here, at thy cross, my dying Lord, I lay my soul beneath thy love, Beneath the droppings of thy blood, Jesus! nor shall it e'er remove. 2 Should worlds conspire to drive me theno Moveless and firm this heart should lie; Resolved, (for that's my last defence.) If I must perish, there to die. 3 But speak, my Lord, and calm my fear; Am I not safe beneath thy shade? Thy vengeance will not strike me here, Nor Satan dare my soul invade. 4 Yes, I'm secure beneath thy blood, And all my foes shall lose their aim: Hosanna to my dying Lord, And my best honors to his name. - Watts. 165. Christ my All. C. M. 1 The Saviour ! Oh, what endless cham" Dwell in the blissful sound! Its influence every fear disarms, And spreads sweet peace around. 2 Here pardon, life, and joys divine In rich effusion flow, For guilty rebels, lost in sin, And doom'd to endless Wo.

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30h, the rich depths of love divine,
Of bliss, a boundless store!
Dear Saviour, let me call thee mine;
I cannot wish for more.

4 On thee alone my hope relies,
Beneath thy cross I fall;
My Lord, my life, my sacrifice,
My Saviour, and my all.


166. Surrender to Christ. C. M.

1 And will the Lord thus condescend
To visit sinful worms?
Thus at the door shall mercy stand,
In all her winning forms?

2 Surprising grace—and shall my heart
Unmoved and cold remain 3
Has this hard rock no tender part?
Must mercy plead in vain?

3 Shall Jesus for admission sue—
His charming voice unheard?
And this vile heart, his rightful due,
Remain for ever barred 3
4 'Tis sin, alas! with tyrant power,
The lodging has possessed;
And crowds of traitors bar the door
Against the havenly Guest.

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