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4 Poor doubting soul, from hence be taught
How groundless is thy fear;
Think what the power of Christ hath wrought,
And He is ever near.

5 Safe in his hands whom seas obey
When swelling surges rise,
He turns the darkest night to day,
And brightens lowering skies.

6 Though thy corruptions rise abhorr'd,
And outward foes increase;
'Tis but for Him to speak the word,
And all is hush'd to peace.

7 Then upward look; howe'er distress'd,
Jesus will guide thee home
To that eternal port of rest
Where storms shall never come.
Rippon's Col.

393. Christ the Pilot. L. M.

1 The christian voy'ger strikes the rock
That lies conceal’d beneath the wave'
Yet safely he survives the shock;
For Jesus is at hand to save.

2 His destin’d land he sometimes sees,
And thinks his toils will soon be o'er,
Expects some favorable breeze
Will waft him quickly to the shore.
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3 But hark!—the midnight tempest roars!
He seems forsaken and alone;
But Jesus, whom he then implores,
Unseen preserves and leads him on.

4 Though fear his heart should overwhelm,
He'll reach the port to which he's bound;
For Jesus holds and guides the helm,
And soon the haven will be found. Kelly,

394. Driving to Port. 7, 6.

1 Though hard the winds are blowing, And loud the billows roar; | Full swiftly we are going . To our dear native shore. 2 The billows breaking o'er us, The storms that round us swell, W Are alding to restore us To all we loved so well.

3 So sorrow often presses

Life's mariner along;

Afflictions and distresses
Are gales and billows strong,

4 The sharper and severer
The storms of life we meet,
The sooner and the nearer
Is heaven's eternal seat.

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5 Come then, afflictions dreary,

Sharp sickness pierce my breast;
You only bear the weary
More quickly home to rest.

395. False Land. 6's.

1 When many a tempest blew,
And hope was almost past,
The worn and weary crew
Hail'd distant land at last.

2 Far o'er the lee it lay,
Its arms seem'd spreading wide,
To form a quiet bay,
Where ships might safely ride.

3 That refuge from the storm,
That distant bay so fair,
Was but a cloudy form,
And melted into air!
4 So earthly hope deceives
The heart that trusts it most;
So all the beauty leaves
Some seeming happy coast.
5 But faith can look before,
And see the land of light;
That is the only shore
That never mocks the sight.


396. Little Faith. S. M. !"

1 O thou of little faith,
On seas of trouble toss'd,
Depend on what the Saviour saith,

And you can ne'er be lost. | 2 He bids you to him come, Why should you yield to fear?

The wind may blow and billows foam,
But Jesus Christ is there.
3 Though storms of sorrow rise,
And winds may adverse prove,
Yet, “Wherefore dost thou doubt?” he cries,
“Mine is unchanging love.”

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1 "Go preach my Gospel,” saith the Lord,
“Bid the whole earth my grace receive:
“He shall be sav'd who trusts my word;
“He shall be damn'd who wont believe,
2 "I’ll make your great commission known;
“And ye shall prove my Gospel true,
“By all the works that I have done,
"By all the wonders ye shall de.

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1 Father of mercies, send thy grace,
All-powerful, from above,
To form in our obedient souls
The image of thy love.

2 O may our sympathizing breasts
That generous pleasure know,
Kindly to share in others' joy,
And weep for others' wo.

3 When the most helpless sons of grief
In low distress are laid,
Soft be our hearts their pains to feel,
And swift our hands to aid.
4. So Jesus look'd on dying men,
. When thron’d above the skies;
And 'midst the embraces of thy love
He felt compassion rise.

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