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473. For Lord's Day Morning, C.M.

1 This is the day when Christ arose
So early from the dead; .
Why should I keep my eyelids clos'd,
And waste my hours in bed?
2 This is the day when Jesus broke
The powers of death and hell,
And shall I still wear Satan's yoke,
And love my sins so well?
3 To-day with pleasure christians meet
To pray, and read thy word;
And I would go, with cheerful feet,
To learn thy will, O Lord.
4 I'll leave the world, to read and pray,
And so prepare for heaven; -
O! may I love this blessed day,
The best of all the seven. Watts.

474. Child's Evening Song. €. M.
1 And now another day is gone,
I'll sing my Maker's praise;
My comforts, every hour, make known
His providence and grace.
2 But how my childhood runs to waste!
My sins, how great their sum!
Lord, give me pardon for the past,
And strength for days to come.

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3 I lay my body down to sleep,
Let angels guard my head,
And through the hours of darkness keep
Their watch around my bed.

4 With cheerful heart I close my eyes,
Since thou wilt not remove;
And in the morning let me rise
Rejoicing in thy love. Watts.

, 475. Scriptures a Guide for Youth. C. M.

1 How shall the young secure their hearts,

o And guard their lives from sin 2 Thy word the choicest rules imparts, o To keep the conscience clean.

2. When once it enters to the mind, It spreads such light abroad, The meanest souls instruction find, i And raise their thoughts to God. 3 'Tis like the sun, a heavenly light, That guides us all the day; . % And through the dangers of the night, A lamp to lead our way.


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4 Thy word is everlasting truth,

How pure is every page!

That holy book shall guide our youth,
And well support our age. Watts.

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And turn from every mortal cham, An A Saviour's voice to hear. {\eta 2 He, Lord of all the worlds on high, n Stoops to converse with you; Your And lays his radiant glories by, Bl Your welfare to pursue. |True 3 “The soul who longs to see my face. W "Is sure my love to gain; Oth “And those who early seek my g” W “Shall never seek in vain.” |its 4 What object, Lord, my soul should m07é, () If once compar'd with thee! For What beauty should command my loo, s Like what in Christ I see? w 5 Away, ye false, delusive toys, Vain tempters of the mind! Yo 'Tis here I fix my lasting choice,

And here true bliss I find. Dodo";" |

477. Young Persons Entreated. C.M. 118 1 Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youth, 1N The gift of saving grace; | R And let the seed of sacred truth | | | \

Fall in a fruitful place.

2 Grace is a plant, where'er it grows,
Of pure and heav'nly root;
But fairest in the youngest shows,
And yields the sweetest fruit.

3 Ye careless ones, O hear betimes
The voice of sovereign love!
Your youth is stain'd with many crimes,
But mercy reigns above.

4 True you are young, but there’s a stone
Within the youngest, breast,

Or half the crimes which you have done
Would rob you of your rest.

5 For you the public prayer is made,
Oh, join the public prayer .
For you the secret tear is shed,
O shed yourselves a tear !

6 We pray that you may early prove
The Spirit's power to teach;
You cannot be too young to love
That Jesus whom we preach, cowper.

478. Youth Reminded of Death. L. M.

1 Now, in the heat of youthful blood,
Remember your Creator, God:
Behold the months come hastening on,
When you shall say, “My joys are gone.”

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2 Behold the aged sinner goes
Laden with guilt and heavy W9%
Down to the regions of the dead,
with endless curses on his head.

3 The dust returns to dust again;
The soul, in agonies of pain,
Ascends to God; not there to dwell,
But hears her doom, and sinks to hell

4 Eternal King! I fear thy namo
Teach me to know how fail!”
And when my soul must hence”
Give me a mansion in thy love. "

479. Youth and Judgment. "

1 Ye sons of Adam, vain and young
Indulge your eyes, indulge You" tongue;
Taste the delights your souls desiro
And give a loose to all your fire.

2 Pursue the pleasures you design,
And cheer your hearts with song**
Enjoy the day of mirth—but know,
There is a day of judgment too!

3 God from on high beholds your thoughts,
His book records your secret faults;
The works of darkness you have *
Must all appear before the sun.

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