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CHRISTIAN–Confidence in God.

191. Safety in God. S. M. 1 When, overwhelm'd with grief, My heart within me dies, Helpless, and far from all relief, To heav'n I lift mine eyes. 2 O lead me to the Rock That's high above my head, And make the covert of thy wings My shelter and my shade. 3 Within thy presence, Lord, For ever I'll abide, Thou art the tower of my defence, The refuge where I hide. 4 Thou givest me the lot Of those that fear thy name; If endless life be their reward, I shall possess the same. Watts.

192. Prayer and Hope. C. M. 1 Soon as I heard my Father say, “Ye children, seek my grace.” My heart replied without delay, “I’ll seek my Father's face."

2 Let not thy face be hid from me,
Nor frown my soul away;
God of my life, I fly to thee,
In a distressing day.

3 Should friends and kindred, near and dear,
Leave me to want, or die;
My God would make my life his care,
And all my need supply.

* My fainting flesh had died with grief,
Had not my soul believ'd
To see thy grace provide relief–
Nor was my hope deceiv'd.

* Wait on the Lord, ye trembling saints, And keep your courage up;

He'll raise your spirit when it saints,

And far exceed your hope. Watts.

193. Confidence in God. L. M.

* Although the vine its fruit deny,
Although the olive yield no oil;
The withering fig-tree droop and die,
The field delude the tiller's toil:
2 Although the stall no herd afford,
And perish all the bleating race;
Yet will I triumph in the Lord,
The God of my salvation praise.

3 Though comfortless my soul remain,
And not a gleam of light appear;
Though joys be sought, and sought in vain,
And though despair itself be near:

4 Although assurance all be lost,
And blooming hopes cut off I see;
Yet will I in my Saviour trust,
And glory that he died for me. Wesley,

194. God the Christian's Happiness. C.M.

1 My God, my portion, and my love,
My everlasting all,
I’ve none but thee, in heaven above,
Or on this earthly ball.

2 What empty things are all the skies,
And this inferior clod |
There's nothing here deserves my joys,
There's nothing like my God.

3 Were I possessor of the earth,
And called the stars my own,
Without thy graces, and thyself,
I were a wretch undone.

4 Let others stretch their arms like seas,
And grasp in all the shore:
Grant me the visits of thy face,
And I desire no more. Walts,

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195. Strength equal to the day. 7's.

1 Wait, my soul, upon the Lord,
To his gracious promise flee,
Laying hold upon his word,
"As thy days thy strength shall be.”
2 If the sorrows of thy case
Seem peculiar still to thee,
God has promis'd needful grace,
"As thy days thy strength shall be.”
3 Days of trial, days of grief,
In succession thou may'st see:
This is still thy sweet relief,
"As thy days thy strength shall be.”
4 Rock of Ages, I'm secure,
With thy promise full and free;
Faithful, positive, and sure—
“As thy days thy strength shall be.”
196. Adoption. S. M.

1 Behold what wondrous grace
The Father has bestow'd
On sinners of a mortal race,
To call them sons of God!
2 Nor doth it yet appear
How great we must be made;
But when we see our Saviour here,
We shall be like our head.

3. A hope so much divine
May trials well endure,
May purge our soul from sense and sin,
As Christ the Lord is pure.

4 If in my Father's love
I share a filial part,
Send down thy Spirit like a dove,
To rest upon my heart.

5 We would no longer lie,
Like slaves beneath the throne;
My faith shall Abba, Father, cry,
And thou the kindred OWn. Watts.

197. Seeking God. S. M.

1 My God, permit my tongue This joy, to call thee mine; And let my early cries prevail,

To taste thy love divine.

2 For life, without thy love,
No relish can afford;
No joy can be compar'd with this,
To serve and please the Lord.

3 To thee I’ll list my hands, .. And praise thee while I live; Not the rich dainties of a feast

Such food or pleasure give.

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