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As the same are now perform'd in his MaJesty's Chapels Royal. &c.


Composed by K. Henry VIII.

Lord the Maker of all things, We pray thee now in this evening,

To defend us thro' thy mercy, From all deceit of our enemies: Let us neither deluded be, Good Lord, with dream or fantasy.

3 Our Our hearts waking in thee thou keep,


That we in sin fall not on sleep.

O Father, thro' thy blessed Son,

Grant us this our petition,

To whom with the Holy Ghost always

In heav'n and earth be laud and praise.


By Mr. THOMAS TALLIS, Organist to K. - Henry VIII.K. Edward VI. Q. Mary

and Q. Elizabeth. e n Call and cry to thee, O LORD,

Give ear unto my plaint: .. W & Bow down thine eyes, and

mark my heavy plight,

. And how my soul doth faint: For I have many ways offended thee. Forget my wickedness, O Lord, I beseech " 'thee.

! pi?c

: u silti Lord give thy Holy Spirit into our

hearts, and lighten our understandingthat we máy dwell in the fear of thy - Name all the days of our life, and may

know thee the only true God, and Je..SUS CHRisT whom thou hast fent. o chom: So I sti": coin

Hoshie L i

im TV


-i Hol....




By Dr. Christopher Tye, Organist to King Edward VI.


Will exalt thee, O Lord, for thou hast defended me, and not suffered mine enemies to have their pleasure upon me.

2. O Lord my God, I have cried> unto thee, and thou hast healed me.

3. Lord, thou hast brought my soul out of hell j thou hast preserved me from them that descend into the pit.

SING unto theLoRD/ ye that be his faints, and give thanks with a remembrance of his holiness. The Lord hath beard me, and hath taken mercy upon me$ the Lord is made my helper.

Thou hast turned my sorrow into joy; thou hast put off my sackcloth, and hast compassed me with gladness; that my glory may sing to thee without grief.

Olord my God, I shall evermore give thanks to thee. By

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#sb§efffc and thy loving kindnesses, *&&&<sL9 which have been ever of old. 6. O remember not the fins and offences of my youth: but according to thy mercy think thou upon me, O Lord, for thy goodnessi . )

Mt er ed by Dr: Aldrich. ,,

HIDE not thou thy face from us, O Lord, and cast not off thy servants in thy displeasure: for we confess our sins unto thee, and hide not our unrighteousness.

For thy mercy's sake, deliver us from all our sin§.

Gentlemen of the Chapel to Q^E/iza


Lord, thy tender metcies,


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