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Up, Lord, and help me, O my God: for thou smitest all mine enemies upon the cheek bone; thou hast broken the teeth of the ungodly.

Job VII. Feur

20. Lord, I have sinned, what shall *T* V^/ I do unto thee, thou preserver of

men? O why hast thou set me up as a Contra. mark against thee, so that I am a burden Unor, to my self? ;TM

St. O pardon my transgressions, and takeaway my sin.

Isaiah xxxviii. 12. Mine age is departed and removed from me, thou wilt cut me off with pining sickness.

14. Mine eyes fail with looking upwards: I did mourn as a dove; O Lord, I am oppressed, undertake for me, O Lord my God.

Job. iii. 20. O wherefore is light given to him that is in misery, or life to the bitter in soul?

21. Which long for death, but it cometh not; 2 2. And rejoice exceedingly, when they can

find the grave? 24. For my sighing cometh before I eat, and my roarings are poured out like water,


By Mr. Jeremiah Clark, late Organist and Composer to Q^Æne, and Organist of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul's.



Psal. XIII.

O W long wilt thou forget me, O Lord, for ever ? how long wilt thou hide thy face from me?

2. How long shall I seek counsel in my soul, and be so vexed in my heart? how long mall mine enemies triumph over me?

3. Consider and hear me, O Lord my God : lighten mine eyes, that I fleep not in death.

4. Lest mine enemy say I have prevail'd against him: for if I be cast down, they that trouble me will rejoice at it.

5. But my trust is in thy mercy: and my heart is joyful in thy salvation.

6. I will sing of the Lord, because he hath dealt so lovingly with me : yea I will praise the Name of the Lord most Highest.

Ps Al. PSAL. LXXXVL Thrte 9. He will not alway be chiding : neither


1. T) O W down thine ear, O Lord, and^ fj hear me: for I am poor and in

misery. Contra

.3. Be merciful unto me, O Lord mytemrGop: for I will call daily upon thee.

4. Comfort the soul of thy servant: for unto thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul.

g. For thop, Lord, art good and gracious;

and of great mercy unto all them that

call upon thee. g. All nations whom thou hast made, fhalj

come down and worship thee: and shall

glorify thy Name, jo. For thou art great, and dost wondrous

things: thou art God alone. 14. O God, the proud are risen against

me: and the congregations of naughty

men have sought after my soul. .16. O turn thee then unto me, and have

mercy upon me: give thy strength unto

thy servant.






Composed for the Thanksgiving, June the

27th 1706, for the Viktory at Ramilies. Three

Psal. CXVIII. Bals 14. T HE Lord is my strength and

1 my song : and is become my falvation. 15. The voice of joy and health is in the

dwellings of the righteous : . 16. The right hand of the Lord hath the

preeminence : and bringeth mighty things

to pass. 23. This is the Lord's doing : and it is

marvellous in our eyes. 24. This is the day which the Lord

hath made ; we will rejoice and be glad

in it. 25. O LORD, send us now prosperity. 26. Blessed is he that cometh in the Name

of the LORD: Amen. 29. O give thanks unto the Lord. 'Halle

lujah. Tores

PsAL. CIII. Voices.

8. T HE LORD is full of compassion

1 and mercy : long-suffering, and Contra- . of great goodness.

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keepeth he his anger for ever. 10. He hath not dealt with us after our

fins : nor rewarded us according to our

wickedneffes. 11. For look how high the heav'n is in

comparison of the earth : so great is his

mercy toward them that fear him. 12. Look how wide also the East is from

the West : so far hath he set our fins

from us. 13. Yea, like as a father pitieth his own

children : ev’n so is the LORD: merciful

unto them that fear him. .. 14. For he knoweth whereof we are

made : he remembreth that we are but

dust. 15. The days of man are but aš grass :

for he flourisheth as a flower of the field. 16. For as soon as the wind goeth over it,

it is gone : and the place thereof shall

know it no more. 17. But the merciful goodness of the LORD

endureth for ever and ever upon them that fear him : and his righteousness up

on childrens children; 18. Ev'n upon such as keep his covnant :

and think upon his commandments to do them.


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