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HE king shall rejoice in

Psal. XXI, 1.

strength, O LORD: exceeding glad Tenor, shall he be of thy salvation. 2. Thou hast given him his heart's desire :

and haft not denied him the requeft of

Three Voices.

thy Bass,

Contra. tenor.

his lips.

3. For thou shalt prevent him with the

blessings of goodness : and fhalte fet a
crawn of pure gald

upon his head.
4. He asked life of thee, and thou gevest

him a long life: even for ever and ever.
5. His honour is great in thy falvationa glo-

ry and great worship shalt thou lay upon

6. For thou fhalt give him everlasting feli-
:(.city; and make him glad with the joy

of thy countenance. Hallelujah..o

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By Mr. JOHN TRAVERS, Organist of his :: Majesty's Chapels-Royal, and of the Pa

rifh of St. Paul, Covent Garden,




Bass, Tenor, Contra. tenor.

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Praise the LORD of heav'n: praise him in the height.

2. Praise him, all ye angels of his: praise him, all his hoft

. 3

Praise him sun and moon : praise him,

all ye ftars and light. 4. Praise him, all ye heav'ns : and ye wa

ters that are above the heav'ns. 5. Let them praise the name of the LORD:

for he spake the word, and they were made, he commanded, and they were

created. 6. He hath made them fast for ever and

ever : he hath given them a law which shall not be broken. Hallelujah.




Psal. LXVI. .


Be joyful in God all

lands: fing

Bass, praises unto the honour of his

Contra. name, make his praise to be glorious. 2. Say unto GOD, O how wonderful art

thou in thy works : through the great-
ness of thy pow'r, shall thine enemies be

found liars unto thee. 3.

For all the world shall worship thee :

sing of thee, and praise thy name. 4. O come hither and behold the works of

GOD: how wonderful he is in his doing

toward the children of men. 5. He turned the sea into dry land : so

that they went through the water on foot;

there did we rejoice thereof.
6. He ruleth with his power for ever, his

eyes behold the people, and such as will
not believe, shall not be able to exalt

7. O praise our God, ye people : and make

the voice of his praise to be heard. Amen.


By Mr. NORRIS, late Master of the Chil

dren, and one of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln.


Psal. LXXVI.


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N Ferory is God known : his Name is great in Ifrael.

2. At Salem is his taber's

nacle : and his dwelling in Sion. 3.

There brake he the arrows of the bow :

the fhield, the sword, and the battle. 4. Thou art of more honour and might:

than the hills of the robbers. 5. The proud are robbed, they have slept

their fleep : and all the men, whose hands were mighty, have found no

thing. 6. At thy rebuke, O GOD of Jacob :

both the chariot and horse are fallen. 7. Thou, even thou, art to be feared :

and who may stand in thy sight, when

thou art angry?

8. Thou

8. Thou didft cause thy judgments to be

heard from heaven : the earth trembled,

and was ftill,
9. When God arofe to judgment, and to

help all the meek upon earth.
10. The fierceness of man shall turn to thy

praise : and the fierceness of them shalt
thou refrain.

Glory be, &e.

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Compos’d upon the Union of the two

Kingdoms, by Mr. George HOLMES,
late Organist of the Cathedral Church
of Lincoln.



ISAIAH LX. RISE, shine, o daughter Two of Sion, : for the light is Basses

, A

come, and the glory of the Tenor,

LORD is risen upon thee.
LXII. v. 2. The Gentiles shall see thy

righteousness, and all kings thy glory:
for thou shalt be called by a new name,
which the LORD thy Gon shall name.




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