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THE commencement of a new volume of the Baptist Magazine awakens diversified recollections, many of which are of a peculiarly interesting character. During a quarter of a century this miscellany has paid its regular visits to the abodes of its numerous patrons, fraught with intelligence on the most important subjects. Standing, as on an eminence, we survey the past, and those venerable men who commenced the publication, rise in pleasing review before

We think of their talents, their piety, their zeal, their limited means, and their enco

couraging success, till our bosoms are fired with ardor to prosecute the enterprise they so happily commenced. The faithful missionaries, who amidst trials and privations traversed the wilderness, and whose labors by a divine blessing transformed it into a fruitful field, also fix our attention. With grateful emotions, and thanksgivings to God and the Lamb, we witness the contrast which our country now presents. The trees, among which they wandered, have been fashioned into edifices of worship; and the solitary places have blossomed, and borne the rich fruits of grace.

The first conductors of this work, the zealous and devoted missionaries whose toils they detailed, and multitudes who with devout and joyful minds perused its pages, have successively finished their labors, and been dismissed from earth. While by faith we discern them mingling in elevated society above, a voice emphatically addresses us, Be ye followers of them, who through faith and patience inherit the promises.

Whatever success may have attended past efforts, there remains yet much land to be possessed. Indeed the fields of labor are

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