Zipporah (Secrets from the Backside of the Desert - Guide for Gifted Women of God)

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This book explores Zipporah (Moses' Ethiopian, Black, Midianite wife who was the daughter of Jethro [Raguel]and the sister of Hobab) as the heroine who God chose to assist Moses' efforts to lead his people from Egypt to the promise land. Few realize that she actually saved Moses' life. The book points to many other actions of women such as Abraham's wife, Keturah, where God has chosen Black women to step up to and meet the challenges in accomplishing His will. It shows that although God created races and kindred, He also expects us to look beyond the differences, reach for the gifts that each has to offer and work in love and unity on one accord.

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Discovering Zipporah
Unwrapping the Package
Understand Your Gifts
A Gifted Wife
Nurture Your Children
The Strength of Your Silence
The Courage to Act
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