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cowardly turn our backs upon our duty, because some catholics, and some protestants assert that refusing the claims of Irish Catholics, will put the safety of the British empire at stake?Such conduct would not resemble Christ's When a lawyer, connected with those rulers of the people, who possessed both the inclination and power to destroy Christ, said to him, “thou "reproachest us also, in saying woe unto you, "Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are "as graves which appear not, and the men that "walk over them are not aware of them;"_be betrayed no marks of fear, but added some of the severest remarks, he ever made upon the heads ot Israel :-"Ye build the sepulchres of “the prophets, and your fathers killed them;"truly ye bear witness, that ye allow the deeds “of your fathers :—for they indeed killed them, "and ye build their sepulchres. Therefore, "said also, the wisdom of God, I will send them "prophets and apostles, and some of them they 5 shall slay and persecute,—that the blood of all “the prophets, which was shed from the founda“tion of the world may be required of this gene“cation."-And although he knew how much these remarks incensed the Scribes and Pharisees, and saw they were “laying wait for him, “and seeking to catch something out of his

mouth, that they might accuse him," he calmly and deliberately said to the “ multitude gather

ed together to bear bir;—my friends, be not “afraid of them that kill the body, and after

« that have no more that they can do;—but I, 6 will forewarn you, whom ye shall fear;—fear “him, which after he bath killed, hath power to “ cast into hell :-yea, I say unto you fear him.” If we follow Christ's example, and boldly condemn the doctrine of Rome, and charge her priests with taking away the key of knowledge from her children, by shutting up the bible, and preaching to them in an unknown tongue, and say, that, on account of these things, the members of the church of Christ are justified, in all their excluding care and circumspection ;--then a cry of intolerance, illiberality, and persecution is raised against us ;-and we are told, that we are acting very unlike himn who was forbearing, kind, and gentle, and went about doing good to all;—nor, do the friends of the Catholics scruple to add, that such conduct will bring on a revolution, that will separate Ireland from her allegiance to the King of England.This would be a serious charge indeed, if it was any thing more than the ebullition of imaginations, heated with error and ignorance.—The deity will never again suffer the arms of those to prosper, who fight in the cause of a religion which he has consigned to perdition, and which we can see is rapidly sinking into that state. Before we are charged with acting in opposition to the spirit of the gospel, the whole conduct of Christ should be reviewed by the Catholics and their friends, lest, whilst we are blamed, He also should be involved in the same censure;

for, it is well known that he did not employ. any persons to assist in his ministry, who were not convinced of the superior excellence and truth of his doctrine;—and his opinion upon this subject is very evident from the following remarks—"A house divided against a house, “ falleth, and every kingdom divided against “itself, is brought to desolation ; and every one " that is not with me is against me:"--and it may be added, that in the same kingdom, the members of protestant and catholic churches, cannot long, with equal rights and privileges, exist together.

The apostacy of the Jews in the time of Christ was not tinctured with idolatry, and yet it called forth very severe remarks, and indignant censure from him, who was never angry without a cause:—no real blame, tben, can at. tach to christians for condemning and exposing an apostacy full of absurdities, and abounding with idolatrous practices. It is mistaken liberality, to speak well of the religion of Rome; it is false humanity to shew favour and kindness to people, which may have the effect of keeping them in ignorance and darkness. This was not the manner of Christ, nor of his apostles, nor of the primitive christiars. They were kind, and liberal, and humane, and yet they spared not the conduct of false religionists, hy, pocrites, and idolaters. Their cruel enemies persecuted them even unto death, but notwith standing this, they propagated that truth which

we enjoy. And shall we throw away the blessing, through an affected or false liberalityIt would be criminal in the members of the church of Christ, to remove those guards from the doors of it, which prevent the interior of the beautiful structure from being defaced and polluted by the lands of its enemies.-Wolves, in whatever kind of clothing they may make their appearance, are ordered by the "good shepherd” to be kept out of his fold. --An apparent difference of opinion amongst protestants concerning the religion of Rome inisleads the catholics, and induces many of them to suppose their protestant advocates think inuch better of it, than they really do ;-and this, without any other favour shewn them, tends to nourish and keep alive a religion which ought to be destroyed. Thus, such protestant liberality, is of the greatest injury to catholics themselves, by keeping them in their present state of “enmity with God;" — it is also of great injury to protestantism, inas. much as it carries it back again to meet, and receive into its bosoin the enemy it opposed, and conquered, three hundred years ago.— What peace would protestantism long enjoy in such a case?—Religious corruption cannot be cured by encouraging and fostering it, any more than a wound in the human body, which absolutely requires the knife, can be cured by the application of gentle emollients.--Their apostacy could not be removed by gentle remonstrances, and tender treatment; -hence the terms, “serpents, vipers, hypocrites," were applied to bis“ stubborn and perverse “ countrymen," by Christ ;-and hence, the destruction of Jerusalem, and the present dispersion and captivity of Israel.—Was any man a real friend of Christ, who was equally a friend of the Scribes and Pharisees ? --- It is true that Nicodemus went to Jesus and listened with deep attention to what he said upon particular points, which his curiosity led him to inquire into ;— but it is equally true that he went under the shades of night, and did not understand all he heard, as his interrogatory ejaculation, “how “ can these things be,” very plainly proves.And where was this ruler of the people, when Christ was carried before Caiaphas, and arraigned before PilatesWhat kind of a friend is the man who recollects you not, in the hour of affliction and adversity-In like manner, it is not easy to conceive, how a person can be a decided and zealous friend of Christ, who can advocate the cause of those, whose doctrine, is much more at variance with the truth, than that of the rulers of Israel, which was condemned by him.-Such friends may have upon them certain apocalyptical marks ;-their outside may resemble "the lamb;"—their inside, “the "dragon;" and they may perhaps, unless prevented, be the means of making protestantism fulfil a difficult prophetical remark of St. John; -" he causeth the earth and them which dwell " therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly

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