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them.-Give me letters to the synagogge at Damascus, said Paul to the High Priest, whilst under the influence of an imagination beated with mistaken zeal, which "breathed threaten“ings and slaughter against the disciples," and I will bring both men and women, who hold this new doctrine, bound in chains to your tribunal,-Convinced that their religion is perfect, what does the zeal of the catholics want but letters of power, to enable it to imitate the example of persecuting Paul? Do not catholics everywhere look upon protestantism with angry feelings? Can it be otherwise, when they see it instrumental in overturning their images, and in bringing their interior worship of saints and crosses into ridicule and contempt? Man is never more alive to pain, than when bis religious opinions are touched :-and no words can better describe the acuteness of that pain than these words of St. John :—the violence of it is such, that it makes men " gnaw their tongues.”—The subjects of the beast," in every part of Europe, are at this time wracked

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with it, but in no place more than in Ireland, · where they shew, in various ways, they are suffering the greatest torments, because the protestantism of two millions of people is, by its superior excellence, overpowering and restraining the catholicism of six or seven millions. Inspiration has declared that these pains, grievous as they are, will not lead to repent. ance :-and so long as he who sits in the temple at Rome,'" as God," receives the support of any of the crowned heads of Europe, so long will his subjects continue to blaspheme, and so long will they continue to tempt the patience and forbearance of heaven ;-but, as God is just, as well as merciful and long-suffering, we may rest assured that such iniquity will not always remain unpunished. The pains the catholics are now enduring, are part of the woes they are to suffer previous to the extinction of their religion, and the total overthrow of "the « beast and his kingdom, with the false pro“ phet;" and the present wretched state of them affords incontrovertible proof that the predictions* of St. Paul and St. John concerning them are fulfilling before our eyes, and that Omnipotence " has taken unto himself

* If the sceptic and infidel would quietly read the tenth and eleventh verses of the sixteenth chapter of the Apocalypse, and compare what is there said with the present state of catholicism, they would, without hesitation, lay their doubts and unbelief at the foot of prophecy, that great pillar of Christianity, and ever after acknowledge that the doctrine of Christ is of God.

*** again his great power, and is reigning," that he may confound all the corrupters of truth, and “ destroy them that have destroyed the earth."*

* “ We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which “ art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to “ thee thy great power, and hast reigned. And the nations “ were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the « dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest “ give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, " and them that fear thy name, small and great: and shouldest "66 destroy them which destroy the earth."

The circulation of the Scriptures has made the Catholic and Mahometan nations exceedingly " angry:" and this “ anger," says Daubuz, in his commentary upon these verses, “ imports “ resistance and war, to oppose the kingdom of God and his « Christ, which is not to be advanced without the opposition « of these nations --But this anger or resistance will prove “ their third woe, or utter destruction ; for it followeth— and worthy wrath is come ;'-hitherto God had shewn his patience " and long suffering, which be now worn out, and therefore 6 to be turned into severity and anger.-He bears long, that - he may afterwards shew his anger, and demonstrate his “ power in the destruction of the vessels of wrath.—The “ wrath of God is the certain forerunner of destruction, and “ being in Holy Writ so often compared to fire, signifies “ destruction, the effect of fire." The present state of Spain and Turkey plainly shews that the “ wrath of God" hangs heavily upon those countries, and that every word of inspiration concerning the destroyers of the earth, the beast, and the false prophet, will be accomplished. For “ God is not a “ man, that he should lie ;-bath he said, and shall he not « do it? or hath he spoken, and shall not he make it good ?"Every real Christian in Great Britain is the sincere friend of his catholic countrymen.-In honestly pointing out their errors, he shews that friendship. The religion of the Irish Catholics may, in some measure, be different from what it was formerly; but, so long as the "members of it profess and defend the doctrine, contained in the " Declaration of the Catholic Bishops," they are very far from the truth, and very near the wrath of God.


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