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Which is the best friend of a benighted traveller who has lost his way,—the man who tells him he must go a long way back, though already fatigued with his fruitless wandering, and turn into a different road, that will lead him to the place he is seeking, -or, the man who tells him to keep the path he is in, which he knows to be wrong, and will lead him farther astray, perhaps to the edge of a precipice? will, taking such a traveller into your house and relieving his wants, do him much good, if you afterwards suffer him to go on in the dark, without putting him in the path, in which he ought to pursue his journey ?-or, suppose such a traveller, weary and hungry, should knock at your door, and insist upon being refreshed and relieved at your expense, though he previously declared his determination, in opposition to your earnest entreaties and remonstrances, to persevere in the wrong and dangerous path he had already pursued ;—and suppose also he should with clamour and menaces, assert bis imaginary right to assistance, merely, because you happened to be, in consequence of having broken the chains of prejudice, and shaken off


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