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4 Absent from Thee, my Guide, my Light,

Without one cheering ray, Through dangers, fears, and gloomy night,

How desolate my way! 5 O shine on this benighted heart,

With beams of mercy shine ; And let Thy SPIRIT's voice impart

A taste of joys divine !

Unsettled Heart made a house of Prayer.
THY mansion is the Christian's heart,

O LORD, Thy dwelling-place secure !
Bid the unruly throng depart,

And leave the consecrated door. 2 Devoted as it is to Thee,

A thievish swarm frequents the place; They steal away my joys from me,

And rob my Saviour of His praise. 3 There too a sharp designing trade

Sin, Satan, and the world, maintain ; Nor cease to press me, and persuade,

To part with ease, and purchase pain. 40 I know them, and I hate their din;

Am weary of the bustling crowd ; But while their voice is heard within,

I cannot serve Thee as I would. 5 Oh! for the joy Thy presence gives !

What peace shall reign when Thou art here ! Thy presence makes this den of thieves

A calm delightful house of pray'r.


Afflictions permitted.

1 AFFLICTIONS do not come alone,

A voice attends the rod;
By both He to His saints is known,
A FATHER and a God!


• Let not My children slight the stroke

I for their chast'ning send;
Nor faint beneath My kind rebuke;

For still I am their Friend.

3 The wicked I perhaps may leave

Awhile, and not reprove;
But all the children I receive

I scourge, because I love.

4 If therefore you were left without

This needful discipline,
You might with cause admit a doubt

If you, indeed, were Mine.
5 I see your hearts at present fillid

With grief and deep distress;
But soon these bitter seeds shall yield

The fruits of righteousness." 6 Break thro' the clouds, dear LORD, and shine!

Let us perceive Thee nigh!
And to each mourning child of Thine

These gracious words apply.


Benefit of afflictions. 1 WHEN the LORD rebukes His servant,

'Tis to save, and not destroy;
"Tis to make my spirit fervent;

"Tis to give me real joy;
"Tis to make me better know

That my rest is not below.
2 Shall I then repine at trials,

By my FATHER's love decreed?
What if God had pour d the vials

Of His wrath upon my head ?
Death, of sin the wages is:
All is

short of this.
3 Since the LORD has giv’n me reason

To expect a place above,
In affliction's sharpest season,

Let me own that God is love;
Let me own that all he does,

From paternal kindness flows.
4. Shall I murmur at His dealings?

Shall I not His kindness trust,
Since He knows my frame and feelings,

And remembers I am dust?
Shall I not receive the rod,

And confess the hand of God?
5 Hear me, LORD, in my petition :

O sustain me lest I faint !
Teach me patience and submission;

Keep Thy servant from complaint ;
And in every trying hour,
LORD, uphold me by Thy pow'r.


Protection in the greatest Trouble.

1 PEACE, doubting heart, my God's I am;

Who form’d me man, forbids my fear:
The LORD hath call’d me by my name;

The LORD protects, for ever near :
His blood for me did once atone,
And still He loves and guards His own.

2 When passing through the wat'ry deep,

I ask in faith His promis'd aid,
The waves an awful distance keep,

And shrink from my devoted head :
Fearless their violence I dare;
They cannot harm; for God is there!

3 Still nigh me, O my SAVIOUR, stand !

And guard in fierce temptation's hour; Hide in the hollow of Thy hand;

Shew forth in me Thy saving pow'r: Still be Thy arms my sure defence; Nor earth nor hell shall pluck me thence.

4 When darkness intercepts the skies,

And sorrow's waves around me roll,
When high the storms of trouble rise,

And half o'erwhelm my sinking soul;
My soul a sudden calm shall feel,
And hear a whisper, “Peace; be still!"


Looking beyond the Vale. 1 COME on, my partners in distress, My comrades through the wilderness,

Who still your bodies feel ;
Awhile forget your griefs and fears,
And look beyond this vale of tears,

To that celestial hill. 2 Beyond the bounds of time and space Look forward to that heav'nly place,

The saints' secure abode :
On faith's strong eagle pinions rise,
And force your passage to the skies,

And scale the mount of God.
3 Who suffer with our Master here,
We shall before His face appear,

And by His side sit down :
To patient faith the prize is sure ;
And all that to the end endure

The cross, shall wear the crown. 4 Thrice blessed bliss-inspiring hope! It lifts the fainting spirits up;

It brings to life the dead:
Our conflicts here will soon be past,

and I ascend at last,
Triumphant with our Head.
5 In hope of that ecstatic pause,
JESUS, we now sustain the cross,

And at Thy footstool fall;
Till Thou our hidden life reveal;
Till Thou our ravish'd spirits fill,

And God be all in all!

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