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What though downy slumbers flee, Strangers to my couch and me! Sleepless, well I know to rest, Lodg'd within my Father's breast.

While the empress of the night Scatters mild her silver light, While the vivid planets stray Various through their mystic way

While the stars unnumber'd roll
Round the ever-constant pole,
Far above the spangled skies
All my soul to God shall rise-

’Midst the silence of the night Mingling with those angels bright, Whose harmonious voices raise Ceaseless love and ceaseless praise.

Through the throng His gentle ear Shall my tuneless accents hear : From on high doth He impart Secret comfort to my heart.

He, in these serenest hours,
Guides my intellectual powers,
And His Spirit doth diffuse
Sweeter far than midnight dews-

Lifting all my thoughts above,
On the wings of faith and love :
Blest alternative to me,
Thus to sleep, or wake, with Thee!

What if death my sleep invade,
Should I be of death afraid ?
While encircled by Thine arm,
Death may strike, but cannot harm.

What if beams of opening day
Shine around my breathless clay,
Brighter visions from on high
Shall regale my mental eye.

See! a flood of sacred light,
Which no more shall yield to night!
Transitory world, farewell !
Jesus calls with Him to dwell.

With Thy heavenly presence blest,
Death is life, and labour rest :
Welcome sleep or death to me,
Still secure, for still with Thee!



In vain the erring world inquires

For some substantial good ;
While earth confines their low desires,

They live on airy food.

Illusive dreams of happiness

Their eager thoughts employ;
They wake, convinced their boasted bliss

Was visionary joy.

Begone, ye gilded vanities !

I seek some solid good : To real bliss my wishes rise

The favour of my God.

Immortal joy Thy smiles impart,

Heaven dawns in every ray ;
One glimpse of Thee will cheer my heart,

And turn my night to day.


Not all the good which earth bestowa

Can fill the craving mind;
Its highest joys have mingled woes,

And leave a sting behind.

Should boundless wealth increase my store,

Can wealth my cares beguile?
I should be wretched still, and poor,

Without Thy blissful smile.

Grant, gracious God, this one request :

Oh! be Thy love alone
My ample portion ;-here I rest,

For heaven is in the boon.


Ah! why should this immortal mind,
Enslaved by sense, be thus confined,

And never, never rise !
Why, thus amused with empty toys,
And soothed with visionary joys,

Forget her native skies?

The mind was formed to mount sublime,
Beyond the narrow bounds of time,

To everlasting things ;
But earthly vapours cloud her sight,
And hang with cold oppressive weight

Upon her drooping wings.

The world employs its various snares,
Of hopes and pleasures, pains and cares,

And chained to earth I lie :
When shall my fettered powers be free,
And leave these seats of vanity,

And upward learn to fly?

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