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Sweet in his righteousness to stand,

Which saves from second death ; Sweet to experience, day by day,

His spirit's quickening breath.

Sweet on his faithfulness to rest,

Whose love can never end; Sweet on his covenant of grace,

For all things to depend.

Sweet in the confidence of faith,

To trust his firm decrees ; Sweet to lie passive in his hand,

And have no will but his.

Sweet to rejoice in lively hope,

That when the change shall come, Angels will hover round my bed,

And waft my spirit home.

There shall my dis-imprisoned soul,

Behold Him and adore ;
Be with his likeness satisfied,

And grieve and sin no more :

Shall see Him wear that very flesh,

On which my guilt was lain ; His love intense, his merit fresh,

As though but newly slain.

Soon, too, my slumbering dust shall hear,

The trumpet's quickening sound ! And by my Saviour's power rebuilt,

At his right hand be found.

These eyes shall see Him in that day,

The God that died for me ;
And all my rising bones shall say,

Lord, who is like to Thee !

If such the views which grace unfolds,

Weak as it is below,
What raptures must the church above,

In Jesu's presence know!

If such the sweetness of the stream,

What must that fountain be, Where saints and angels draw their bliss

Immediately from Thee !

O may the unction of these truths,

For ever with me stay,
Till, from her sinful cage dismissed,

My spirit flies away!


SUPREME High-Priest, the pilgrim's light,

My heart for Thee prepare ;
Thine image stamp, and deeply write

Thy superscription there :
Ah, let my forehead bear Thy seal,

My arm Thy badge retain,
My heart the inward witness feel

That I am born again!

Into Thy humble mansion come,

Set up Thy dwelling here ;
Possess my heart, and leave no room

For sin to harbour there :
Ah, give me, Lord, the single eye,

Which aims at nought but Thee :
I fain would live, and yet not I,

But Jesus live in me.

O that the penetrating sight

And eagle's eyes were mine! Undazzled at the boundless light,

Of Majesty divine;
That with the armies of the sky

I, too, may sit and sing,
Add, Saviour, to the eagle's eye,

The dove's aspiring wing.


Jesus, by whose grace I live,

From the fear of evil kept,
Thou hast lengthened my reprieve,

Held in being while I slept ;
With the day my heart renew,
Let me wake Thy will to do.

Since the last revolving dawn

Scattered the nocturnal cloud,
O how many souls have gone,

Unprepared to meet their God !
Yet Thou dost prolong my breath,
Nor hast sealed my eyes in death!

O that I may keep Thy word,

Taught by Thee to watch and pray!
To Thy service, dearest Lord,

Sanctify the present day:
Swift its fleeting moments haste ;
Doomed, perhaps, to be my last !

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