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Thy worship no interval knows,
Their fervour is still on the wing;
And while they protect my repose,
They chaunt to the praise of my King :
I too, at the season ordained,
Their chorus for ever shall join ;
And love and adore, without end,
Their faithful Creator and mine.




O that my heart was right with Thee,
And loved Thee with a perfect love:
O that my Lord would dwell in me,
And never from His seat remove !
Jesus, apply Thy pardoning blood,
And make this bosom fit for God.

Saviour, I dwell in awful night,
Until Thou in my heart appear;
Arise, propitious sun, and light
An everlasting morning there :
Thy presence casts the shadows by ;
If Thou withdraw, how dark am I!

O Lord, how should Thy şervant see,
Unless Thou give me seeing eyes ?
Well may I fall, if out of Thee!
If out of Thee, how should I rise ?
I wander wide without Thy aid,
And lose my way in midnight shade.

O let my prayer acceptance find,
And bring the mighty blessing down ;
Eyesight impart, for I am blind;
And seal me Thine adopted son :
A fallen, helpless creature take,
And heir of Thy salvation make.


So many years I've seen the sun,

And called these hands and eyes my own ; A thousand little acts I've done,

And childhood have, and manhood known : Oh! what is Life! and this dull round To tread, why was a spirit bound ?

So many airy thoughts and lines,

And vain exertions of the mind, Have filled my soul with great designs,

While practice grovelled far behind : Oh what is Thought! and where withdraw The glories which my fancy saw ?

So many tender joys and woes

Have on my quivering soul had power ;
Plain life with heightening passions rose,

The boast or burden of their hour :
Oh what is all we feel! why fled
Those pains and pleasures o'er my head ?

So many human souls divine

So at one interview displayed, Some oft and freely mixt with mine,

In lasting bands my heart have laid : Oh what is Friendship! why imprest On my weak, wretched, dying breast !

So many wondrous gleams of light,

And gentle ardours from above,
Have made me sit, like seraph bright,

Some moments on a throne of love :
Oh what is Virtue ! why bad I,
Who am so low, a taste so high?

Ere long, when sovereign wisdom wills,

My soul an unknown path shall tread, And strangely leave, which strangely fills

This frame, and waft me to the dead : Oh what is Death !-'Tis life's last shore, Where vanities are vain no more ; Where all pursuits their goal obtain, And Life is all retouched again ; Where in their bright results shall rise, Thoughts, virtues, friendships, griefs, and joys.

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