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If placed beneath the northern pole, Though winter reigns with rigour there, His gracious beams would cheer my soul, And make a spring throughout the year.

Or, if the desert's sun-burnt soil
My lonely dwelling e'er should prove,
His presence would support my toil,
Whose smile is life, whose voice is love.

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Oft as the bell, with solemn toll,
Speaks the departure of a soul,
Let each from vainer trifles fly,
And ask, “ Am I prepared to die?"

Soon, leaving all I love below,
To God's tribunal I must go ;
Must hear the judge pronounce my fate,
And fix my everlasting state.

But could I bear to hear him say, “ Depart, accursed, far away! “ With Satan, in the lowest hell, “ Thou art for ever doomed to dwell!”

Lord Jesus, help me now to flee
And seek my hope alone in Thee :
Thy cleansing blood, Thy Spirit give,
Subdue my sins, and bid me live!

Then, when the solemn bell I hear, If saved from guilt, I need not fear ; Nor would the thought alarming be, “ Perhaps it next may toll for me!"

Rather my spirit would rejoice,
And wish and long to hear Thy voice;
Glad, when it bids me earth resign,
Secure of heaven, if Thou art mine!


QUIET, Lord, my froward heart :

Make me teachable and mild,
Upright, simple, free from art ;

Make me as a weaned child ;
From distrust and envy free,
Pleas’d with all that pleases Thee.

What Thou shalt to-day provide,

Let me as a child receive ; What to-morrow may betide,

Calmly to Thy wisdom leave : 'Tis enough that Thou wilt care, Why should I the burden bear ?

As a little child relies

On a care beyond his own;
Knows he's neither strong nor wise ;

Fears to stir a step alone ;
Let me thus with Thee abide,
As my Father, Guard, and Guide.

Thus preserv'd from Satan's wiles,

Safe from dangers, free from fears, May I live upon Thy smiles,

Till the promis'd hour appears, When the sons of God shall prove All their Father's boundless love.

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