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YE angels who stand round the throne,
And view my Emmanuel's face,
In rapturous songs make Him known,
Tune, tune your soft barps to His praise :
He formed you the spirits you are,
So happy, so noble, so good;
When others sunk down in despair,
Confirmed by His power ye stood.

Ye saints who stand nearer than they,
And cast your bright crowns at His feet,
His grace and His glory display,
And all His rich mercy repeat :
He snatched you from hell and the grave,
He ransomed from death and despair ;
For you He was mighty to save,
Almighty to bring you safe there.

Oh! when will the moment appear,
When I shall unite in your song?
I'm weary of lingering here,
And I to your Saviour belong !
I'm fettered and chained up in clay,
I struggle and pant to be free ;
I long to be soaring away,
My God and my Saviour to see!

I want to put on my attire,
Washed white in the blood of the Lamb:
I want to be one of your choir,
And tune my sweet harp to His name :
I want-0 I want to be there,
Where sorrow and sin bid adieu :
Your joy and your friendship to share,
To wonder and worship with you!


Sweet the moments, rich in blessing,

Which before the cross I spend ;
Life, and health, and peace possessing,

From the sinner's dying Friend.

Here I'll sit for ever viewing

Mercy's streams, in streams of blood,
Precious drops, my soul bedewing,

Plead and claim my peace with God.

Love and grief my heart dividing,

Gazing here I'd spend my breath ;
Constant still in faith abiding,

Life deriving from His death :

Lord, in ceaseless contemplation,

Fix my heart and eyes on Thine,
Till I taste Thy whole salvation,

Where unveiled Thy glories shine !


Thy way, O Lord, is in the sea ;

Thy paths I cannot trace ; Nor comprehend the mystery

Of Thine unbounded grace.

Here, the dark veils of flesh and sense

My captive soul surround ; Mysterious deeps of providence

My wandering thoughts confound,

When I behold Thine awful hand

My earthly hopes destroy,
In deep astonishment I stand,

And ask the reason why?

As through a glass I dimly see

The wonders of Thy love ; How little do I know of Thee,

Or of the joys above !

'Tis but in part I know Thy will ;

I bless Thee for the sight :When will Thy love the rest reveal,

In glory's clearer light?

With rapture shall I then survey

Thy providence and grace ; And spend an everlasting day

In wonder, love, and praise

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