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Like a little babe, confiding,
Simple, docile, let me be ;
Trusting still to Thy providing,
Casting every care on Thee.

Thus my all to Thee submitting,
I am Thine, and not my own ;
And when earthly hopes are flitting,
Rest secure on God alone.


Walk in the light! so shalt thou know

That fellowship of love,
His Spirit only can bestow

Who reigns in light above.
Walk in the light! and sin abhorred

Shall ne'er defile again ;
The blood of Jesus Christ the Lord,

Shall cleanse from every stain.

Walk in the light! and thou shalt find

Thy heart made truly His, Who dwells in cloudless light enshrined,

In whom no darkness is. Walk in the light! and thou shalt own

Thy darkness passed away, Because that light hath on thee shone,

In which is perfect day.

Walk in the light! and e'en the tomb

No fearful shade shall wear ; Glory shall chase away its gloom,

For Christ hath conquer'd there! Walk in the light! and thou shalt see

A path, though thorny, bright; For God, by grace, shall dwell in thee,

And God Himself is light.


He wept by Lazarus’ grave-how will He bear
This bed of anguish ? and His pale form

Is worn with many a watch
Of sorrow and unrest.

Oh! fill the bowl ! benumb His aching sense
With medicined sleep.—Oh! awful in Thy woe!

The parched thirst of death
Is on Thee, and Thou triest

The slumb’rous potion bland, and wilt not drink !
Not sullen nor in scorn, like haughty man

With suicidal hand
Putting His solace by :

But as at first, thine all-pervading look
Saw from Thy Father's bosom to th' abyss,

Measuring in calm presage
The infinite descent ;-

So to the end, though now of mortal pangs
Made heir, and emptied of Thy glory awhile,

With unaverted eye
Thou meetest all the storm.

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